American Muslim Gets Life Sentence in Iraq Terror Case

This very brief article is posted at many major news sites but provides next to no details. Is there a media outlet in the U.S. or someone at the White House who could inform the American public who the Islamic terrorist in their midst was? Where he lived, with whom or when and how he got into the U.S.?

via Iraq – American Sentenced in Terrorism Case –

A court has sentenced an American citizen to life in prison on charges of assisting Al Qaeda and financing terrorist activities in Iraq, according to a government statement released Thursday. The Interior Ministry said the American, Omar Rashad Khalil, 53, was recruited by Al Qaeda in Iraq in 2005. Mr. Khalil, an architectural engineer, is of Palestinian descent and entered Iraq in 2001, the ministry statement said. The ministry released excerpts from a confession it said Mr. Khalil made, in which he is said to have admitted to receiving money from a Syrian man in the United Arab Emirates to pay for terrorist attacks. An American Embassy spokesman, Frank Finver, issued a statement saying that the embassy officials were aware of the reports.

Where is the outrage from liberals like Greenwald, Apuzzo at AP, Mother Jones, CAIR, MPAC, Salon, or Soros’ Progressives who make a living defending Islam?

Further, why didn’t Holder request extradition to bring him back to the U.S. and try him in a civil court as he has for non-American terrorists?

Fishy, no?

6 thoughts on “American Muslim Gets Life Sentence in Iraq Terror Case

  1. The NYT article makes no reference to the country in which the trial took place. For that info, you have to click on the Wash Times link in the comment. Well done to CS and Cassandra! The article states that the financing occured in Iraq, but not that the trial took place there, an important point in multinational prosecutions of global terrorists.

    What kind of journalist publishes a blurb on a court case of an American sentenced to Life in prison but fails to mention what nation that occurred in?

  2. Since six terrorists in Iraq have been executed, you would think the NYT would evince more interest in this American’s fate, unless they were one of those inconvenient Muslims who made making the case for Islam more difficult.

  3. Just doesn’t fit “their” narritive… SO, no comment, no coverage, no foot stompting or protests of angry pseudo-mohamadians in front of the Iraq embassy… Mums the word with Holder, Hillary & Barry, obviously it just does not fit into their pro-islam game plan.

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