Watch: Reporter cuts off Hirsi Ali when exposing credibility of Mohammad video story

Most logical, free thinkers have figured out the movie trailer blamed for Muslim violence on 9/11 is a fraud. Watch as Ayaan Hirsi Ali starts to connect the dots for a newscaster and is cut off immediately toward the end of this clip. h/t jj72

Truth is the new hate speech…and must not be heard.

23 thoughts on “Watch: Reporter cuts off Hirsi Ali when exposing credibility of Mohammad video story

  1. Fat BBC whore! Cannot bear to watch that sh#t normally, have no TV. BBC is 5th columnist central!!
    Problem now in UK schools and colleges, no doubt in US too, the whole education system supports this sharia self-censoring. When the subject comes up, people react like Pavlov’s Dog, they physically jerk.
    Wearing my JDL t shirt around, even dumb scum serving at petrol stations stare at me, they are so brainwashed by the nazis.

  2. Hirsi Ali did an amazing job. I hope she runs for elected office in the US! She summed up what Obama and Clinton muffed and wiffed.

    We can’t afford to sacrifice the Constitution just to humor hate groups, countries, or whomever, and if the PRESIDENT doesn’t get that, we need a brand new one.

  3. The BBC interviewer again and again tried to get Ayaan to say that people have a right to be offended, as though that is some kind of protected right.

    It’s time for the BBC to hire people who have some kind of awareness of the very laws that allow a free media to exist. Ayaan is right – the UK, characteristically, is trying to enforce politeness and not offending people. But that removes free speech of the most direct and powerful kind, and no one knows what offends or doesn’t, and who is to be the arbiter of such a vague standard?

    Only the 1st Amendment works. The BBC is trying to carry water for liberal pols in the UK responsible for the laws in their own country against free speech which attempt to define and prosecute blasphemy.

    What’s next, a new black death law mandating that surgeons carry a red pole? The UK laws are out of their time.

    • Getting offended happens to every human on Earth. We all get offended at times. Islamics somehow believe that they are above the law when it comes to non Muslims which they refer to as “Infidels”. They believe that theirs is the only true religion and then they FORCE it down people’s throats. Islam is NOT a Religion. It is Tyranny under color of Religion. The roots of Islam is SATANIC. Islam is the anti-religion. Ot belongs IN the abyss,the firy pits where sulfur permeates the air. The fire is precisely where a Q’uaran belongs. My prayers are with the victims of Islam and NOT with the leaders of it. That includes Obama. A world leader of Islamic conquest of free people. Obama is a criminal deviant intent on ushering IN Islam wherever he can. He IS America’s mortal enemy.

  4. u r right, we need a new president; an enlightened third grader could do a better job. far as complaints about muslim stuff; if they can’t take the heat, they should get out of the kitchen. i’ve seen nothing credible from the muslims that they don’t condone all the violence, rape, murders, honor killings, and just more bullshit stuff. until the muslims stand up and say enough to their own, i’ll never believe them or trust them.

    • You must NOT trust any Muslim or believe any muslim. Muslims are Satanic. Anyone who is comfortable practicing a “Religion” that actually promotes rape,pillage,murder of Infidels,
      honor killings, pedophilia and beastiality which are grossly immoral acts is Satanic.

  5. What was this interviewer tart’s agenda. She knew Hirsi Ali’s history.
    Did she think she was going to get her to support her view?

    Nice when she said Clintons statement was “An expression of her (own) opinion”. Not an opinion of the whole free world.

    Explaining the rape, and treatment of Christians and Jews in muslim countries, obviously backfired on the interviewer.

    Good on you, Hirsi Ali.

  6. Usual left wing garbage – they cannot refute what the video contains so they do what they can to stifle free speech. The left wingers are actually very ignorant of islam other than this is the new ‘cool’ for them. They glom onto anything that they think the moderates/right/conservatives are against. And then they have no idea what they defend.

    • In western europe mass immigration of muslims from north africa and Turkey takes place since the 1960’s. This policy was especially favoured by the right wing parties because it would bring great profit to companies in need of cheap labour. Since the 2000’s efforts are being made to slow down this immigration. It’s a bit late because already 1 in 16 inhabitants of Holland and Germany are muslim.
      That’s 1 million muslims in Holland and 5 million in Germany. France has even more.
      So it’s not fair at all to just blame the left for this. Also republican governments in the USA have paid billions of dollars to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Quwait etc. over the years for oil. These countries, especially Saudi Arabia practise extremely conservative Islam.

      When I was younger I considered myself far left. At the same time I was against any religion.

      Also in former communist countries Islam was not allowed much freedom at all. At that time the USA supported Islamic extremists to fight against the communist backed government of Afghanistan which actually was very modern in allowing women freedom of education etc. Now look at Afghanistan without communists, it has gone completely back to the Middle Ages, thanks to the USA’s support and training of the islamic factions during the 1980’s. It’s obvious that the Taliban will take over Afghanistan as soon as the coalition forces will have left. Clearly all the american, british and other soldiers that recently died and are still dying and getting wounded in Afghanistan might just as well have never went there.

      Did you know, by the way , that american governments, both republican and democrat, had very friendly ties with the Taliban untill 9/11/2001?
      For footage of this watch Farenheit 9/11 by Micheal Moore.
      Also about the vast Saudi properties in the USA, by the way.

      So my point is, stop blaming the left for supporting Islam.
      Left or right is no issue at all in this matter.
      If you think the right is and has always been against Islam, whether in the USA or Europe or Asia. you couldn’t be more wrong.

  7. The interviewer is ok with offending us – the koran offends ALL non-moslems by calling for our deaths or subjugation AND lying to us about what islam says. That is outrageous. Even their daily prayers condemn us and call for them to follow “allah’s cause” which is calling for our deaths or subjugation. The koran dehumanizes us by calling us pigs and apes, and dirt. That is utterly offensive but it is ok with the left just because islam can be called a ‘religion’ instead of the thuggish, imperialistic political system it really is.

  8. inciting religious hatred as a crime???? would have to arrest every single Muslim imam, professor and more- get to it UK-

    as far as “offended” I am offended by what ISLAM says, does not give the right to bomb mosques- their entire ideology condemns every other faith, is offensive to every other culture

  9. As a free people Americans need not fret about hurting the sensitivities of those who seek to take away our own freedoms and to place THEIR precepts above ours. We ARE a Judao-Christian nation. If the Muslims want to worship a false god bent on terrorism,they can do so outside America. Under Islam/Sharia Freedom of Religion does NOT appply to non-Islamic faiths. In Islam if you are a muslim you MUST practice Islam or nothing. That is antethetical to our beliefs that “Freedom of Religion” allows for one to practice any religion” not just one that the State mandates that you practice. There is NO Freedom of Religion under Sharia Law. We as a free people do NOT have to tolerate Islamic Theocrats and their demands. Islam is abathema and mohammed was a perverted degenerate who invented Islam for his own purposes, conntrol of the people. Islam MUST be banned in the free worls. It must be eradicated. Islam is a tyrannical system of oppression which masquerades under the guise of religion and which not unlike a metasticizing cancer upon Humanity is branching out to kill freedom for everyone. Beware of Dar-el-Salam.

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  12. Anybody who thinks this film is the real reason the ambassador got killed really needs to study Islam and its history to include the significance of 9-11. This is really the 3rd 9-11 for the followers of Islam.
    1. Part of the motivation of Islamic terrorists is to reverse the trend of decline in the Islamic world relative to Western culture that many trace as far back to September 11, 1683 when a large Turkish army was humiliatingly crushed by Europeans at the Battle of Vienna.
    2. September 11, 2001. Which is the one most people think about.
    3. September 11, 2012. The followers of Islam are using this film as the excuse for attacking our embassies and killing U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens on the 11th anniversary of 9-11 and 3 other Americans. Islam ” The Religion of Peace “. This video has been up on Youtube since July so don’t kid yourself that the attacks on 11 Sep 2012 were not timed for that day. Let the spin to minimize the teachings of Islam begin.

    Can Islam get along with the West ? NO.
    ” Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead “. ~ Kyle Reese in Terminator.
    Islam has been conquering places Terminator style since the 7th Century and their goal is to get rid of everybody else. Look at what is going on and you can see it is that way. They do not assimilate in any Western society. They get along until their numbers are great enough to take over. It’s been that way since their prophet left Mecca and went to Medina.

    There is no excuse for the murders these animals committed. The United States government current administration’s policies and actions coddling Islam following countries is just going to get more innocent Americans killed. People can try to claim that Islam is ” The Religion of Peace ” all they want, but anybody that follows the Quran and things written in Medina and afterwards are only trying to conquer the world. The Reality of their actions show the truth in regards to the 7th Century lifestyle hiding behind the cloth of religion. Where Islam goes and Sharia Law is followed, Freedom goes away.
    “ An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last “. ~ Sir Winston Churchill.

  13. I know this tv programme. The way Ayaan is cut off at the end is just usual. They want to give the impression of efficiency in not wasting time by ending a conversation slower. I do think that the presenter was showing a lot of sympathy to the outrage of the muslims which gave her a clear impression of being biassed. Ayaan on the other hand was very clear and respectful. It’s a shame on the BBC which is supposed to maintain the highest level of objectivity.

  14. Ayaan risks her life by simply stating that she has left islam and does not believe in it anymore. In islam this is just about the most forbidden act. It’s no problem for them if you don’t believe in islam but you just cant tell anyone or they’ll immediately accuse you of insulting islam, the prophet etc. It’s clearly a religion of hypocracy and intolerance based on fear, hate and greed. Just like she states, a very backward thing that amazingly seems to increase in popularity.

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