Canada: Muslim mother admits stabbing daughter in attempted honor killing

via Afghan-Canadian mother described allegedly stabbing daughter to police | Canada | News | National Post.

MONTREAL – For months, Bahar Ebrahimi had been rebelling against her parents, complaining their Afghan culture and Muslim religion were suffocating her. “I want to enjoy my life. I want to feel what the other ones feel,” she told them, according to her mother’s statement to police.

Mother, left, who tried desperately to kill her daughter who wanted to be free from Islam

It was June, 2010, Grand Prix weekend in downtown Montreal, and on two straight nights the 19-year-old stayed out past dawn against her parents’ wishes.

For her mother, Johra Kaleki, the behaviour confirmed that all her efforts to steer her eldest daughter on the right path had failed. “I felt like she would never be fixed,” she told Sgt.-Det. Alexandre Bertrand in an interrogation video played Wednesday in Quebec Court.

As her crying husband spoke to Bahar in the basement of their Dorval home, Ms. Kaleki went upstairs and grabbed a large knife from the kitchen counter, the one she used to chop meat, she recounted. “I said, ‘This is the time.’ ”

She hid the knife under her T-shirt, returned to the basement, and told her husband the problem would best be resolved between mother and daughter. “Just leave us alone for five minutes,” she said she told him. “Don’t come until I call you.”

He left and she cuddled her first-born and told her to lie on her stomach so she could give her a back massage. “Then I stab her, stab her neck,” she confessed. “She said, ‘No Mom!’ I said, ‘It’s for your good. Let me finish.’ ”

Earlier in the interrogation, Sgt.-Det. Bertrand has asked whether the knife blade was sharp. “No, it wasn’t,” she replied. “I wish it was. I wanted to give her the peace that she needed.”

Bahar survived the attack, suffering serious knife wounds to her head and shoulder. Ms. Kaleki, 40, is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and illegal use of a weapon.

Her husband, alerted by Bahar’s screams, rushed downstairs and grabbed the knife from Ms. Kaleki, the court heard. “I said to my husband, let me finish her.’ ” She tried to choke her daughter, she said, and after Bahar escaped, she chased her upstairs and tried to break down the locked door to the bedroom where she was calling 911.

She was arrested, and after being treated in hospital for a knife wound on her own arm, she told her story to Sgt.-Det. Bertrand.

A few months earlier, when Ms. Kaleki discovered Bahar was being harassed by an ex-boyfriend, she blamed her daughter. After speaking to the boy once on the phone, Ms. Kaleki decided he sounded like “a very good Muslim guy” and told Bahar he would make a good husband. “Probably you’ve done something to drive him crazy,” she told her. “I know you. You’re my daughter.” Bahar refused the idea of marriage, calling the boy a “psycho.”

Toward the end of the four-hour interview, the detective asked Ms. Kaleki whether she had anything to add. “I hope she gets well,” she said referring to her daughter. But she did not want her to emerge unscarred.

“She live with that wound,” she continued, pointing to her neck, “she remembers me.” The experience “will make her strong and give her wisdom. . . . It means she will give up her ways of living.”

The hearing this week before Judge Yves Paradis is to determine whether the video and other statements made by Ms. Kaleki can be entered into evidence during the trial, which is scheduled to begin in January. Ms. Kaleki’s defence lawyer has said she will argue that Ms. Kaleki did not have the “operating mind” necessary to consent to the interrogation. The hearing continues Thursday.

Muslims are also turning Canadian high schools into mini mosques.

26 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim mother admits stabbing daughter in attempted honor killing

  1. “…she cuddled her first-born and told her to lie on her stomach so she could give her a back massage. “Then I stab her, stab her neck,” she confessed. ”

    The mental scar from that kind of evil betrayal is going to leave a much worse mark than the neck wound.

  2. Here is what’s coming!!! Are you ready??? This is so crazy, to kill your own kids rather than talk to her or even pray for her. Anything but to kill her. Or try to kill her. Look what this poor girl is left with, the memory of her mom trying to kill her and she knew it. She ask to lay down so she could rub her back, how she betrayed her daughter. How can that poor girl ever trust anyone again after that?? Her own mother. I don’t know how they could do that to their kids. I have one that gave me some trouble and I never thought of hurting him. He is doing great now with a family of his own. # grandsons. Three little grandsons. Life is back together and good. I don’t get these people want to kill their offspring.

  3. Yep, we have the beetles here in Canada, too. I hope the young lady survives and gets proper protection. Just another example Islam does not belong among civilized man.

  4. It sounds very similar to satanism if you ask me. Why would anyone want to convert to Islam? You have to kill people, kill your kids, kill your family, KILL KILL KILL! And then afterward, if you didn’t ‘finish’ the job, regret that you couldn’t finish it? How demented, twisted, and utterly evil! The God I serve does not ask me to kill anyone! If someone does not believe, pray for them and be an example. I would much rather serve the only one true God any day then a God who commands me to go around knifing and torturing everyone!

    • Lyn, If we as a people ignore this, we are just as guilty as them. To fail to see this as an ideology of a very dangerous cult and not take action in very corner of the world is making them stronger. I am extremely happy to see some of the European countries taking steps in this world wide problem. Our America with Obama who has allowed terrorists into America’s WH is not one who will keep our freedoms in fear of “hurting” someone elses feelings. The Muslims have learned that in America all you have to do is play the race card. Which Muslim isn’t a race. We need to stop being political correct, it is killing out country.

      My God is the same as yours. We have evolved as a people under his guidance. The Muslims under Mohammed have stayed in the dark ages and they want all us infidels to go back to those ages or die. I prefer to die. God Bless

      • Amen Muse..but I look at it like this; in the end, the God we serve wins…it may look the opposite right now….but our God is coming soon, and with a vengeance like never before, to whoop some nasty heathen and devil butt! And I cannot wait to see that day!

          • The funny thing is, Muse, people see Jesus as the “woodstock hippie free love” Jesus..the Jesus who tolerates anything and everything and then says, “Hey, it’s biggie..I died so you can sin!” That’s how so many people have perverted the truth this day. What they fail to realize that Jesus is God in the flesh; and that God in the O.T. didn’t tolerate any perversions whatsoever. Boy are they all going to be in for a surprise as they stand there in, sorry…drop to their knees in fear, when they see Jesus in a different light coming down from heaven to destroy the enemy with a vengeance! Everyone can stand and blaspheme the true God all they want to, but when they see once and for all just how mighty and unfathomably huge God is, and just how tiny and microscopic they are….what will they say then? Unfortunately, it will be too late! The funny thing is, the enemy was already defeated before it all began. It’s only a matter of time.

          • Many of us are ready for the end. We are ready for the peace we know will come sooner rather than later. As a reader, I hate to know the ending of a story but in this case I am estatic that I do not.

      • This video, if one watches the whole thing, makes you want to jump up and go kick some butt for the Kingdom of God! I’m serious…this is one of the most awesome, empowering videos I think I have ever seen.

        • This video is on my Tool Bar. Anytime one is feeling alone or doesn’t understand they need to hit replay.

          Let us kick some butt for what the rest of our lives will be!

          • Amen! I’d rather go out with a bang than a sizzle! That’s for certain! I’m tired of everyone just sitting around saying, “Oh, I am one person. I can’t do nothing. Besides, it’s going on out there, isn’t around my house!” Well, I have news for you who feel this way…it’s coming to your house soon! I promise. So you can be sitting on your butt unprepared when the enemy beats down your door and you’re the next victim on the news! If everyone who thinks they are one person stood up and did what was right, each one person would quickly turn into thousands!

    • This is what our fight is about. This is who we are fighting. We are fighting the enemy, Satan, in the spiritual realms. And once we realize this, we can see that it is indeed very easy to win this battle; because you see, Satan and his kingdom is under our feet and defeated already! So we need to see him in the eyes of our enemy and use the power God gave to us! We need to stand up for God and stop letting the enemy walk all over us…because tell me, how is it that one who is already defeated defeating us? Makes no sense. It is only because we are allowing it.

  5. These sick cunts are beyond reason, civilisation, rational thought & feeling.
    They are beyond any type of redemption.
    They are the Metastatic Cancer & Ebola Virus of the human race & need to be totally eradicated
    How do you reason with a Rabid Dog? Rule ·45 S & W.

  6. Judg 10:13-14 (KJV) Yet ye have forsaken me, and served other gods: wherefore I will deliver you no more. Go and cry unto the gods which ye have chosen; let them deliver you in the time of your tribulation.

  7. Under Hillary eating with the enemy, muslim brotherhoods visits to the white house, liberals on the left, and blasphemy laws, we can be charged with a hate crime for bringing it up. How far we have gone down under Madonnas’ black Muslim in the white house.

  8. This story is not only chilling as a single incident of deception and death for the advancement of Islam (a mother who would kill her daughter rather than see her reject Islam/embrace freedom), but it’s representative of standard operating procedure in the Muslim world: Distract or send away those who may interfere with a plan of eliminating adversaries to Islam, mollify victims into a position of greatest vulnerability, strike when conditions allow for dominance and control. Sick, evil, twisted. I hope the daughter survives. I hope we do, too.

  9. And still Western governments let these inbred, barbaric cretins into their countries–defies belief! Truly, WE are the cretins! And I say this as an immigrant.

  10. :( so many of these stories in Canada with all of these religious zealots. Why don’t they stay in their home countries if they want to practice Islam that way. We seem to get the dregs for immigrants. Why can’t we have open minded educated Muslims, even Malala in Pakistan is a positive example.

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