New Jersey Muslim lawyer admits more than 100 cases involving sharia

That’s in NJ and NY alone. Readers should note that Abed Awad was a co-worker of Chris Christie’s Muslim superior court judge nominee, he is a terrorist-defending lawyer and has a website promoting SHARIA IN AMERICA! In this piece pimped by so-called news outlets across the U.S., Abed Awad pushes for sharia law in courts.


via Shariah or not, Muslim divorces can get tricky – The Washington Post.

New Jersey lawyer Abed Awad has been involved with more than 100 cases that involved some component of Shariah, or Islamic law, and knows firsthand how complicated things can get.

In one of those cases, a woman claimed she was married to a man according to Islamic law in her native west Africa. The man asserted there was no valid marriage, leaving a judge to decide whether the two were ever legally married in the first place.

If the judge rules they were married, there will be a divorce and she will receive alimony and a share of marital assets. If the judge rules that there is no marriage, then the woman will be left with nothing from her relationship.

To make a ruling, the judge will need to consider what Shariah, as understood in one corner of western Africa, says about what constitutes a legal marriage. He will likely have to consult Islamic law experts and apply what he learns to his decision.

Sounds like dawah.

But what if American judges were prohibited from considering Shariah and other foreign laws, as many state and national politicians want to see happen?

“How can I bring in testimony of Shariah generally, or Shariah as the law of a foreign country, when it comes to marriage? The judge won’t be able to adjudicate the case,” Awad explained.

“He can’t say yes or no because now it becomes, is he going to apply New York law or New Jersey law on the validity of a marriage that did not take place here but that took place in a foreign country?”

Such a ban, said Awad, would strip judges of their ability to fully and fairly consider such cases, and deprive Muslims of their right to marry and divorce according to their religious beliefs.

Nonsense. When you come to the U.S. you agree to live by the laws of the United States. That includes divorce. What Awad wants is for judges to be forced to qualified in sharia, and if they are not – his next demand will be for sharia-specific judges to “fairly” rule on such cases and more.

“Everybody misses the point,” he said. “It’s about fairness. It’s not about Shariah. It’s about to what extent is there fairness at the dissolution.”

Counselors and activists estimate that roughly one in three Muslim marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.

And since Muslim men can be married to up to four women at one time, one in three could all be in the same family.

Many Muslim Americans who divorce want their marriages dissolved in accordance with Islamic law.

But we are repeatedly told that Muslims in America do not want sharia law in the U.S. Clearly they do.

That means having dowries and other provisions of marriage contracts enforced, as well as obtaining an Islamic divorce certificate, which imams in the U.S. issue only after a civil divorce has been finalized.

 So what’s the problem?

Answer: Muslims want sharia. Period. Read it all.


18 thoughts on “New Jersey Muslim lawyer admits more than 100 cases involving sharia

  1. If you imigrate to the USA sign a document before entering saying you enter married or single. Then if married you fall under USA jurisdiction, period.

  2. Where Sharia Law goes and is followed, Freedom goes away. Things like this is why American Laws For American Courts ( ALAC ) is so important. The forefathers didn’t include anything about it because they figured it was just common sense. Boy did they underestimate just how little common sense would be used in the future.

  3. If AWAD wants SHERIA LAW in the judicial system here then lets give him a taste of his snake oil dream. LETS CHARGE HIM WITH BLASPHAMI AGAINST JESUS OUR PROPHET AND LOB OFF HIS HEAD TO SEE HOW HE REACTS TO HIS WANTS!!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. I wrote to Gov. Christie months ago over his American values and protection of this guy who is fighting exportation.
    Since you’re on Creeping Shariah no explanation is necessary.
    I don’t care what political party an advocate for Shariah belongs to, he/she should be voted out of office. Christie is either too ignorant about this issue, or he’s an enemy of liberty. Period!

  5. I just wrote to Gov. Christie again. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had written to him before concerning Iman Mohammad Qatanini, who Christie has protected from deportation. Qatanini preaches in the Islamic Center of Passaic County which has been associated with Hamas according to the Washington Free Beacon.
    Christie has prevented Qatanini’s deportation on the grounds that he knows the man to be “a good person”.
    I don’t have to tell you guys how Islamist extremists worm their way into the court system and the government as well as college campuses. But apparently Gov. Christie needs to be told.
    May I suggest you write him a letter as well, and let him know your views about Shariah law in our courts.

    • YES!!!! you are absolutely correct & IMO, 1,000,000s of americans feel exactly the same way! if these idiots want shariah law where they live, then go back to where it’s already an established entity. get out of america…& take your shariah crap w/ you!

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  7. If you check law school curricula you will find courses in shari’a law. Maybe this is a place to focus. I think it could be taught as a facilitator to decisions the shari’a way or as a method of discovering a shari’a component to be avoided in making and wording a decision.

  8. Why is a code of religious law being used to decide cases in American civil courts? How long till it will be used in criminal courts as a consequence of Creeping Sharia? Aren’t the courts a branch of the government? If so, shouldn’t the policy of “separation of religion and state” apply here? Does any other “religion” insist on using their religious laws in our courts?

  9. for fear of upsetting the politically correct brigade western governments continue to compromise. The net result will be that nations will be split, and eventually the muslims will hold the sway, because they are more devoted to spreading their bile than we are of protecting our nationalism

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