Counterterror chief’s company linked to “Innocence of Muslims” video

The more Obama and his team blame the movie, and now they’ve arrested the purported producer of the video, the easier it is to believe it was intentional. via Douglas J. Hagmann at the Northeast Intelligence Network h/t to the reader who left the link in comments

Body of lies from Benghazi to Barack

By now, it is well known that something is very wrong with the official narrative pertaining to the controversial video known to everyone as The Innocence of Muslims. The official government script we are asked to believe is that this video supposedly caused the September 11, 2012 attack on the consulate in Libya and ignited the ensuing violence and death across the Muslim world that continues without abatement today. Officially, the video was cited as the primary motive in the murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. There are more than a few problems with this narrative. First, aside from the trailer, the video does not exist anywhere in any public forum. Not now, not ever.

Based on my findings from a lengthy and extensive investigation that is ongoing, the trailer (which will be referenced interchangeably in this report as “the video”) was not a motive, but a means to an end not yet seen. In fact, I believe that the entire story is even deeper and more sinister than that.

Because easily obtainable evidence exists that the video was not the cause of the violence but a made-to-order excuse for it, most investigative journalists representing the right side of the political spectrum have long stopped any meaningful, deeper inquiries, while the left-leaning press doubled down in the face of such evidence. It is obvious that the perpetuation of the longstanding right-left paradigm is still actively serving the larger  agenda nicely in providing a suitable smoke screen for the truth. The truth of this matter, however, seems to be located deep within a rabbit hole straight out of Alice in Wonderland, as all is not what it appears.

Investigation leads to disturbing discoveries

During the course of any complex investigation, detectives are always searching for that elusive “ah-ha!” moment, or the point at which a breakthrough of a case is achieved. Often, that moment never arrives, or is considerably less than dramatic when it does. In this case, the truth appeared to be so adeptly hidden and convoluted that it took me a long time before I realized that many of the puzzle pieces were actually in plain view, but they were just not readily identifiable. The reason, I concluded, was that I was looking at this entire situation all wrong. That’s when the “ah-ha” moment turned into an “uh-oh” moment.

First, I made the erroneous assumption that I knew who the “good guys” and the “bad guys” are, much like someone watching a vintage movie with “cops and robbers” where the good guys wear the police uniforms and the bad guys wear masks. I did not anticipate that some of the so-called good guys might actually be the perpetrators, especially considering the evil woven into these events. I am willing, however, to stipulate that some of the “bad guys” might be nothing more than unwitting pawns unknowingly involved in a larger agenda, although I find that more difficult to accept given the death and destruction involved.

Secondly, I believe that I’ve found evidence that suggests links between this video, or at least the manner in which this video was first created, then changed and finally used, to key people and entities involved with a number of suspicious events over the last decade. It would appear that some of the individuals and entities, including but not limited to high ranking members of both political parties, elected officials, and members of the intelligence community have some level of active or passive involvement in this and various past events of significance, but have adeptly maintained a plausibly deniable role by only slight degrees of separation.

To bring more specificity to the above, it would appear that there is a possible connection between the dissemination of the controversial video with the 2008 passport office break-in scandal that involved improper computer access to the passport records of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain. The latter is an enigma in its own right, having its own level of complicity and complexity. Additionally, that particular event appears to involve other events at its periphery, including but not limited to the murder of the key witness in that case, Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr.

One thing that appears to exist, if my investigative findings are correct, is that some of the same individuals and entities that were directly and indirectly involved in the passport office break-in, including government and defense contractors, appear to have a role in the video controversy.

This leads to the third and perhaps most disturbingly critical discovery. If my investigative findings are correct, it is my opinion as a professional investigator that the events in Libya, which have now spread across the globe, were a direct result of a covert CIA mission that appears to have been compromised from within our own government. If I am incorrect, however, the alternative is even more unthinkable.

If correct, my investigative trail leads directly to the U.S. Department of State and the CIA with some level of White House involvement, at which point things become even more convoluted. It is here that one might become confused with the aforementioned “good guy versus bad guy” identification process.

It was on or about 22 September 2012 that during my research, I found a video titled Proof Positive – In My Opinion posted by an individual on the YouTube channel under the user name “Montagraph.” I found that many of his findings mirrored mine (or mine his), although there were a few exceptions. Nonetheless, this Internet video contains links to many interesting screen captures.

The individual in the video Proof Positive – In My Opinion on the YouTube channel Montagraph details some very disturbing possibilities, including the identification of a news and politics website (a series of them, interrelated) known as NewsPoliticsNow and its various name variations, might be linked to Stanley, Inc., which is now known as CGI. It is interesting that my investigative results seem to be generally consistent with his findings, and also that there appears to be a link to this company that provides products and services to the U.S. military, the U.S. State Department and DHS.

The video, defense contractors & Obama

In the “Montagraph video,” a connection is drawn to Stanley, Inc. The importance of this, beyond the status as defense contractors from Arlington, Virginia, lies in the digital fingerprints connecting the video The Innocence of Muslims with a user with access to the NewsPoliticsNow website. The “Montagraph video” explains the connection by the presence of a common avatar, or an image used by Internet posters. It is here that things become as disturbing as they are convoluted.

According to published reports, Stanley, Inc. was awarded a $164 million contract to print new U.S. passports in 2006. Two employees of Stanley, Inc., along with a third individual employed by another defense contractor identified as The Analysis Corporation, were identified as the perpetrators who breached the records of the U.S. passport office on three occasions in 2008 and “improperly accessed” the passport records of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.  The breaches occurred on January 9, February 21 and March 14, 2008.

It is important to note that the CEO of the Analysis Corporation at the time of the passport office break-in was John O. Brennan, who served as a close advisor to Obama in 2008 on matters of intelligence and foreign policy. Brennan also contributed to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Brennan also had a 25-year career in the CIA.

Presently, John Brennan is chief counterterrorism advisor to Barack Hussein Obama under the official title of Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Assistant to the President.

Since 2008, the accepted and unchallenged motive for the breach was that the perpetrators were looking at the passport and biological data on all three presidential candidates in some sort of “exploratory” mission. They were summarily fired from their jobs and disappeared into the night before they could be interviewed by investigators working on the case. What took place following this admitted breach, however, has an extremely sinister overtone.

Flashback: 2008 Obama revelation; Key witness to passport office break-in murdered

Recall that at the time of the passport office break-in, Barack Hussein Obama was on the campaign trail as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. The news of the breach was made public within a week of the last intrusion, and a week later, on March 21, 2008, Obama was asked for his reaction by ABC News Jake Tapper while campaigning. Obviously, Obama now officially knows that the public has been informed about the level of the breach, and that Obama’s personal and confidential biographical information, in addition to his international travels was apparently “accessed.”

It is important to note that that the files accessed included Obama’s personal passport and not limited to his diplomatic passport.

On April 8, 2008, Obama continued to comment on the fact that the confidentiality of his passport records were apparently compromised. It was on this occasion when Obama admitted, for the first time in any public venue as a presidential candidate, that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981. One wonders whether Obama would have disclosed his Pakistan trip at this time had it not been for the uncertainty that the information was already “in play.”

Even ABC News appeared surprised at this sudden and unexpected revelation, considering all of the talk about Pakistan and U.S. foreign policy during the previous several months. Research shows that Obama did not disclose this trip at any time during any policy discussions or debates prior to the passport office breach.

It is also important to point out that during the investigation of the breach of the passport office records, the Washington Times reported that “officials do not know whether information was improperly copied, altered or removed from the database during the intrusions” [Emphasis added]. As time progressed, however, so did the leaks. It was reported that at least one employee within the U.S. State Department shared passport information with a man identified as Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr.

My investigation suggests that Harris was the intended recipient of stolen credit card information from the State Department employee, but received more than what he bargained for. When he realized the scope of the crime and the explosive nature of the information he possessed, he turned to investigators for protection. He also began to talk with investigators and ultimately, made a deal with federal prosecutors.

Before he could make good on his deal, Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr. was found shot to death in his car on April 17, 2008, just over a month after the last breach. He was found in front of the Judah House Praise Baptist Church in the northeast section of Washington. He had been shot in the head.

There’s a lot more. Read it all and come to your own conclusion. Watch the video linked above and subsequent videos on the user’s Youtube page. 

Subterfuge? Elaborate hoax? Disinformation campaign? Covering up for a false flag? Hagmann concludes:

If my investigative findings are correct, there appear to be some very disconcerting ties between this video and individuals and entities associated with our own government.  The official narrative of everyone from Obama to Rice to Obama presidential campaign advisor Robert Gibbs is that this specific video is to blame for the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Libya.

Clearly, their continued assertions in the face of contrary evidence suggests something much larger. The video appears to be serving multiple purposes. It appears to be a multi-faceted catalyst by seemingly opposing parties to advance different agendas. One might be to suppress any criticism of Islam and ultimately restrict our freedom of speech – both religious and political dissent, while the other is to foment chaos in Islamic countries as a means to an end.

Despite the gradual awakening of people to the larger agendas, both agendas seem to be working. My investigation is continuing.

More: Innocence of Muslims Film was Made by Terrorists

The narrative that circulates the media fails to address crucial questions about the mystery of this film.

For example, to date, no one has stepped forward or can confirm for certain that whoever holds an identity by the name of Nakoula Bacile Nakoula is even that man. After all, he held several identifications, including Muslim names. He could have easily presented a valid I.D. when he was arrested, yet he was likely not the man on that I.D.

Such a claim isn’t easily dismissed; if an Egyptian by the name of Nakoula Bacile Nakoula is blamed for angering over a billion Muslims, it would not be that difficult to find the entire family in Egypt, to include brothers, cousins, aunts, siblings wife, wives, ex-wives, mistresses, and pets, et. al., especially since the riots that spanned across 30 nations were sparked in Egypt.

In the Middle East, you are known by your clan. Yet, Egypt cannot produce neither this man’s family or his background?

To date, no one has produced proof to authenticate Nakoula.

I realize that people might try to shoot holes in what we are saying. However, the media has very little evidence to prove its narrative, while we present much validated facts that prove much while leaving more to uncover.

The results of this entire Innocence of Muslims fiasco will not be the apprehension of terrorists, but the continual chipping away at our First-Amendment freedoms.

Unfortunately, many Americans still practice self-blame. The film was made in the U.S., a nation that is not used to schemes like Muhammad Al Dura or what was shown in Pallywood.

Welcome to Pallywood II.

39 thoughts on “Counterterror chief’s company linked to “Innocence of Muslims” video

    • I found your comment interesting. I left Linkedin becasue of harassment by a LinkedIn member over my support for Romney and Linkedin simply refuses to address it, Last year on LinkedIn a member acquired my private email and sent me threatening letters, again they refused to address it. While the recent was just harassment I felt there were no safety measures there.

    • the two -headed snake of motive;all of these things are like super glue;they are getting stickier very quickly and therefore hard to manage.They whom are the perpetrators of Arab Spring have bitten off more than they can chew;I sense a choking sensation;but not in my throat;in theirs !Perhaps there is a deepness in a throat .

  1. Was this the Obama regime’s Reichstag burning? They seem increasingly keen to totally destroy any global stability and push the muzrats into a state of complete derangement. I have read that this so called “copt” is not, but is linked to Egytian moz bro actors. Will try to find post. He was called a Copt and names Israelis as his co-producers, as part of the disinformation process manufactured by the Obama regime. Conveniently, O was not present at any security briefings, so could blame his advisors for any lack of knowledge.
    The regime is hurrying towards this end goal that people have been talking of, an emergency situation where he takes dictatorial powers, as he is afraid he will lose the election.

  2. I have spoken to a few in the intelligence community who believe this was in fact a false flag operation. They have said this was in fact concocted with the help of Valerie Jarrett and Huma Abedin, and their contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood. It does seem everything was all too perfect doesn’t it. A well planned and coordinated attack blamed on an obscure video no one had ever heard of, and one who Obama and his minions immediately attacked. Especially now that we know the White House was contacted three days earlier with concerns of an attack and nothing was done. How did the attackers have such intimate knowledge of the safe house? Why were the Seal members not armed? Such well trained individuals would certainly have left several of the enemy dead wouldn’t they? Is it possible this is being used as a pretext for enacting blasphemy laws? The argument of course will be it is for the safety of others and to stop the violence.

    • The two SEAL MEMBERS were not security for the State Department. They were in LIBYA on another mission. They happened to be in that area and when they heard shots went to the area of engagement picked up weapons from the enemy and did all they could to help the enbasy people to safty. In doing so were killed for their effort!!! The State Dept. wont mention this but retired Seals reported the true action of these great AMERICANS with disreguard of there own safty. LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. Buy and read the book OBAMAS AMERICA and you will have the answers to why OBUMMMAA is doing what he is doing. He hopes to weaken the USA in all departments to bring us down to the 3rd world status. He as his farther bslieves, that CAPITALIZAM IS AS BAD AS COLONIALIZM AND NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED. It is all in this book and needs to be read before the election in November 6th 2012. Read all about his mentors here in america who are all MARXISTS that shaped his IDEOLOGY that he is using to RUIN OUR WAY OF LIFE!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. I also believe Mr. Breitbhart was murdered to prevent the showing of the potus in serious, disgusting homosexual acts while in college. It is becoming typical of the govt. to prevent embarressing events from being disclosed by murder.

  5. The leader of AQ in Benghazi was in Gitmo until 2007. How does someone get released from Gitmo with no trial, the go right back to being in AQ in the Magreb, then attack a US consulate, killing four personnel who are US citizens?

    Clearly how Obama tried to deny that this was even a terror attack suggests there some serious sins to hide somewhere. He panicked, which is uncharacteristic. He’d normally see that the public would in no way fail to connect the dots of an attack on 9/11 with RPGs in stages as some kind of protest against an idiotic youtube clip.

    If Obama is using the CIA to foment Arab world unrest to develop his foreign policy chops or position his friends in the MB into power, this is shocking, dangerous, even treasonous, as plenty in the MB have clear and present intent to harm against the US.

  6. Will desperation drive imam obama to even riskier acts before election day? State of emergency, maybe? Mini 9/11? Amazing to think the United States political system has sunk so low

    • same ideas that keep getting people DEAD- hijacked blah blah, peace blah blah- BS I call BS, small minority blah blah

      …”we established a construct of a moderate and extreme Islam that reflected how we saw it from the outside. This construct had no theological relationship to any actual belief or movement within Islam. Had we made the division into modern and fundamentalist, we would at least have been using words that meant something. Instead we used moderate and extreme in a military sense to mean hostile and friendly or neutral….”
      ….’We might talk of a moderate or extreme Islam, but that is our idea, not theirs. There is more than one form of Islam, they are not defined by their extremism or moderation. Nor by their approach toward violence. No more than we are.

      Muslim theology is violent, because violence has always been a tool of its expansion. When we ask Muslims to disassociate themselves from violence, we are really asking them to disassociate themselves from Islam. And this they will not do. …”

      read this

  7. Wasn’t it obvious that this is just Fast and Furious Islam Edition? The guy’s Egyptian ffs. He may have been a useful idiot but so what. It’s Obama for crissakes.

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  9. Or could it be that the global cabal is merely using Islam as a tool? The backwardness and violence of the Muslim culture makes a perfect distraction and cover for the real powers who are lining up their forces for global takeover. No one with a shred of sense could support Islam; if it is being used as an excuse for a global state of emergency it would help explain why liberals claim to support such an absurdly misogynistic and narrow minded religion. I mean, am I the only one who finds it odd that Hillary Clinton is so pro-Islam?

    • ” Islam; if it is being used as an excuse for a global state of emergency it would help explain why liberals claim to support such an absurdly misogynistic and narrow minded religion. I mean, am I the only one who finds it odd that Hillary Clinton is so pro-Islam?”
      ****************************************************************************************Sir, what a perfect analysis you have given; it’s happening and no one is listening. obama is not a muslim, he is a statist and Islam is the prefect tool to us to achieve these ends. kudos to you sir!

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  11. I’m still unclear on why the name of the video was changed, what, four times? Can someone explain the significance of this, if there is any?

  12. The above article, dated 28 Sep 2012, contains a link to ABC News about Obama’s trip to Pakistan while he was in college.

    On 30 Sep 2012, 2 days after this article was posted, the link does not work for me. Here’s the link from the article above:

    Or try clicking the link above. It’s in this paragraph:

    “On April 8, 2008, Obama continued to comment on the fact that the confidentiality of his passport records were apparently compromised. It was on this occasion when Obama admitted, for the first time in any public venue as a presidential candidate, that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981. One wonders whether Obama would have disclosed his Pakistan trip at this time had it not been for the uncertainty that the information was already “in play.””

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  15. Since the video was several months old it could also have made it onto a list of available excuses that could be used, if necessary, by the Socialists in the Democratic Party, to cover up that the Socialists in the Democratic Party are conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood and their pseudo terrorist organizations against Christians, Jews and the state of Israel.

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  17. Look up UN Resolution 16/18 and then go to YouTube and watch: Stephen Coughlin, Part 5: The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law

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