Did UK’s Muslim rep submit UK to blasphemy laws in “religious freedom” deal with OIC?

Orwellian. The OIC wants nothing to do with “religious freedom.” It wants global Islamic blasphemy laws (i.e., SHARIA) instituted and enforced…including the U.S. via National Secular Society – UK signs agreement on “religious freedom” with OIC.

Concerns have been raised by the National Secular Society that the UK’s stance on free speech could be compromised by an agreement signed at the United Nations between this country and the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC).

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi – the new “Minister for Faith” – and pledges that the UK and the OIC will “work together on issues of peace, stability and religious freedom.”

At present, the OIC is agitating at the United Nations for a global blasphemy law that would make criticising or satirising religion a punishable offence.

Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, said: “We are all for co-operation between nations to try to foster peace and understanding, but the concept of ‘religious freedom’ is one that the OIC has distorted to mean restrictions on free expression.

“We hope that by signing this document the UK will not in any way compromise its commitment to human rights – particularly the human right to free speech. The British Government has been steadfast in its opposition to the OIC’s blasphemy proposals up until now. We hope that this document will not change that in any way.”

Baroness Warsi’s other remit – as well as being ‘Minister for Faith’ – is at the Foreign Office and includes being the lead minister responsible for Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Central Asia, the UN, the International Criminal Court and the OIC, which is the largest multi-lateral organisation in the world after the UN.

She became the first British minister to speak at the OIC’s conference in June 2011 in Astana, Kazakstan. Previously she had hosted the secretary-general of the OIC in London and visited its secretariat in Jeddah, while she was in Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj. This led to the appointment of Britain’s first special representative to the organisation and its 57 members. Baroness Warsi has visited Pakistan five times during the past two and a half years in government, a country which was so central to the formation of the Islamic Conference.

In the landmark agreement there is a particular emphasis on promoting the “key role Muslims have played in shaping modern Britain” and encouraging Muslim communities to play a key role at all levels in public life.

Lady Warsi said: “When I addressed the OIC Conference in Kazakhstan in June 2011, I said we face the global challenges together. This agreement formalises that, establishing our many, many areas of co-operation, from security to conflict prevention; from religious freedom to human rights. One of the central aims of my new role will be to strengthen this relationship further and I am looking forward to ensuring we continue to work closely to achieve our mutual goals.”

She also praised the Framework Co-operation Agreement, signed with the OIC’s secretary-general, for its focus on promoting inter-religious understanding and interfaith dialogue, especially as these are two vital areas in the senior minister’s new governmental role.

Terry Sanderson commented: “There is certainly a need for some kind of inter-religious understanding among OIC member states, a number of which suppress Christianity and other religions in a brutal and merciless fashion.

“The blasphemy law which is being proposed by the OIC on behalf of its members would be an entirely dangerous and regressive step if it were to be approved at the UN. It is quite clear that it would be used to persecute and oppress non-Muslim minorities in Muslim-majority countries, as the domestic blasphemy law in Pakistan does at present.

Mr Sanderson continued: “In Egypt the blasphemy laws are also used to get rid of political opponents and are sometimes used as a means of revenge by neighbours or colleagues who are in dispute. We do not need this kind of primitive legislation in our democracies and we need reassurance from our Government that their resolve remains unaffected by the signing of this agreement with the OIC.”

 Like the foul-mouthed, Constitution-hating Egyptian blogger who was raped by Muslims in Egypt, Warsi has also been physically attacked by Muslims. Some people however, refuse to learn.

20 thoughts on “Did UK’s Muslim rep submit UK to blasphemy laws in “religious freedom” deal with OIC?

  1. Where Sharia Law goes and is followed, Freedom goes away. It has been that way since the 7th Century. Islam is a one way street with a bulldozer on it running over everything in its path.

  2. While some may consider blasphemy laws a good thing, what they fail to realize is saying Jesus is the Son of God is the greatest of all blasphemies in Islam. Inside and outside of the Dome of the Rock is a warning to Christians and Jews not to say God had a Son. Where then will this leave the Christians? The answer is …DEAD!

  3. The time has come for congress to pass a law against sharia in the U.S. Sharia law must never be considered in our courts. Individuals who make any effort to push this barbaric, uncivilized and dangerous behavior code on an unsuspecting , uninformed and often apathetic citizenry, should be sent back to their country of origin or arrested and jailed for attempting to subvert of our system of laws.
    The dangers of sharia are obvious…you only need to witness a woman being stoned to death for adultery to realize that.

    • @onevoter…your warning may be coming too late…some PC judges have already used shariah as a norm for giving out their decisions on many interior cases here in the US.

      • The only hope of stemming this insidious tide is for a group such as The Tea Party to make it a central issue of it’s platform. The uncivilized laws and traditions of Islam are unacceptable to most any clear thinking American who values the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our local, state and federal laws.
        I am Islamophobic?? You’re damn right I am. The threat that this cult (i don’t see it as a valid religion) poses is too great adhere to political correctness.

  4. I have a suggestion . Just cut the heathens in the middle east hears off! Then their tongue… Throw a burqa In their nappy AZZES and that will make ALLL our lives more peaceful! Enuf of this appeasing crap! They can’t even be peaceful day to day within their own life and families .. It’s NEVER ginna happen!


  6. Winston Churchill knew the dangers of these moozlams.Hes turning in his grave.Dont our British cousins realize how far down the crapper they will go if they allow any laws that advance these intruders ? WAKE THE F%^& UP.sorry samuel l jackson,for stealing your line. wait,what i meant is f you too!

  7. Who’s the self-righteous idiot who made this bitch a baroness? Certainly there are many more people who actually deserve the title, people who love Britain and are loyal first to the nation not some cult.

  8. All the EU nations already have blasphemy laws in place and they have been used against critics of ISLAM – truth was irrelevant (Geert Wilders case) the standard is “religious incitement”- since Muslims are perpetually outraged by almost anything anyone says- guess who has been prosecuted (persecuted) under these ‘hate speech’ laws?? – NO MUSLIMS only PEOPLE who dared speak against the islamo-facism overtaking their nations by birthrates and immigration- (Elizabeth Sabaditcch in Germany, EDL in England.

    USA is the LAST and ONLY place in this world to still have freedom of speech as the LAW

  9. Blasphemy laws are one way streets. There is no tolerance in islam for other religions.
    What happens when one blasphemes Jesus, the son of the living GOD. nothing on earth.
    These laws are to set Islam as the law of the land, that noone can speak against.

    WAKE UP USA ,Wake up UK.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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