100’s of Muslims torch Buddhist temples, 15 homes in Bangladesh

Religion of savagery. via Muslim protesters torch Buddhist temples, homes in Bangladesh | Reuters.

COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh (Reuters) – Hundreds of Muslims in Bangladesh burned at least four Buddhist temples and 15 homes of Buddhists on Sunday after complaining that a Buddhist man had insulted Islam, police and residents said.

Members of the Buddhist minority in the Cox’s Bazar area in the southeast of the country said unidentified people were bent on upsetting peaceful relations between Muslims and Buddhists.

Muslims took to the streets in the area late on Saturday to protest against what they said was a photograph posted on Facebook that insulted Islam.

The protesters said the picture had been posted by a Buddhist and they marched to Buddhist villages and set fire to temples and houses.

Police said they had deployed extra security forces and banned gatherings in Buddhist-dominated areas.

“We brought the situation under control before dawn and imposed restrictions on public gatherings,” said Salim Mohammad Jahangir, Cox’s Bazar district police superintendent.

Islam’s war against non-Muslims continues across the globe.

18 thoughts on “100’s of Muslims torch Buddhist temples, 15 homes in Bangladesh

  1. TIT FOR TAT, they burn Churches and tempels and homes of Christians and Budists then BURN THE SAME MUSLIM BUILDINGS PLUS 10 MORE OF THERE MOSQUES AND HOMES. LOCK AND LOAD.

    • That was done once before it was called the Crusades, it worked very well and cleansed Europe of the plague called islam. I’m game, been preparing for years, just waiting for the other shoe to drop, if you know what I mean. Locked and Loaded

  2. hmmmmmmmm………Omega has got something there……….good enough for moozlams to burn shit down,good enough for anyone.ahhh! the peaceful war of attrition! Let the games begin!

    lock and load!

  3. ‘There outta be a law” against protesters for islam! Part would include a public apology, taped and broadcast, which would read in part, ‘I am sorry for not giving you the respectful treatment I expect from you’. LoL

    • I blame the dirtbag animals that did it. Stop the stupidity of the finger pointing, the savages are to blame for what they did. And if that is the way they wish to act then treat them as a mad dog and put them down. The utter stupidity of even debating this is insane! The only ideology that can not get along with others is mooslems they are the problem, cleanse the earth of the problem!

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