Third Court Rules Guyana-Born Muslim Lawyer Can’t Run For US President

Birther Constitution alert. via Abdul Hassan’s Bid For The Presidency Suffers Setback – Business Insider.

Despite a trio of setbacks, a labor lawyer in Queens is still fighting for his right to run for president even though he isn’t a natural-born citizen.

Abdul Karim Hassan has filed a series of lawsuits claiming the Constitution’s stipulation that only naturally born citizens can run for president is discriminatory and violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog reported Tuesday.

In his opinion, the natural-born-citizens clause “has been trumped by the equal protection guarantee of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution which prohibits the sort of national origin discrimination that is contained in the natural born provision,” Hassan wrote on his website.

Hassan’s lawsuits have already been denied in the First and Second U.S. court of appeals.

And the Tenth Circuit rounded out the trio on Tuesday when it too shut down Hassan’s case.

But Hassan doesn’t seem too upset, telling Law Blog, “It looks like I’m going to have to keep my day job.”

Despite his recent losses, Hassan still has pending cases in the Eighth and Ninth circuit courts. And he has a case challenging a law that allows presidential candidates to receive public money during primaries, according to Law Blog.

“Look, the chances are slim, but if you contribute to the discourse, it might be worth it,” Hassan told Law Blog of his numerous attempts to get on the ballot.

On his website, Hassan states he plans to be the Democratic Party’s candidate in 2012 and “if necessary, in 2016.”

Hat tip to Dr. Kates View who gets to the heart of the matter in her title: Court Rules Natural Born Citizenship Required for Presidency.

Business Insider reported on September 5, 2012, Abdul Karim Hassan’s series of lawsuits claiming his right to run for the Presidency have been denied in the Second, Third, and now Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.  A similar ruling was issued September 28, 2012 for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

The significance of these rulings cannot be underestimated as they affirm that the natural born citizen clause of Article II of the U.S. Constitution has not been trumped, abrogated, or implicitly repealed by the Equal Protection guarantee of the Fifth Amendment nor the citizenship clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.  These arguments are the same ones used by Obama’s lawyers in fending off the legitimate challenges to Barack Obama’s candidacy and presidency; by the secretaries of state to refute ballot challenges, and by the media, pundits, Congress and the academics to cover up the usurpation of the presidency by Obama/Soetoro.  Of course, the corrupt SCOTUS hears nothing, sees nothing, and says nothing.

Read it all.

33 thoughts on “Third Court Rules Guyana-Born Muslim Lawyer Can’t Run For US President

  1. If he is an American citizen he needs to Pledge Allegiance to the United States of America. Not hide behind our Freedoms for an agenda to promote Islamic sharia. Don’t be fooled! There’s no such thing as a moderate Muslim. They are all bound by the tenets of sharia and condemn all non Muslims.

    • Their only allegiance is to the Quran and their moon god allah….they don’t even have allegiance to their own places of birth….Kick him out revoke his citizenship!

  2. if this guy is a practicing muslim, he MUST BELIEVE IN JIHAD ….all five kinds of jihad…including VIOLENCE….islam MUST DENOUNCE JIHAD for muslims to be considered as EQUALS in the USA … do otherwise, is to sign our own death warrant ….

    • The US Supreme Court has long held that not all religions are free to practice their doctrine under the protection of the First Amendment. As you pointed out, religious practices that include human sacrifice are illegal.

      Sharia law allows for polygamy, sex with children, slaves, forced sex (rape) with captured combatants, murder of apostates, murder of Christians and Jews (people of the book), murder of infidels, discrimination based on gender and religious practices, and the extermination of all non-Muslims.

      Clearly, Sharia’s form of Islam is not protected by our Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Yet, our Government allows the Sharia form of Islam to propagate throughout our lands. Organizations like CAIR and MSA advocate Sharia by attacking in our courts and administrative offices anyone who dares to try and stop the imposition of Sharia. I note too that the most violent form of Sharia is that which is practiced in the Wahhabi form. Nevertheless, all Sharia based practices are seditionist and violent.
      Wahhabi Islam is an exported theology from Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are financing Mosques throughout the United States and the West. The Saudi’s run an academy to train Sharia based Imams in the practice of Wahhabism. Then, upon graduation, these Imams are sent to Mosques all over the world. Think of a Mosque as not a church, but a military outpost. The Wahhabi Imams teach that the only true Islam is one that is based on Sharia Law. Look to the news for the world wide Genocide that is going on right now. It is no accident that “suddenly” all over the world Christians are being murdered for their faith by Muslims who insist on Sharia Law and the cleansing of their lands of all infidels and Christians. Islam is at war with all peoples who do not adhere to the faith. The war against us is upon us now!

      Many people are sounding the alarm bells of war. I am not an expert in Islam. I am a professional soldier and student of history. I’ve studied the great military tacticians of history. I can see what is happening. I can read the tea leaves. Yet, there is no Paul Revere running throughout the lands that garner the ear of the people. Sun Tzu’s, “The Art of War” advised his commanders to “know your enemy” know what he believes, and how he acts. Only then will you be victorious. Sadly, our government under the Obama Administration takes action to hide from the people just who the enemy is. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us all to expose the enemy, which is Islam and Saudi Arabia, to our family and local police and politicians forthwith.

      Lastly, pray that the Lord protects us. Perhaps this should be the first thing that we do….the clock tics, and its almost midnight.

      • Islam should be outlawed as a regressive enslaving political agenda that threatens the freedom of the individual and therefore the free democratic world…SIMPLE!! our politicians need to get real, and do their job WE PAY THEM FOR, which is to protect our nation from enemies foreign and domestic..and Islam IS a foreign enemy…. our politicians are traitors for allowing AND PROMOTING muslims en masse into our countries!.
        We need to elect those who are aware of this Third World War we are engaged in, because thats exactly what it is ! Islam has declared war, an ideological war where there will only be one victor!

    • Speaking from an Australian’s point of view .. with all the evidence against O’Bugga; how come he is still in the Presidency position??

      • Boy, do we ever have a lot to share with you!
        “I WILL” get the video(s) and articles IF you need them.
        He got into office by massive fraud. It was discovered AFTER he got in. The Media knew and didn’t inform us. McCain/Palin actually did win. Palin wanted to fight back, but McCain is a wimp.

        The best way for you to learn, of course, is through you own research; so IF you need sites to go to, let me know and I will take the time to get them for you.

        He, again, is working very hard to defraud us again. They (meaning the “powers that be” whoever THEY are because we are very lost) have decided FOR US that the votes will be counted in “Spain”, a company owned by George Soros.

        Video: All the rat bastards knew and did nothing

        This makes sense– there was TWO impeachment proceedings going on within 48 hrs of each other and
        NADDA has been done.

        Video: Why he hasn’t been impeached? All the rat bastards knew and did nothing

      • yeah, I agree!! I’m gobsmacked that there seems to be no one in America with the cajunas to take on this massive fraud sitting in the Oval Office, and expose him!! he’s made our world a much more dangerous place.

    • The obma presidency was purchased by Wahbian heirarchy. Note BO’s first action was to call the Saudi king to thank him. Michelles trips to Spain and Africa were actually diplomatic missions to exchange reports and orders via a SD card exchange. Right under the noses of security.

  3. There is no single ‘Paul Revere’, there are thousands! If there was/is one extra loud voice it is Dr, Micheal Savage, who has written and voiced that we must be prepared and know our enemy. There will come a time of another crusade and I believe it will not be long in coming! Prepare!

    • The first act of the soon to be coming crusade must be the clearance of all Muslims out of our own countries… then we can start with the others if they wish to carry on with the Islamic/Western war… hope they remember “We” have the better weapons …. Once we have Cleared our Own Countries of this slime.. we STOP all aid to any country under islam influence .. then see how they like it with out the west to prop them up.

    • what a pity that the crusades were halted in the 12 century…before the job was completed! it’s past time to re-arm & suit up the knights templar & do a number on these “infiltrating maggots”…finish the job this time & rid ourselves of this abomination.

  4. I wonder how much this idiot is costing the US Taxpayer and how he can get away with clogging up the court system.

    And with all these nuisance lawsuits, is there any way to disbar this fool?

    • Sorry, the print is so small I am having a hard time reading all of the article.
      Did it say that he graduated here in the U.S. with a law degree? If so, what university?

        • Lord, all we need to have is another lawyer + one with a “store-bought” law degree. Basically, that’s what it is!
          He would STILL have to pass the “Bar Exam”. It doesn’t matter. He still can’t run for president. … talk about audacity of hope gone wrong!

  5. Why can’t he run–obama did, and was even voted in; and right after he was voted in Kenyans were celebrating the “First AFRICAN BORN President.

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