Canadian public high schools become mini-mosques on Fridays

Uh, Oh Canada. First it was Toronto middle schools converted to mosques on Fridays, now high schools. via Sun News : Muslims want permanent prayer rooms in high schools.

While Ottawa high schools profess to offer prayer rooms for Muslim students, an Islamic leader says they don’t have a permanent space and are often relegated to small classrooms, if they can get space at all.

Washim Ahmed is the Islamic director of Carleton University’s Muslim Students’ Association and he leads a prayer service at more than half a dozen public high schools in Ottawa on Fridays.

But he said none of the schools have permanent prayer rooms, and they’re often shuffled between classrooms or the gym, depending on what’s available.

Sometimes, he said there simply isn’t a room they can use.

“That’s highly problematic because (students) don’t have any security knowing whether they’re getting the rooms or not,” Ahmed said. “If there’s a room available, they’ll get it, otherwise they don’t.”

A school in London, Ont., opened their first permanent prayer room earlier this week.

But the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board said they always offer a multi-faith prayer room when students ask for one.

There’s a demand for rooms at around 60% to 70% of their schools.

“They are only accessible during non-instruction time and are supervised by staff,” said Walter Piovesan, the board’s associate director of education.

He added none of the schools have permanent prayer rooms.

“While there may be no dedicated room, there is a duty to accommodate under the Ontario Charter of Human Rights,” he said.

But Ahmed argued the system is often disorganized, and Muslim students have to make arrangements each week to reserve a room.

“It’s happened in a couple of schools where I went to lead the prayer and I couldn’t find a prayer spot,” he said. “It’s not organized, it’s just random.”

The Catholic board said they offer quiet prayer space for any group upon request.

Muslims are obligated to say five prayers per day at very specific times, culminating in the most important prayer, the Jumu’ah, on Friday shortly after noon.

Carleton student Maged Arab, 23, said without a permanent prayer room, Muslims have to either find a quiet place at school or else cram in all five of their daily prayers into their evenings.

“Thankfully, if there’s no prayer room, you’re excused and you can catch up on all the prayers when you get home from school,” he said.

But Abdulaziz Dahir, 27, went to Sir Robert Borden High School and was thankful to be able to take part in the Friday prayer in one of the school’s English classes.

“Looking back now, we would have wanted more time to pray at school but back then we were just happy to have a room at all,” he said.

He added he understands it’s tough to find space for a permanent prayer room.

Ahmed wants to see more co-operation between religious groups and school boards to help fund permanent multi-faith prayer rooms in Ottawa schools.

We already know that Muslims in Canada make girls who are menstruating second class citizens relegated to the back of the room as shown in: Canada 2011: Muslim girls sit in back, menstruating Muslim girls in very back.

22 thoughts on “Canadian public high schools become mini-mosques on Fridays

  1. no wonder muslim countries are so unproductive (apart from oil) prayer and ritual washing five times a day is not conducive to working or learning…good thing their prophet revamped the times of prayer to just five, he started out with 30 prayer times until his few followers started to complain, then allah sent him a special message to change it to 5…how convenient of allah,

  2. I remember when Christians had a prayer room and could go and pray at school, but then it was deemed unsuitable for a public place. Now, it’s racist to prohibit muslims from praying 5 times a day in a dedicated room?


    • omega2….

      Not all of Canada…just the Province of Ontario, which has a Liberal Premier! …..Can’t lock and load here in Canada…can’t use guns or anything else as a weapon to protect your person or property.
      Canada has denied Sharia Courts here a few years back now….haven’t heard of any that have done a crime to be tried under Sharia Law….
      With Prime Minister Harper at the helm it is getting harder for the muslims to get away with things like in the UK. Canada does understand what Islam is about and things are being done that will get it under control before it gets too big to handle.

  4. Can Islam get along with the West ? NO.
    ” Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead “. ~ Kyle Reese in Terminator.
    Islam has been conquering places Terminator style since the 7th Century and their goal is to get rid of everybody else. Look at what is going on and you can see it is that way. They do not assimilate in any Western society. They get along until their numbers are great enough to take over. It’s been that way since their prophet left Mecca and went to Medina.

  5. And what is even more dangerous is, many of those South East Asian smilling Moslems women are infiltrating the
    West by coming as students(without any islamic head covering) but their goal is still the same, ie, to advertise their socalled moderate islam and to islamise the host country and to force islamic ocnversions on any gullible nonbelievers who want to marry those socalled moderate islamic women.

  6. Pingback: Canada: Muslim mother admits stabbing daughter in attempted honor killing « Creeping Sharia

  7. Schools are for Learning, Not for religion. NO school should have ANY religion affiliation Teach children their religion at home, in their hearts, not in public. Most wars throughout the world were religious based,. Canada does NOT need it, nor do the many who came here to excape religious persecution. Stop the stupid PUBLIC and CATHOLIC SEPARATE SCHOOLS AND TAXES. One country, one school system. No more arguments. Standard school apparel by EVERYONE. Let the parents take care of their religious ideals.
    What a simple idea. Just think, Nothing to argue about but the football scores… Go for it! if you dare..

    • they re-name it and call it diversity _ I was appalled to hear the students at a very pricey private school Jr high had one whole afternoon set aside for MULTICULTURAL club- now this is in Miami which is very diverse and everyone gets along- Hispanic blacks whites- they do not need lessons in what they have lived since birth- BUT this will be used to teach your kids a lie about ISLAM and Muslims – the same lies I was told and believed once upon a time before 9-11 and studying what ISLAM is really about– 3 Abrahamic, same G-d etc, blah blah, peaceful- same as other faiths etc– LIES!!! and your kids HAVE to repeat this to pass school now, or risk being called racist– all the teachers are liberals

      • Isaiah62….

        Not the whole school goes to the mini-mosque in Canada….only the muslim students do. I have not yet heard of any Canadian elementary or high school teaching religious studies of other religions.
        Will agree though that all Teachers are Liberals….we are constantly talking to our children about what was taught that day in school and are informing them of the truth…not the propaganda!

        • I didn’t say the teach religion- they do teach about ISLAM and Muslims and call it diversity or history or anti bullying- and don’t be fooled– they DO teach that ISLAM is the religion of peace and leave out a lot of history in regard to it’s conquests and affiliations with ww2 fascists

          • Where in Canada? I have a 2 children who attend schools in Canada and they aren’t being taught anything about Islam…..they haven’t even been taught anything about WWII and it’s history. Matter of factly….my oldest is reading about Anne Frank and other books about survivors of the Death camps….I, myself got her interested in it and she is now finding books on her own about it. She also asks questions if she isn’t sure about somethings concerning the Nazi’s. She even asks questions about Islam as she noticed some woman in a burka at the shopping mall.
            None of this has been taught throughout all of Canada….only in Ontario!

          • Isaiah…

            Things have changed in Canada since 2010….for one, the Harper gov’t. has won te majority vote, so they don’t have really any opposition to anything they wish to implement.
            Immigration of muslims has been cancelled largely to those from Egypt, Libya, Iran, Pakistan, etc….the only ones being let in now are from Tunis because they speak French. Only muslims who speak French are being let in and sent to Quebec for them to deal with! So…I would say that our muslim immigration level is not at the same level as the USA.
            The Canadian Security Intelligence Service ( CSIS) has stipulated that Islam is the number one threat to Canadian security, which PM Harper then came out on TV and said Islamism is regarded as a threat in Canda.
            There was a flap between the Liberal Party and the Conservatives over a pamphlet that is given to all immigrants coming into Canada. The brochure has written on the first page that honor killings, Clitorectomies, stoning are considered acts of barbarianism and will not be tolerated in Canada. Liberals wanted it taken off….It is still on there!
            Concerning our Liberalism in the Universities….yes…the students do get propaganized and the Universities are not slapped for their stupidity. They are allowed Free speech. York University is located in Toronto….that in itself should tell you something.
            Toronto, Ontario is the big hub of Muslim population. The Province is run by a Liberal Government by a dhimmi wit named McGuinty. Even the Toronto District School Board is sorely lacking in any common sense! Just last week they had on their website links to some websites for promoting sexual diversity….such as how to have sex with veggies!! Parents got that taken down…thank goodness!
            I agree Islam is a global problem…but our PM Harper knows all about Islam and the threat they pose here. He has a fatwa still on his head from a few years back. Google “Toronto 18″….. BTW…Harper has been given an award by Israel for his support and humanitarian ideals. Harper is a staunch supporter of our ally, Israel.
            With Harper at the helm we are much safer than if we had a Liberal or NDP leader. May Harper live long and be in power for the next 20 years so we can get some changes implemented against Islam!
            Here’s praying that your next President will also grow a set of large gonads and do something about Islam and the growing problem in the USA.

    • jibo…..

      Don’t mind the Catholic Seperate Schools and the Public school system…..If you don’t like religion being taught then don’t send your child to the Catholic schools! It’s really just that simple! OR…we could re-install the Lord’s Prayer to be said every morning in EVERY SCHOOL like it used to be because this country was founded on the Judeo-Christian principles….If you don’t want those principles to be part of your child’s upbringing…then Home school them! Teach them what you want by yourself!
      I believe that if our public school system says NO RELIGION to be celebrated in the school….then no one gets to do it! No exceptions! BTW…athiest families don’t get Easter, Christmas holidays off…those children must attend school throughout those religious holidays! Only families who are Christian get those off!
      Muslims can build their own schools….or teach them at the mosques.

  8. The Title to this article is just a bit misleading…this is only happening in the Province of Ontario…and only in the City of Toronto under the Toronto District School Board. Toronto has a very high muslim population and Ontario has a Liberal Government at this time.
    One would not say that American High schools are becoming Mini mosques on Fridays just because Dearborn Michigan is allowing this…..

    Ontario is the Piss pot to all of Canada at this time….just because it’s being done there doesn’t mean it is being done across all of Canada.

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