‘Zombie Mohammad’ wants Penn. judge who cited sharia law removed from bench

via ‘Zombie Mohammad’ wants judge removed from bench.

A legal firm dedicated to ensuring the right to freely discuss Islam is asking the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board to investigate the actions of a magistrate judge who it says failed to protect the First Amendment rights of a man mocking Mohammad.

Last October, atheist Ernest Perce dressed in a “zombie Mohammad” costume to march in a Halloween parade in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and was attacked by a Muslim in the crowd. But Perce was subsequently arrested by a local police officer. Cumberland County Magisterial District Judge Mark Martin then dismissed the harassment charges Perce filed against Talaag Elbayomy, his Muslim attacker, and instead called Perce a “doofus”, citing the Islamic faith and anti-blasphemy sharia laws as a rationale for the physical assault (see earlier story).

Sam Nunberg of The Legal Project, an activity of the Middle East Forum, which is representing Perce. He has a problem with Judge Martin’s recognition of sharia law.

“This ruling throws out our United States Constitution, throws out our First Amendment, puts Islamic anti-blasphemy defamation of religion laws over our First Amendment, gives it binding in the court system, and lets the defendant off of a crime, rationalizing that what he did would not be wrong in Islamic countries,” Nunberg summarizes.

When a complaint was filed about Martin, the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board only “privately rebuked” him for his ruling.

“The Judicial Conduct Board should revisit their decision and should lead an enquiry, which should possibly lead to dismissal,” the attorney suggests. “His term extends into 2018. A private rebuke is certainly not something that was fitting of conduct in the courtroom from the bench.”

Nunberg believes it is imperative that a judge who makes unconstitutional rulings be removed.

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12 thoughts on “‘Zombie Mohammad’ wants Penn. judge who cited sharia law removed from bench

  1. just imagine…this is happening in the soverign state of pennsylvania!! the birthplace of our democracy, i can’t imagine that william penn is looking down on this fiasco w/ approval…he must be thinking: “what fools these [pseudo] americans be”!

  2. This would not be an issue if we had ” American Laws for American courts ” ( ALAC ) . The founding fathers didn’t bring it up because they never thought anybody would be so stupid to use any foreign laws in our court system. Boy did they ever underestimate how little common sense would be used in The United States in the future.

  3. Any Judge that would allow sharia law to rule over American law should be removed from the bench. This is not a islamic state, sharia law doesn’t not and should not count. So is holder now going to allow all muzzies that attack us and claim that we insulted them to get away with assaulting us? Or allow the muzzies to kill American’s on American soil and claim is was an honor killing. If he does that then there will be blood in the streets for sure. It would start a war.

  4. Another example of jihad against Freedom of speech. ALL non-Muslims at risk here. It’s time to exercise the Freedom to speak in the form of physical demonstrations.The jihad against all non-Muslims has already escalated to killing. All non-Muslims are targets. including children. In Syria, children are being hanged. If that’s not bone chilling, you have your head in the sand! Wake up people.

    • Hello Lucia!

      I hope you don’t mind, but I copied the your comment without your name to my “facebook” page…I am “shocked” to my very bones that children are being hanged…although, anything these “demonic” Muslims do, in the name of “Allah”, doesn’t surprise me.

  5. This judge and all other judges that incoperate SHERIA LAW into our courts needs to be and should be REMOVED and all benifits removed also. Time to clean up the JUDICIAL SYSTEM from top to bottom!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  6. The US can’t have two sets of conflicting laws, and does not have two sets of conflicting laws. Time to remove any judge who is confused on that point of law.

  7. The PCishness and appeasement of Obama must end. Time to elect Romney and pass ALAC, American Laws for American Courts. We have to lament that such an obvious law should even be necessary to correct sitting US judges.

    Perce still has not gotten justice for being assaulted. How is that even possible, unless assaulting someone out of the blue is now permissible if by a Muslim?

    “Legal assault by Muslim” is now a new part of US court law.

  8. The first thing we need to do is to stop the Socialists Judges from using the bench to push the Socialist’s agenda in the USA. Equal to this is putting and end to the Socialist propaganda machine that is using the public schools and colleges to establish Atheism as the national religion by teaching the Atheist belief that man came into being over millions of years through evolution, which is a violation of the Establishment Clause. This will stop them from pumping out of miseducated educated anti-Christians.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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