Saudi’s Detain 900 Women at Airport for Traveling without a Male

No woman no cry? No husband no hajj. Friend and ally alert. via Saudi Arabia Holds 908 Nigerian Female Pilgrims.

ABUJA, Nigeria — The detention of hundreds of female Nigerian pilgrims heading to Mecca at Saudi Arabia’s busiest airport over a rule requiring them to travel with a husband or male relative is threatening to bring a diplomatic dispute between the two nations.

Saudi authorities are holding 908 Nigerian women in poor conditions “with some needing urgent medical attention” at King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah and threatened to deport them, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria said in a report submitted to Nigerian lawmakers Wednesday.

Until now, state pilgrimage officials had been allowed to stand in the place of a male relative or husband. Muhammad, for instance, said that she had been traveling with a Hajj official who is not her relative.

But Saudi authorities have proven much stricter this year. They even stopped women who did travel with their husbands.

Islam allows wives to bear the names of their parents and not necessarily that of their husbands,” the report argued.

No driving, no traveling without a man, and no non-Muslims in Mecca.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, Muslims and Arabs have a long history of abusing black Africans: Black Africans forced to learn Arabic, women treated like 2nd class citizens under sharia in Mali (video).

11 thoughts on “Saudi’s Detain 900 Women at Airport for Traveling without a Male

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  2. this is the LEAST of what they are capable of doing to opressed women! how about when they stone to death women who have been raped?…or throw acid in the faces of women who are suspected of infidelity?…or ‘honored killed’ by irate fathers?…etc, etc, etc. these creatures are nothing more than savages wearing modern clothing. if we are not vigiliant, these sorts of actions will be carried out on US soil!
    they are not to be trusted!…even the ones who seem to assimilate here…they are programmed to take over our country! beware of wolves in sheeps clothing.

  3. ISLAM, TOTALLY STUPID WAY OF LIFE!!! Saudi Arabia shows just how stupid it gets! These women are not Saudi residents, they are from other nations. So lets do the same here, ALL SAUDI MALES NOT ALLOWED INTO THE USA BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ACCUMPNIED BY THERE SEEING EYE CAMEL!!!! LOCK AND LOAD!!

  4. Well the next time one of these Muslim bitches in this country wants time off from her job to make the trip and demands she be given time I can only hope she ends up in that detention camp with all the others. The more you see and hear about Islam, the more you have to realize its really all about men’s domination over women. That’s why we hear of so many rapes of our daughters in Europe and here in America by Muslims. Males are taught from childhood that they rule the roost and can do to women whatever they want. Its too bad that liberal women’s organizations in this country continue to take the side of the Muzzies. They make the Muslim men look smarter then they are.

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