The Project: Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in North America (video)

Video removed. Trailer added. Apparently this is a for-profit documentary that is more about generating revenue than alerting Americans to the threat. Video added again.

h/t wtd2 and bella

More on the documentary here.

Also check out sidebar section, lower left under “Key Reports” to read the Explanatory Memo on General Strategic Goal for Muslim Brotherhood in North America to see a listing of Muslim Brotherhood groups operating in the U.S.

30 thoughts on “The Project: Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in North America (video)

    • Surely you can’t be serious. If you ever see an SBC member blowing up buildings, ploting terrorist attacks in America, recruiting their members to be suicide bombers, lperforming genital mutilation on young female babies, beating their wives, honor murders and stoning, let me know and I will discontinue my membership; ok?

      The difference:

      Islam sends their sons and daughters to die for the moon god allah, God sent his only son to die for us.

  1. All organized religions are not a disadvantage to America. Only the ideologies that say that deception, killing or subjugating those who are not of their ideology are a danger. And Marxists, islam, communism, nazism – and basically most ideologies on the left are a danger. Notice the main groups that are islam’s useful idiots (a termed coined in the 20th century of those who helped Hitler and Stalin come to power) are the Marxists and commies.

    So – when people just make a blanket statement that “all” religions are a danger then that tells me that they don’t have a clue as to what any of them are. We do not see Southern Baptists lying about what Baptists are about, or trying to change the constitution to be whatever law they think it should be – such as the moslems are doing and trying to make us follow Sharia. Southern Baptists have bad people who do bad things and they are put in prisons/jail. moslems, in our country are also put in jail/prisons if they do bad things but their ideology says it is ok to kill, rape, extort, kidnap, torture anyone who is an unbeliever. And their koran dehumanizes unbelievers and then calls for our deaths or subjugation.

    So stop and crack open a book on the different ideologies – go straight to their texts – and find out what the message of each are instead of comments like that.

    • Thank you Rnot, good response to the falsehood that all religions are “disadvantageous” to America, while islam operates in the pentagon and the white house with the stated goal of making islam the only religion here and throughout the world.

      • yeah good point. They operate as a religious group, they make themselves known as ‘moslems’. They work on going against the 1st amendment and other amendments to make themselves superior to other religions. No other religion has even suggested that no one stop criticizing – or even mock – them. islam has, but that is due to sharia laws. Sharia forbids non-moslems to criticize anything islamic – or death. They wouldn’t dare even suggest death now, but to even suggest it be made a unlawful to criticize anything islam is just a start. A fine to start – they would have our names on file – they would harass and basically act like mafia-style thugs, as they do in moslem countries against us and our families.

        They follow mohammed who had people killed for criticizing him – even a woman who was breastfeeding her child, and had other children; an old man; and untold numbers of others.

      • They are also bringing back things like segregation. Some schools, businesses, etc are catering to them when they demand and use law to get their ways. We should not be doing that. If they want to pray – then they need to take time off, pay docked, etc – and their prayers are nothing but making holy things such as denigrating non-moslems and calling for “allah’s cause” which is to war against the non-moslems (per sharia).

        • rnot, awesome point about segregation. Have not seen it addressed like that.

          How utterly stupid are some to allow Muslims to have time off or special privileges to pray to air for jihad.

          • IN NYC Bank of America gave them their own rooms with faucets near the floor so they could wash their feet before they pray. They get Time off many times a day to pray….Do Christians get their own room to pray several times a day? Do they get time off to pray? Noooooooooo!

  2. The question is, Should Western Civilized Countries Ban Mosque, and discuss the best and fastest way to demolish them, here in the U.S, that would be shovel ready right now. Remove all Muslim Brotherhood and other members of terrorist organizations (all Muslims) from top positions of authority throughout each nation..

      • you would have to go further than that. Make the existing ones Civic centres or something useful, or destroy them. You have to get rid of the cult completely. Buy them if necessary. Re-locate the cult to Islamic Countries and don’t allow it to fester and spread again.

  3. yes, but we need to learn from history – that is only a facade and they will go underground.

    What we need is the truth of what islam is. islam should be taken out of the category of religion but that will be difficult, and it needs to be called what it is, along with what their “prophet” was and what “allah” is – genocidal maniacs, liars, thugs and sexual perverts.

    Making holy an ideology that is worse than nazism and communism, does not make it a religion. Their prayers are more on the order of making holy calling all non-moslems condemned and for them to follow “allah’s cause” which is jihad and that is defined in Sharia (97% of time it is mentioned in islamic texts is to do violence against the non-moslems) to ‘war against the non-moslems’.

    islam is an imperialistic, political agenda that uses ALL strategies of war to advance. Deception and terror are their primary tools then acting like the victim, and pretending to be holy are other very effective tools. Making personal bashes, name calling, etc – all learned from the koran because moe starts it for them in their koran – are more tools that very effectively silences the people without personal fortitude.

    • Islam is not a religion. It is demonstrably a cult. A complete way of life and totally unsuited to a democratic society.

      • You must understand they were deceived back then…those years were long ago. (about Mormons and Muslims link) Truly you must not believe they feel the same way today? Go ask a Mormon what they think of Muslims NOW!

        They do not mention all the hate that is in the Koran. Obviously it was never shown to the Mormons. Remember taqiyya is deception!

        • That article about Islam and Mormons is on their own site is dated Aug. 2000.
          It remains on their web page today written by a person of authority in their Ward / Temple.

          There is a story here folks.

          Google Mormon Mountain Massacre date: September 11, 1857
          The first first 911.

      • Thanks for the articles.

        I do not want obama to get re-elected with, but still gravely concerned of the alternative. Best hope we get some Senators in who have courage to over ride and anything suspicious including EOs and maintain strong State sovereignty.

        I so appreciate Beck’s extensive coverage but it is Interesting that Beck is a Morman and why would he so strongly expose the MB. Just a wait and see, I guess.

        BTW: “September Dawn” is a movie made about the Meadow Mountain Massacre.

        Intercessors for America has a national prayer going on at 9:11 AM or PM everyday.

        I just wish the our true Churches would take a stronger stand against Islamization of America. I know we do have a few voices crying in the wilderness, but just not enough and/or they are not being heard. And, of course, we have the ones appeasing Islam and bashing Israel.

        • comparing today’s LDS to the 1800’s LDS is like saying the Pope still can conduct an Inquisition-

          you should realize that preceding this “massacre” the Mormons had a very ugly time of things, having been massacred and run out of most other US territories by so called Christians who hated them for not believing the same way- sort of like how Christians treated almost any other group not worshipping their Jesus. DEAD Indians, Jews, Chinese, Catholics etc- of course you are still hating on them proving only your own inability to live as Jesus directed-

          UTAH was the Mormons last chance at living in the New World- the intolerant bigots that made up the USA govt had sent troops to ethnic cleanse them off the land as they did to the Indians before them.

          You are just a religious bigot- giving bad name to other Christians and showing the people who say your opposition of ISLAM is because of your intolerance to all but Jesus worship. You are the person who will be paraded to represent the rest of us who do oppose the political, militant , domination aspects of ISLAM to prove the right is just racist bigots- and want a Xtian theocracy

          yo do not speak for me

          • Oh please don’t even go there with your bleeding heart and little boy Christian philosophy, been there and done that. I have gathering firewood and studied the cults most of my adult life and I have enough ammo to rebuke everthing you said. And straight from the horses mouth of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young Discourses. Smith was a criminal and the Mormans was an attempt to establish a theocracy.

            And (you do not have any right to your own personal interpretation of what I believe or said).

            Jesus said “My Kingdom is not of this earth”. I know there will never be a total “Holy Empire” (Protestant, Catholic or Islamic) even though there will be attempts to establish them.

            “You are the person who will be paraded to represent the rest of us who do oppose the political, militant , domination aspects of ”

            No, you and people like you, obviously make this not true. There are many more like you and you all are the ones who give no meaning to the world as to what a Christian really is. So how’s that rain on “your parade”.

          • There are many more like you and you all are the ones who give no meaning to the world as to what a Christian really is. So how’s that rain on “your parade”.

            yes there are more like me a small minority who hold the true covenant- with the one G-d not a man crowned messiah a man worshipped as G-d- idolatry — we are called Jews so it rains on my parade not at all- just proves what I know to be true- and history confirms — Christians are full of hate and bigotry and hold the record for persecution and death of others

            So how’s that rain on “your parade”.

      • Of course Mormons are tolerant of islam; several months ago on this site I commented on the fact that Mormonism can be regarded as an offshoot religion from islam.

        Mormon founder, Joseph Smith was in the ‘big house’ in NY when he ‘discovered’ islam and it’s heinous beliefs and methods. When released he claimed: “I shall be the new Mohammed!” Smith was a ne’er do well con man, but a devious clod, and a person would have to be completely blind or stupid not to see the many similarities between the CJCLDS and islam.

  4. We need to pull all our troops out of the Islamic countries. Then level thier lands with nukes. Israel will be safe and so will the world. These people are bottom feeders and are here in our country waiting to slaughter us like cattle. We are in great danger and can no longer trust our govt. to protect us because many of them are infected with this creatures.

  5. Bottom line is Mosque must be closed down, it does not take much effort to say it and do it, who is going to protest against our Constitution…oh, I forgot, the Supreme Court will rule against America and favor Islam………

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