Trial starts for Minnesoa Muslim who supported Somali jihadists

Courtesy of government sponsored refugee relocation. via Minn. man faces trial today in terror case |

A Minnesota man accused of helping to recruit and finance U.S. fighters for an overseas terror group heads to trial today in a case that’s expected to show how some young Somali expatriates in Minneapolis were persuaded to risk their lives for insurgents back home.

Mahamud Said Omar, 46, faces five terror-related counts as part of a much broader investigation into recruiting by al-Shabab, a U.S.-designated terror group linked to al-Qaida at the center of much of the violence in Somalia.

Since 2007, more than 20 young men are believed to have left Minnesota for the East African nation, presumably to take up arms with al-Shabab.

While prosecutors don’t consider Omar a mastermind in the Minneapolis pipeline, they say he was far more than a bit player: They say he encouraged young men to fight, helped some secure travel to Somalia and helped pay for weapons.

“We believe it’s a very important case because it will be the government’s only opportunity, to date, to explain to the public what has been going on in the Somali community, and how these recruiters have been going after these young men,” said U.S. Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Jeanne Cooney. “I think it will go a long way in explaining how these cases tie together.”

Omar, who came to the United States in 1993 and is a permanent resident, insists he is innocent of the charges, which include conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. He could face life in prison if convicted.

“He maintains that he has never lifted a hand or spoken a word against the interests of the United States, and that’s what the evidence will show,” said Jon Hopeman, one of Omar’s attorneys. “He also has a great respect for the country that took him in.”

Eighteen men have been charged in the Minnesota case, but Omar is the first to go to trial. Seven men pleaded guilty, while others are presumed out of the country or dead.

Obama, Clinton, McCain et al supported al Qaeda in Libya. They are materially supporting al Qaeda and related terrorist groups in Syria – and on a much larger scale than this Somali. They are using our tax dollars to do it. So if this guy is on trial for providing a small amount of money, why aren’t those who readily take our money and give it to terrorists being indicted and put on trial?

In fact, Obama is allowing Syrians in the U.S. to fund jihadists in Syria to overthrow Assad.

If evidence supports Omar’s guilt, there is surely enough evidence to support those U.S. politicians who voted to fund the opposition in Syria knowing that al Qaeda and other jihadist groups are included.

5 thoughts on “Trial starts for Minnesoa Muslim who supported Somali jihadists

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  2. According to a post on their web site, CAIR-MN won chapter of the year. How can this Be? They are allowing kafir to prosecute moslems doing what they think mohammad’s god allah thinks they should do. This according to his biographers who waited 200+ years to set down what they think someone said who someone trusted someone who might have been within 25-30 years of the event.

  3. youtube what everyone needs to know about Islam.

    Islam is not like any religion you know about. If you know and follow the koran and hadith, YOU MUST FIGHT THE INFIDEL! The longest truce can be only 10 years. Not being under Sharia is the dark ages, before history. Sept 11 is a battle against infidels back in the 16th century. The rest are anniversaries. The left is trying to appease them, and has no idea what Islam actually is or why it is doing what it does. It is predictable.. The religion states we must be destroyed.

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