Obama sends Gitmo terrorist who killed at least one American soldier back to Canada

via Omar Khadr repatriated to Canada – thestar.com.

Guantanamo prisoner Omar Khadr, the Toronto-born detainee whose decade-long case has bitterly divided Canadians, is on his way home to serve the remainder of his sentence.

The Toronto Star has learned that the 26-year-old prisoner was flown off the U.S. Naval base on Cuba’s southeast shore and expected to arrive in Canada early Saturday morning.

Guantanamo officials notified Khadr of his transfer Wednesday, assuring him he would be repatriated by the end of the weekend, a Pentagon source said.

Just where Khadr will be incarcerated – or where the U.S. military flight will land – continues to be a closely guarded secret.

But a Canadian government source told the Star in an interview earlier this year that the Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines’ maximum-security facility, near Montreal, was a strong possibility. The prison’s Special Handling Unit, nicknamed “the SHU,” houses the majority of Canada’s prisoners convicted of terrorism offences.

More information on his whereabouts is likely to be released once he arrives on Canadian soil. The Khadr saga began more than a decade ago, in June 2002, on a battlefield in Afghanistan. The 15-year-old was shot and captured by an American Special Forces unit following a lengthy battle where U.S. Delta Force Sgt. Christopher Speer was fatally wounded.

Khadr is the second youngest son of now deceased Egyptian-born Canadian, Ahmed Said Khadr, who was close with Al Qaeda’s elite. The Khadr family’s unpopularity overshadowed much of his case.

In October 2010, Khadr pleaded guilty before a Guantanamo military tribunal to five war crimes, including “murder in the violation of war” for Speer’s death. He received an 8-year-sentence and a diplomatic agreement from Ottawa that after one more year he would be transferred to Canada in return for the plea deal.

Yet the guilty plea did little to change public opinion on the case. Some believe pleading guilty was the Canadian’s only way out of the detention facility where he had spent a third of his life. Others argue the sentence was too lenient and urged Ottawa to refuse his transfer request.

Navy Capt. John Murphy, Guantanamo’s chief prosecutor, told reporters following Khadr’s trial that he felt justice had been served. While he maintained Khadr’s juvenile status did not merit special consideration during the trial, he conceded it was important in sentencing.

Churchill’s crocodile is getting hungry:

Khadr has filed a $10-million civil lawsuit against the Canadian government for its alleged role in his mistreatment.

And the boy jihadist is eligible for parole next summer, according to his laywers.

From a previous post: Media whitewashing of Canadian jihadist Omar Khadr

Omar Khadr killed at least one U.S. soldier. Obama knocked off 32 years from his sentence and he’s soon to be walking free in Canada.Watch and learn more about this unrepentant Islamic jihadist. h/t Vlad Tepes via Sun TV
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14 thoughts on “Obama sends Gitmo terrorist who killed at least one American soldier back to Canada

  1. Supporting groups that are against the United States as this administration has done falls into a different area:
    ~ A: Treason
    Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as “…[a]…citizen’s actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].” In many nations, it is also often considered
    treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aided or involved by such an endeavor.
    Dictionary Definition of TREASON
    1: the betrayal of a trust : treachery
    2: the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family
    Examples of TREASON
    He is guilty of treason.

    Origin of TREASON
    Middle English tresoun, from Anglo-French traisun, from Latin tradition-, traditio act of handing over, from tradere to hand over, betray — more at traitor
    First Known Use: 13th century
    ~ B: Sedition [si-dish-uhn] noun
    1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
    2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
    3. Archaic . rebellious disorder
    The lies just keep on rolling in from the Democrats.
    Why is Mr. Obama even running again when he said he would cut the debt in half his first term and has done nothing but make everything worse with his administrations failed policies.

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  3. more than likely he won’t be released OR some fake escape made and the authorities just “wonder how they did it” like they do in moslem countries. BUT he now has a chance to push his B.S. shitslam onto other inmates.

    islam is learned sociopathy – and what better way for a sociopath to get to “heaven”? (or they think) lie, killing, extortion, bribes, rape, beating the wife, etc – all ok in islam.

    here is a quote from one of the kidnappers that belonged to Abu Sayaff (one of the military wings of the Muslim Brotherhood) about Sabaya, the (now dead) leader of the Abu Sayaff, ‘You know Sabaya? Sabaya is a really bad guy. There is nothing good about Sabaya. Sabaya has to be in jihad because it is the only way for him to get into heaven is for him to die in holy war.’

  4. Omar Khadr killed at least one U.S. soldier. Obama knocked off 32 years from his sentence and he’s soon to be walking free in Canada, because killing Christians is part of Islam, and Obama is a muslim, so he accepts it. Expect Omar to do it again, and soon.

    • Not with the Harper Gov’t. keeping tabs on him! Harper knows all about the muslim way….he has had a fatwa on his head…he knows what these islamamentians are capable of. Better to have Khadr here than out in Pakistan or Afghanistan plotting another attack!!

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  6. And we DON’T want the bastard. But it gets worse, a college in Edmonton, Alberta, actually want to take “poor Omar” as a student! We know many Americans are disgusted at the number of leftist idiots in their midst, but as you see, we have our share in Canada too.

  7. I for one was hoping that we wouldn’t allow this muslim terrorist back in…that being said….if Obama was going to release the little a**hole to fight again then it is better that we have him here! Even if he is paroled in 2013…..I’m sure the Harper Gov’t. will be keeping a close tab on him and his family. If he and his mudslime friends decide to do anything in Canada….then they can nail his ass to a wall!!
    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!!

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