Muslims in Michigan rally against free speech, for sharia

via The Weekly Standard.

Muslim Americans in Michigan, including a local newspaper editor, will be rallying Friday in Dearborn to protest the YouTube film, “Innocence of Muslims” and advocate for blasphemy laws. Here’s an image of a poster advertising the rally:

That’s courtesy of the Detroit News, which writes:

Nearly a decade after Dearborn’s streets celebrated America for bringing down Saddam Hussein and opening a door to democracy in the Mideast, the same city will be the epicenter today of calls to squelch free speech. Protesting the film, “Innocence of Muslims,” that has sparked protests in the Mideast, rally organizer Tarek Baydoun says that so-called blasphemy laws are necessary to prevent speech that hurts the “the religious feelings of Muslims.”

This assault on the First Amendment in the name of the prophet Mohammed is a sad day in America – and confirms fears that Muslim-American activists do not understand the fundamental separation of church and state in the American Constitution.

“There is a need for deterrent legal measures against those individuals or groups that want to damage relations between people, spread hate and incite violence,” said Arab-American News publisher Osama Siblani, a self-proclaimed “moderate” who is apparently oblivious to how gutting the First Amendment would affect his own business.

If you think the Islamization is ramping up fast now, with only 1% of the U.S. population being Muslim, wait until blogs like Creeping Sharia, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs and others are no longer permitted to tell you what is going on, and the population of sharia-demanding Muslims nears 10% – 20% as it will soon.

13 thoughts on “Muslims in Michigan rally against free speech, for sharia

  1. We do understand the seperation of State and Religion, but YOU DONT as Islam is not a RELIGON BUT AN IDEOLOGY that controls ones life entirely. Therefore what you call religion and the SHERIA law are as ONE. So where is the seperation of your SO CALLED religon and your STATE SHERIA SEPERATED!! IT IS NOT, So SUCK IT UP and if you dont like OUR FREEDOM OF SPEACH HERE IN OUR AMERICA THEN GET THE HELL OUT AND GO BACK WHERE YOU ALL CAME FROM. Take your RAPE, ROBBERY, MURDER, STONING OF WOMEN, 7th Century SHERIA WITH YOU as it is NOT ALLOWED HERE!!!! LOCK AND LOAD FOR THE NEXT CRUSADE!!!!

    • American’s better stand up against this RIGHT NOW or we will be watching obama make it a law!!! If they don’t like our laws …go back where you came from !!!

  2. Funny how they say to stand up against Hate, Violence & Extremism. Are they protesting themselves because that’s what islam is all about. Hate anything that is not islam and destroy it. Violence as in killing anyone who is not a damn muzzie. They don’t like it in America, then leave my country now. You damn muzzies want to keep screwing with us Americans and you will pay the price.

  3. This link is about an old woman who opened a whore house. The Egyptian governmnt spent money and manpower and equipment to spy on them and when they were having sex, the government arrested everyone (men and women). So, they kept the women in jail wating to be tried and the men were freed and will be used as witnesses. This is stopid government.حوادث-وقضايا/271504-ضبط-شبكة-دعارة-تديرها-عجوز-بالشروق Mohamed

  4. Obama and his administration were the only ones who announced this film. Others may find this strange, but I know it was a ploy to take the heat off his total screwup in the Middle East.
    He started this whole blow back about the film. He got Muslims to view the film. He has caused this entire fire storm. And in the process, may use all of this to try to take away our first AMMENDMENT rights.
    I believe that was the plan all along.

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  6. When will they realise your leader is not a Christian ? The replicants are as my to blame for their silence on this matter. They will lose the election f they do not wake up soon and start attacking the great one on a personal level. For pitied sake he has broken every promise and played golf met with so called stars and you say almost nothing . How easy do you want it.??????

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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