Obama, Holder fly in 5 Muslim terrorists on Friday night, civilian trials begin

Obama and Holder have given these non-U.S. citizens all the rights of U.S. citizens and taxpayers are likely paying for their Korans, halal food, and Islamic prayer mats – and will be for the next 30-40 years if they are found guilty.

Update: Taxpayers will also foot the bill to replace radical Islamic preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri’s infamous hooks.

via U.S. court fight starts for radical cleric sent from Britain

NEW YORK (Reuters) – One-eyed radical Islamist cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri made his first appearance in federal court in New York on Saturday after Britain extradited him to the United States to face trial and a potential life sentence on terrorism charges.

The Egyptian-born Hamza, 54, entered U.S. District Court in Manhattan after being refused the prosthetics – including his signature metal hook – that he wears because of his missing forearms.

Hamza is accused by Washington of supporting al Qaeda, aiding a kidnapping in Yemen and plotting to open a training camp for militants in the United States.

He was flown late on Friday to the United States along with four other men also wanted on U.S. terrorism charges.

Hamza is missing both his hands and an eye, injuries he says he sustained while living in Afghanistan in the 1980s and carrying out humanitarian work. Authorities say he was fighting for the Mujahideen against the Soviet Union.

Dressed in blue prison garb, Hamza spoke only once during Saturday’s 10-minute court hearing before Magistrate Judge Frank Maas. Through his court-appointed lawyer, Hamza asked that his prosthetics be returned to him and that he receive proper medical attention. It was not clear why authorities did not allow him the prosthetics in court.

He will not be asked to enter a plea until he returns to court on Tuesday.

Under the terms of British and European court rulings authorizing the extradition, the five suspects must be tried in U.S. civilian courts and federal prosecutors cannot seek the death penalty.

U.S. officials said they were pleased Hamza and the other men would finally answer to the long-standing charges.

The extradition “is a watershed moment in our nation’s efforts to eradicate terrorism,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement.

Saudi native Khalid al-Fawwaz, 50, and Egyptian Adel Abdul Bary, 52, also appeared in federal court in New York on Saturday. Both pleaded not guilty to charges they and others were involved in the 1998 al Qaeda bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people.

Also on Saturday, British citizens Babar Ahmad, 38, and Syed Talha Ahsan, 33, charged with supporting al Qaeda and other militant groups by operating various websites promoting Islamic holy war, pleaded not guilty before a federal judge in New Haven, Connecticut, court records showed.

This case could be the impetus for Obama to bring all Gitmo terrorists to the U.S. mainland for indefinite detention, trial and serving sentences. Just last week, Obama ordered Holder to use DOJ funds – bypassing Congressional bans – to purchase a prison in Illinois. It will be used to hold Gitmo terrorists unless Congress does its job.

As Congressman Frank Wolf exposed in 2009 although the media coordinated a near total blackout of the event, Holder planned clandestine resettlement of Gitmo detainees in Virginia:

Holder attempted to orchestrate a secret transfer of Uyghur detainees to northern Virginia for release earlier this spring, it became clear that he had no intention of informing Congress of his intentions.  According to Newsweek magazine, ‘As part of their efforts to shut down the Guantánamo Bay detention center, Obama Administration officials were poised in late April to make a bold, stealthy move: they instructed the U.S. Marshals Service to prepare an aircraft and a Special Ops group to fly two Chinese Uighurs, and up to five more on subsequent flights, from Gitmo to northern Virginia for resettlement…

Were you aware?

29 thoughts on “Obama, Holder fly in 5 Muslim terrorists on Friday night, civilian trials begin

  1. If Obama gets another term, I can see him losing the court case, near the end of Obama’s term. That would mean the scum will walk. If Obama loses, I don’t think, I could be wrong, he would pardon him.

    • If they were found not guilty, or were pardoned, and walked, how many steps do you think they would take before being “neutralized”?

      • Terrorists tried on American soil, Should NOT have the same rights as American citizens do. He should be tried and punished according to the laws of his own country. That way they surely wouldn’t walk out of the courtroom.

  2. This SMELLS big time!

    If their crime deserves the death penalty, regardless of any other dealings with foreign countries, they should be able to give it!

    Britain just doesn’t want to keep them alive for 30-40 years… Let the U.S. do it!

    Being in prison is a Penalty for doing something wrong…
    They should NOT get ANY special treatment whatsoever!
    The Judge must NOT be a Muslim.
    The Jury must NOT have any Muslims in it.
    They should NOT get special food; they eat what everyone else eats!
    They should NOT get special mats to pray on; let them use a pillow or whatever every prisoner has at hand to pray on!
    They should NOT get special passes to the special Restroom!
    They should NOT have access to the golf course!
    They should not have access to the swimming pools!
    They should NOT have access to the Internet!
    They should NOT have access to any Telephones, Radios, or TV sets!
    They should NOT be able to send or receive mail or ANY correspondence that is NOT written in English! Any attempt to coordinate or plan terrorist activities STOPS all communications forever!
    In short, I think if they were sent to Joe Arpaio’s district in Arizona, he would treat them the way they should be treated!

    They are prisoners in prison to be punished for their EVIL deeds.
    They will NEVER be sorry for anything they may have done…
    They should NOT get any special treatment Before, During, or after the Trial!

    After all… we must be fair about it! Yes?!

    • Just like Christians who commit crimes of terror should not be allowed bibles, crosses, any prayer cards, anything that reminds them of Religion? You keep acting like its because of Islam that this guy is bad, that its because he’s a Muslim. Well, crazies are crazy regardless of their faith. But it doesn’t get us anywhere to proclaim that Islam is the problem. A lot of Islam terrorists think Christians are the problem, leading to stuff like this. Everyone needs to put their religion in their pockets and realize its their religion. Live like a good person and for G-d’s sake be tolerant will you?

      This person, no matter his crime, deserves the same rights as everyone else in prison, even the religious ones.

      If you are for the death penalty, that’s fine be for it. Realize it is being fought against from all angles though; nobody has the right to decide who dies and lives. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

      • Yes, we have to be fair about this… They can criticize all other religions and SO CAN EVERYONE else criticize the Islam Ideology without any harm, like getting beheaded, etc., happening to them. Also their evil Sharia Law will NOT ever be used because it contradicts our Law of the land in very many insane ways…

        After all, let’s be fair about this!

      • they are not crazy – they are MUSLIMS who have been fully indoctrinated into what we call crime and they call JIHAD and blessed by their ALLAh for doing these murders.
        It is ISLAM that tells them this is a good thing to do- please read up on “eye for an eye” I am tired of having the explain it to stupid bleeding heart libs-

      • Nonsense. An eye for an eye. You need to understand muslims are NOT like any other people anywhere on the planet. No other people on earth follow a cult like islam, which you should know by now, demands of it’s followers that they either convert all other people to islam, or if they will not convert–kill them. And you want us to be “tolerant” of these inbred, murderous cretins?

        • But not every muslim is like that. I have muslim friends who are just fine with me being a different religion. It’s the EXTREMISTS who believe that. Just like there are EXTREMIST Christians who want to blow up every person who thinks abortion is ok or that Christ didn’t die on the cross. There are intolerant extremists in every religion but we’re not going to get anywhere by giving them what they expect. Try to remember what Jesus said.

          • And you try to remember Turkish PM Erdogan’s words: “There are no radical muslims, there are no moderate muslims; there is only islam”.

          • Yea, except your missing the big picture… People who are extremely into Christ are not being told by their bible to go murder people! C’mon, wake up. Islamic scripture instructs them to KILL YOU.

    • The Imam Borok husein Obama has spoken, “Any nation that criticizes Islam does not deserve to be a world leader in the future” ! So lets leav religion out of it and just try them as war criminals in a Military court where they belong ! They should never ever have been brought to U.S. Soil !

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  4. Hamza is missing both his hands and an eye, injuries he says he sustained while living in Afghanistan in the 1980s and carrying out humanitarian work

    . ….yeah making bombs, real humanitarian work!!!

    death penalty would make the martyrs which they want and would be celebrated as heroes at home- so life sentence, no parole, no appeals, agree no special privileges. However b/c of the security risk I am sure they will not be put in general population. Hell with this admin they probably won’t even be found guilty.

    Wonder how prisons deal with hook hands and claws that can be used as weapons?

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  8. Joe Lyddon, way to go, mate, you’ve got it right! They should take that ugly, hook handed slug out back and gut-shoot him for all he has cost England, and now US.

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  11. this case is over he received life in prison. We have to feed and clothe all the other prisoners we have so at least he is locked up. But i wonder if a little “eye for an eye” would be more appropriate for those whom have taken multiple lives.

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