Pentagon orders Islamic sensitivity training for U.S. troops after Afghans murder them

Submitting troops to sharia law? Bring them home. via Paul Sperry: The Pentagon is blaming US troops for ‘friendly fire’ attacks that have killed dozens of Americans, ordering sensitivity training about Islam –

Afghan security forces, our supposed allies, are slaughtering American troops. Thirty-three soldiers have been killed by “green on blue” attacks this year alone. The situation is so bad that the training of Afghan forces has been temporarily suspended.

How has the Pentagon responded?

By blaming our troops.

Top officials believe culturally offensive behavior is the motivation behind the killings, so it’s stepped up Islamic sensitivity training for our troops.

If you don’t want to be shot in the back by your Afghan training partners, the Pentagon advises, don’t offend their religious sensibilities. Don’t kick your feet up on a table, for instance, and never ask to see a picture of their wives and kids. “There’s a percentage [of attacks] which are cultural affronts,” Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said in a recent interview.

In the past three years, uniformed Afghans have murdered at least 97 US and NATO troops.

Some 120,000 American and other foreign troops mix closely with 350,000 Afghan security forces. Afghan trainees and guards are co-located on US bases, where they share bathrooms, gyms and mess halls.

To avoid offending them, US commanders are putting troops through intense Muslim sensitivity training. Among other things, they’ve been ordered to:

* Wear surgical gloves whenever handling a copy of the Koran.

* Never walk in front of a praying Muslim.

* Never show the bottom of boots while sitting or lying across from a Muslim, which in Islam is considered an insult.

* Never share photos of wives or daughters.

* Never smoke or eat in front of Muslims during the monthlong Ramadan fasting.

* Avoid winking, cursing or nose-blowing in the presence of Muslims — all viewed as insults in Islam.

* Avoid exiting the shower without a towel.

* Avoid offering and accepting things with the left hand, which in Islam is reserved for bodily hygiene and considered unclean.

Troops who violate the sensitivity rules face severe punishment.

Military officials who have done tours in Afghanistan are outraged that brass would even suggest US troops are partly to blame for their own murders.

“I would like to see a public affairs officer explain to the press where showing the bottom of your shoe to a Muslim or shaking with your left hand was legitimate grounds for murder,” growled one US Army official.

They say their Muslim partners would still resent them even if they followed their Islamic protocols to the letter.

“The cultural affronts excuse is a bunch of garbage,” a senior US Army intelligence official told me. “The Afghans that know we’re doing all this PC cultural sensitivity crap are laughing their asses off at our stupidity.”

Explained the intelligence official: “They’re killing us because we’re ‘infidels’ occupying Islamic lands. It’s what the Koran and every imam over there is telling them, and no amount of cultural sensitivity is going to stop that or change the fact that we’re ‘infidels.’ ”

Further pointing up the absurdity of putting troops through Islamic finishing school: The intelligence official notes that if there are any truly obnoxious cultural offenses, they are committed by Afghan trainees quartered inside our bases.

“They like to stand on our toilets and poop all over them,” he said.

Why? They refuse to touch the toilet seats used by the “dirty infidels” they’re training and living with.

53 thoughts on “Pentagon orders Islamic sensitivity training for U.S. troops after Afghans murder them


  1. I can’t believe American military head honchos are that ignorant, stupid or both. A spirit of stupidity and subservience has descended upon America. I feel sorry for the troops.

    • Hang on a min whom is doing whom a favour training them Obama is taking the piss out of them, he has many agenda the Omen,s Damian is in office at the Whitehouse and he conned all until the end lets hope this is the real ending here and he gets voted out. But it is looming more and more unlikely unless more people are aware I will say my prayers he is out but the Devil looks afters his own.

  2. It’s against “our” home-training to allow someone to “poop” all over “my” toilet and NOT kick their fucking ass! What’s the problem U.S. soldiers? If someone did that to “my” toilet…this is what I’d do! If you had been doing this from the start…there would be no confrontations! As you would have put them (Muslims) in their place to begin with! If one of them were to draw on you, would you not shoot them in return? “F**k” the brass…if they don’t agree, then that’s an act of treason by American laws, both military and private, and deserve to be shot…”on sight!”…according to military law!!!

  3. * Wear surgical gloves whenever handling a copy of the Koran.

    Better to wear a Hazmat suit when handling the blasphemous thing.

  4. Those are good guidelines for our troops in THEIR country!

    BUT, when they are HERE in OUR country and the Muslims proceed to murder, etc. applying their Sharia Law, they should be arrested and tried accordingly… If found to be 1st degree murder, DEATH… 2nd degree murder, big TIME in prison!
    They should NOT get away with it!

    We have our Laws and they are NOT Sharia Laws… & HOPEFULLY, never will be!

  5. STUPID IS AS STUPID GETS.The head of the DEFENSE DEPT. is nothing more tham a MUSLIM ASS KISSING SLOB! He is afraid of his own shadow when he looks at himself in the mirror each morning.Totally disgracing the U S MILITARY!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  6. Can Islam get along with the West ? NO.
    ” Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead “. ~ Kyle Reese in Terminator.
    Islam has been conquering places Terminator style since the 7th Century and their goal is to get rid of everybody else. Look at what is going on and you can see it is that way. They do not assimilate in any Western society. They get along until their numbers are great enough to take over. It’s been that way since their prophet left Mecca and went to Medina.

    There is no excuse for the murders these animals committed. The United States government current administration’s policies and actions coddling Islam following countries is just going to get more innocent Americans killed. People can try to claim that Islam is ” The Religion of Peace ” all they want, but anybody that follows the Quran and things written in Medina and afterwards are only trying to conquer the world. The Reality of their actions show the truth in regards to the 7th Century lifestyle hiding behind the cloth of religion. Where Islam goes and Sharia Law is followed, Freedom goes away.
    “ An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last “. ~ Sir Winston Churchill.

  7. How come we only hear how us troops are doing, wwhat about coverage of what muzlems are doing to our troops. Like pooping on our toilets! Come on.
    What person would put up with that provocative
    behavior. how much would you put up with it??
    And by the way…. the bible declares them the infidels.
    Get the story right.

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  10. As a former airborne ranger, I am so glad I got out when I did! THIS is bullshit, flat and simple, surrending our values, after we sacrificed our lives to defend them, is absolute and utter bullshit!!!

  11. Seriously!?! How about living in a civilized world training for about 1.5 billion savages that obviously don’t have a clue. Yeah life sucks sometimes and you get your little sensitive feelings hurt but you don’t go all blow yourself to pieces over it the grown up world.

    • They REALLY like it when we call those bearded monkeys savages.
      If we can beat O, we can start by making ass lifting illegal. That means round them up when they block the streets. Then deport them, and the 80 in their inbred families. Make sex with cousins illegal and deport-able. Then you get most of them

  12. Martin Dempsey is an abhorant disgace as a U.S. General.
    He is an Obama minion and nothing more.
    Can you just imagine what George Patton, Mark Clark, Dwight Eisenhower or even Omar Bradley would think about that piece of shit Dempsey?
    He’s enough to make you puke.

    I suppose one could say in his defence that he is subordinate to Obama and gets his agenda from the Commander in Chief.

    Is Romney the answer? Good Lord!!!
    Better than Barack, but YIKES!

    America HAS to get some LEADERSHIP with some BALLS!!!!
    God help the United States of America if that doesn’t happen, and happen SOON…!

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  14. Muslim Administration. I was surprised that Panetta does not keep them disarmed. After 4 more years of Muslim brotherhood (which is from Iran) running the white house, I expect our military to be disbanded, and the military be outsourced to Muslim brotherhood,
    along with all the police stations. Then we will see the end of free America. Watch for it.

  15. Those moslems are spreading their filth and also at the same time also waiting for slaves to clean up their filth! It is best to avoid their predominantly islamic environment .

  16. To answer Wildhorses 27…If I were Prez of the USA I’d pull all military forces out of Afghanistan and let that part of the Muslim world implode. Let all hell break loose! America does not need to feel that it needs to bring democracy to all nations of the world. The Muslim world, as long as it worships Allah and considers the Quran as sacred writ, does not understand true democracy (and never will) and does not want it. They want Sharia. You can’t change a crocodile into a herbivore.

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  18. This is fucked up! I am so sick and tired of being told to cater to these people when there excuse for acting like animals is in the name of their religion. Mohammad is a pedifylier, rapist, murder, liar, cheater, and is rotting right now. Instead of trying to use kindness to appease them…we ought to use our balls and use force to break them. Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive!!!

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  20. To hell with their feelings, ever since our CIC took office all this country has done is try to be polite to other nations, and look where its gotten us. Our troops are being killed and the higher ups and saying it’s the troops faults. I be damned if I be nice to the ones who killed thousands of our people and continue to do it today

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    • in the early 1900’s gen black jack persain in the PI caugth 50 mooslum rebels and dipped the buillets in pig blood covered there bodys with pig intestines and let one promlem with mooslum for 47 years..get some balls and take care of the animials.

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  23. The European and US high command are part of the ummah (nation of islam), Americans just dont know it yet but when the muslim in chief is re elected they will and theyll be crying.

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