Muslim blogger arrested, vandalized subway #jihad ad, assaulted blogger (video)

What more proof is needed to validate the message in the ad? And the media almost unanimously siding with…the proud savages.

And this broad is what we’re told is a moderate Muslim. Atlas Shrugs comments: Mona Eltahawy Arrested for Assaulting Pro-Freedom Blogger While Defacing AFDI Pro-Freedom Ad

Islamic supremacist journalist Mona Eltahawy was arrested today after assaulting a defender of freedom who caught her in the act of vandalizing one of AFDI’s pro-Israel ads in the New York Subway Stations.

This again proves the Islamic supremacists and the Leftist thugs are dedicated to shutting down free speech. Anti-Israel ads ran all over the country without a murmur of protest; but this pro-Israel ad was hardly up an hour before fascist thugs like Eltahawy went to work to deface it.

At 12:42PM on Tuesday, September 25, Eltahawy tweeted: “Meetings done; pink spray paint time. #ProudSavage #FuckHate.” Shortly thereafter, she was about to spray paint over AFDI’s pro-Israel ad in a subway station when freelance journalist and pro-freedom blogger Pamela Hall stood between her and the ad. Eltahawy thereupon sprayed Hall with paint; Eltahawy was arrested and Hall is pressing charges.

The attack was witnessed by Georgette Roberts of the New York Post. We look forward to the Post’s full report, since Roberts witnessed this entire incident.

This criminal behavior and fascism will be lauded in Leftist circles.

Eltahawy’s thuggish behavior is a telling indication of how relentlessly opposed the left and Islamic supremacists are to the freedom of speech, and how desperate they are to keep any pro-freedom, anti-jihad message from getting out.

Eltahawy’s behavior is all the more ironic in light of the fact that she was viciously sexually assaulted by “protesters” in Cairo’s Tahrir Square last year, and subsequently wrote a searching piece about the misogyny that is inherent in Islamic law. But she was roundly attacked by her fellow Islamic supremacist writers for that article, and made a full retreat. Now, in a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome, she is defending the same savages who brutally attacked her in Tahrir Square.

It doesn’t end there: Christina Abraham, “Civil Rights Director” at Hamas-linked CAIR-Chicago, calls for more fascist vandalism of AFDI pro-freedom ads.

More video at the NY Post:  Woman defaces ‘anti-jihad’ ad in Times Square station.

As one of Eltahawy’s Muslim sisters stated at the Muslim Day Parade, “the unborn martyrs in our wombs” will be waging jihad in the streets of New York and other U.S. cities. You’re children and grandchildren will ask why you didn’t do anything to prevent it when you had a chance.

23 thoughts on “Muslim blogger arrested, vandalized subway #jihad ad, assaulted blogger (video)

  1. She’s Egyptian, I smell a Muslim Brotherhood operative. She has some Code Pink in a can, and she calls it peace, how typical! Peace always means “submit of else” to them.

  2. a fine example of the intollerant fascist left…. a filthy mouth, willing to do harm to others and the destruction of property …
    a tiny glimpse of what is to come as the left communist have merged with Islam’s muslim brotherhood……
    pray for the Republic citizens.

  3. She wasn’t practicing freedom of speech..she was destroying property. The truth be told, had it been a non-muslim with a spray can on a poster of something Islamic..they would have been beheaded right then and there! Or else mobbed and gang banged and beaten nearly to death. I would like to see an American go over to the Middle East with a can of hot pink spray paint and start spraying the heck out of their stuff..they’d be knocked to the ground, tormented, and then have their head cut off publicly while they yell, “Yaahhh Allah! Allahu Akbar!”

    If non-muslims were going around killing Muslims in the name of God, and then went around saying, “We are a peacful people!” And it was written in our Bible, as it is theirs, that it is okay to lie and it is okay to kill in the name of Allah… yet we still said, “Oh, we’re a peacful people…we do not practice this!” Yet there was evidence all over the world of the opposite, no one wold believe us. Why then do so many people believe them?

    What’s more, why are there so many lukewarm Christians falling for the new Chrislam religion, which is the emregence of the one world religion of Bible prophecy..where Muslims and Christians worship together and share the Quran and the Bible? This is apostasy! They don’t believe in the same Jesus we do. Furthermore, they will not worship together with a Christian in peace…for long. They laugh at us for this, planning to convert us by the end of it all or kill us…to them, we are infidels and their Quran tells them to execute infidels! With them, peace means, “Convert!” and if you don’t, “Die!”

    Soon their Nabi Isa (Prophet Jesus) or Isa al-Maseeh (Jesus the Messiah) will come (their coming prophet Jesus is our false prophet of the Holy Bible)(Dijal), and so will their great imam Mahdi…the wonderous political religious leader who will come and establish Islam once and for all across the world! This person is the Antichrist of the Christian faith. So you see, they are so up front about their intentions, yet they will deny them just the same, “Oh not me! I am a peacful people. We are different than those!” Meanwhile, they are behind your back sharpening their blades of deception. No, they are all the same! They read from the same book!

    I just don’t get it. America has NOT gone to hell; HELL HAS COME TO AMERICA!

    • Excellent nothing needs to be added. I beg anyone who has Dish go to channel 212 to see The Project by Glenn Beck and Blaze TV. It will be on again on Sunday evening with both parts playing one after another. We have been allowing terrorists into our gov’.t for decades.

  4. She’s being arrested, not from her expression, but because of her CONDUCT! Her conduct being vandalizing property. Conduct can be regulated, i.e, she can be arrested.

  5. We let Mona into the US because of the horrible rape and assault she suffered in Egypt, but if she is going to violate US law, maybe it’s time to send her home.

    • I with you on that. Such a peacful looking country, it is a shame that they are living in constant fear of annihilation. How long would a country any other country wait for help?

      • The reason Israel is always under attack is entirely a spiritual one. You see, Lucifer (and if you study, this is in the Old Testament..I can’t remember exactly where right this second..) but Lucifer wasn’t just the head musician in heaven, but he also was the head cherubim who carried God on a cloud. Lucifer was the ruling angel over Jerusalem and Israel. He ruled from atop the mountain, adorned in every precious stone. Before the fall of man, heaven was seated in the place we know as Jerusalem.

        Since Lucifer ruled over Jerusalem and Israel before his fall, Isaiah 14:12, “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” Because he wanted to be God…. it is his goal to re-take Jerusalem. He feels that because he once ruled over it, it belongs to him.

        So spiritually speaking, you can see what I am getting at here. What we’re looking at is a spiritual battle for Israel. Also, Abraham and Sarai, because of her lack of faith, bore a son named Ishmael, but then later, Isaac. God told Hagar, Ishmael’s mother, that He would make a great and mighty nation out of her son..and He did. And He said they would be a ‘wild and unruly’ people. So God made two great and mighty nations from Abraham; Israel and Syria. The two butt heads and have for generations over land.

        Now take what I said above and apply it in the physical realms. We have God at work, and Satan at work. We know the outcome in the end. God cannot and will not allow Lucifer to have Israel. Not gonna happen. This is why throughout generations, God has always given victory to Israel in the end.

        We can see here in 2 Kings 6:15-18 , “When the servant of the man of God got up and went out early the next morning, an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city. “Oh, my lord, what shall we do?” the servant asked. “Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” And Elisha prayed, “O LORD, open his eyes so he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. As the enemy came down toward him, Elisha prayed to the LORD, Strike these people with blindness.” So he struck them with blindness, as Elisha had asked.”

        See, throughout history, God has always fought for Israel..and He always will. It’s a lost cause to fight against them because they have Adonai on their side!

        • I am so happy that you are so willing to show what is missing in the conversation that Americans need to have. America is so far stuck in the PC of the world that we are the ones who are losing. Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate that.

          • You’re welcome. Many people do not realize this. The war that is going on here is spiritual…us humans are the hosts. We can either choose to be a host of the Spirit of the living God (which can be more difficult in the now) or be a host of the spirits of the kingdom of hell, which is easier in the now. But here’s the thing..what is easiest now and what is most difficult now will decide where your bed will be made for eternity; in heaven, or in hell?

            Furthermore, God sends no one to hell; hell is the reward Lucifer/Satan gives to his followers who “follow” him there. That’s why God came down in a body of flesh and allowed Himself to be was a sacrifice Satan did not want..but he received nonetheless…to save us.

            Lucifer knows he’s going to spend eternity in hell one day, and his job is to gather as many as he can to go with him because humans are God’s creations, therefore he hates us. But since Satan is the Father of Lies, he deceives himself into believing he will somehow defeat God, even though beneath his own lies to himself, he knows he will not. It’s confusing, but who understands the mind of something so putridly evil as Satan? Just as we will never understand the mind of something so inconceivably good as God…

          • This is a spiritually historic war, which has gone on since Lucifer rose up against God and fell from heaven with 1/3 of the angels whom he was over, whom backed him up.

  6. The Mona scum is your typical fascist islamic piece of dung. She needs to be sent back to her homeland; the fleabag Egypt sand pit.

  7. End dual citizenship NOW!
    Also, everyone with Islamic following acquaintances, ask them what jihad is. islamopanderers don’t even question the system they’re defending. That’s just intellectual dishonesty and laziness which could prove very dangerous. We are proud kaffirs, and while you’re at it ask what kaffirs, infidels and dhimmis are, too.

  8. she was victim of the savage behavior of her brethren- gang-raped &beaten by savages and now she defends them calling anti Jihad people (ooh here it is the ever creative all purpose bullshit word that has no meaning anymore) RACIST!! Mona, ISLAM is not a race you racist bitch, defacing other people’s property is vandalism, and spraying paint on a woman is assault- I hope you get jail time but I doubt it- at least you will have a criminal record to match your criminal mindset

  9. It is quite obvious that muslims really can’t tolerate the democratic ethics, they can not even try to defend their ideology without agression thus they prove again and again that they have no place in civilian life they have to go and live in the caves alone and assault on each other as they always doing so if they don’t find some one else to attack him and this what is happening now in the middle east.
    Mona Eltahawy is a good example for those people who took from U.S.more than they deserve .She has mentioned her American citizenship to get rights from it, meanwhile she forgot how to represent it .

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