Islamic Supremacism on Display at NYC Muslim Day Parade

Photos from the Muslim Day Parade via Muslim Day Parade: Blasphemy, Dawah and prayers en masse in the street “takbir!” “Allahu akbar” – Atlas Shrugs.

The black flag of Islamic jihad waving before a presentation by young school girls (Urban Infidel)

While Urban Infidel was uploading videos and photos I’m flipping through the official magazine of the 2012 Muslim Day Parade when I see the above photo illustration of the black flag of totalitarian Islam flying above the White House accompanying an article about the struggle for the Ummah in North America.

More via Muslim Day Parade-NYC-2012

Taxpayer funded Islamic foot washes?

…in use

and the taxpayer funded NYPD marching band…

…taking over the streets of NYC

More pictures and links at Atlas Shrugs and the links above.

17 thoughts on “Islamic Supremacism on Display at NYC Muslim Day Parade

  1. how much tolerance would be afforded to a group of catholics or jews if they were to congregate in the streets, obstruct traffic, cause congestion of pedestrians, impede commerce in shops, lift up their butts & do a prayer session? why must they do these shenanigans on the streets? there are enough of their mosques that have sprung up all over this country to accomodate them. it requires a permit even to hold a parade in a city…do these goons get a permit every time they get out to pray?!?!

    • Actually, the Catholics are out in full regalia for the Columbus day parade and St. Pat’s day parade. NYC is a very diverse city and has LOTS of festivals and parades. Just about any group can get one going.

  2. What a shame that this SLIME is allowed parade in the streets of NYC. But we dont want to upset the CRUD OF THE WORLD. WHERE are THE TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS RELATED TO 1776??? This SLIME HAS TO BE FLUSHED OUT OF OUR COUNTRY NOW. LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. why does the peaceful religion always have a sword image on all it’s flags?? oh piece-ful yeah

    words from the prez today:
    “the future doesn’t belong to people who slander the Prophet Mohammed.”

    guess he is keeping his promise to stand with the Muslims and not the Constitution that guarantees free speech to US citizens.
    Once more inadvertently revealing his affection for ISLAM is greater than his love of freedom

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  5. So sick of the Muslim agenda and the libtards that think a love fest is going to make it better. They want to kill us. How do we know? Because they keep saying so…except when they lie and say they don’t want to.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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