Four Muslims arrested for vandalizing Ganesha statue at Hindu festival

Mona El-Tahawy style. via Stir over ganesha stoning | Deccan Chronicle. (India)

Communal tension came to the fore again after a Vinayaka idol, being transported on Sunday night from Tirupur to be installed in the city for Vinayaka Chathurthi was attacked by four miscreants. The trunk of the Ganesha idol and its pedestal were damaged.

Hindu outfits were bringing the Vinayaka idol for installation at a temple in Edayar Street junction. After the attack, hundreds of activists belonging to various Hindu outfits resorted to a road roko.

They withdrew the protest after police held talks and promised to step up security and initiate action against the offenders.

On Monday morning, Variety Hall Road police arrested four persons: M. Salman, 22, from Oppanakkara Street, Abbas alias Kattuvasi Abbas, 32, Jafar, 25, and Ismail, 25, all from N.H. Road, for the stone-pelting incident.

“We have booked the culprits under various sections, for unlawful assembly, assault, damaging public property and creating communal tension,” said Variety Hall inspector T.H. Ganesan.

 Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus – no one is safe from the followers of Muhammad.

3 thoughts on “Four Muslims arrested for vandalizing Ganesha statue at Hindu festival

  1. How can the followers of Islam ” The Religion of Peace ” actually expect people to believe them that it is peaceful if they want to spray paint a sign, destroy a building, or kill over a derogatory comment, book, movie, cartoon, speech, facebook photo, anything they don’t like, etc. ?

  2. wake up sleepy hindus wake up , next coming generations will not forgive u. are we impotent as well as coward because we afraid from ur mother and motherland . history repeating itself again and again fro last 1400 years and we hindus repeating same mistake again and again . dear hindus don’t be impotent ,don’t be coward. ALWAYS KEEP REMEMBER IN UR MIND SCIENTIFIC THEORY OF SCIENTIST CHARELS DARVIN ” IF U ARE UNABLE TO FIGHT, U CAN’T SURVIVE, U WILL HAVE TO DIE.ahinsa is word of namards. jo namard hota hai ahinsa ki baat karta hai.. mard hamesha fight karta hai apni survival ke liye. SECULARISM IS ANOTHER FORM OF NAMADANGI. DON’T BE SECULAR, DON’T BE NAMARD……


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