Muslim immigrant robs man who fell on subway tracks, leaves him to die

The media is in a faux uproar over a fake movie trailer and some cartoons, in a coordinated effort to extinguish our right to speak freely, yet real and disturbing acts are glossed over.

via Sweden: Man accidentally falls on railway tracks – Muslim robs him and leaves him to get run over « The Muslim Issue.

In the West we have something called ‘a good samaritan’. That concept rarely exist in Muslim countries where the focus is to create victims, not to help anyone.

When Swedish Johnny, 38, had been out celebrating with friends and got a bit abbreviated he decided to take the Metro home at Sand’s metro station in Gamla Enskede in South Stockholm. There he accidentally stumbled forward and fell onto the railway tracks, while waiting for his night train. Muslim immigrant 28 year old Nadar Khiari saw Johnny fall and jumped onto the tracks. Instead of helping Johnny escape the danger he was facing, Khiari took quick advantage of the situation and robbed Johnny before the train arrived. Khiari then casually walks away leaving Johnny on the tracks right before the train arrived. Johnny was run over by the train but miraculously survived while subject to severe injuries.

The offender was arrested Friday evening in Akalla for larceny and obtaining stolen goods through illegal means. For some odd reason the Swedish authorities have not arrested him over intentionally leaving Johnny to a potential death. Khiari was questioned over the weekend and is now recognized for the theft.

The perpetrator named Nadar Khiari is a Tunisian citizen by his own admission. He does not appear in police records*. Nadar Khiari has been requested to remain in custody after his arrest last Tuesday.

* In Sweden all identity information is held with police authorities. When immigrants don’t appear in police records, it means they lack residency papers and a Swedish ID. Basically, Tunisian Nadar Khiari is illegally in the country.

Original story here. Video below the fold.

10 thoughts on “Muslim immigrant robs man who fell on subway tracks, leaves him to die

  1. No matter what, whether asylum seekers or immigrants, and no matter what state benefits they receive, they still hate us.

    They hate us because they are told time after time that they are the best of people yet still have to migrate to our lands because of their failure.

    This creates such an impotent rage and because Islam, they believe is infallible, it has to be directed at the kuffar.

    Islam and the west are completely incompatible only now its emerging and our so called ‘leaders’, unwilling to accept what stares us all in the face still attempt to perpetrate the myth.

    Five, ten years down the line, we in Europe will pay a price of bloodshed and anarchy.

  2. Pretty soon…if our Politicians, here in the states, continue to accept “blood money” to look the other way, “WE, the People…” WILL take matters into our own hands!!! Whatever actions are necessary! Heaven “knows”…the Muslims are already doing it! So do “we” here at “Creeping Sharia!”

    I can tell you one thing for sure…”if” I am ever confronted by a “Muslim”…I will not hesitate to inflict bodily harm upon him! “Ooops! He tripped and broke his neck!! I was just trying to help him up!!!” “Oh NO! You mean he’s a “paraplegic” now?”

  3. Hey, in an Islamic country, the man would not have needed be “drunk,” for a Muslim to knock him off the platform and rob him. Also, it would be acceptable and therefore legall, for a Muslim to do this! Yeah, legal … Why? … Because Muslims are “Superior”; allah tells muslims in Qur’an 3:110, “Ye are the best of Peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in allah. If only the People of the Book had Faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have Faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors”; and Qur’an 4:141, And never will allah grant to the unbelievers a way (to triumphs) over the believers.”

    If questioned, the Muslim could say, the person insulted him … he was praying, singing or wearing a relgious object … or even that the person tried to harm him … Anyone of these excuses or just the fact that the person was a “non-believer” makes the Muslim “superior,” and his words truth. Also, in the Muslim court of law the non-muslim’s testimony would not be addmissible; he’s a “kufir,” an unbeliever … an infidel … someone whom allah hates.

    Look at what is happening in Pakistan concerning the Imam whom framed the yound Christian girl for blasphmey. Yes, the Imam has been found guilty and the young Christian girl exhonerated, but the Imam has yet to receive any form of punishment. Why? … because a Muslim cannot be treated as an inferior to a non-muslim; even if they have been found guilty. The area Muslims are actually angry that the Imam has been found guilty; and the authorities are afraid to sentence him. Now that’s Islamic justice, ummm sweet, its it? …

    • Indeed. The victim could have died and ended up having his foot amputated. The perp & any family he may have in Sweden should be “returned to sender” and be subjected to his own religion’s laws on amputation.

  4. Strange: Muslims are typically likely to kill such a victim. Unusually compassionate? He is teaching you about Mohammed as a bandit.

    Under politically correct don’t expect the muzzie to be charged. Otherwise the rest will jihad.,

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