Dem Senator: NYC Muslim Day Parade Speeches were ‘Attack on Our Country’


It has taken four days to get a comment from NY State Senator Tony Avella’s office, but the hard-to-reach elected official has finally responded to TheBlaze regarding why he left the stage during NYC’s Muslim Day Parade.

Just minutes before 3pm ET, Mr. Avella sent an email to TheBlaze answering most of of our questions. He started by combining the first two questions:

  • How many of the previous Muslim Day Parades have you attended?  (This was the 27th annual parade.)
  • Have you been a “VIP” or  “Honorary Marshall” for this parade in any previous years?

Avella’s reply:

Although I have had contact with Muslim groups throughout New York City as a former member of the New York City Council, prior to being elected to the State Senate in 2010, this was the first Muslim Day Parade that I had been invited to attend.

TheBlaze followed with:

  • What is your official reaction to the speech that inspired you to get up and leave the stage?

To which, the Senator replied:

I was deeply offended by the various remarks that were made during the on stage presentation and felt they were an attack on our country as well as the State of Israel and were anti-Semitic in nature and as a result I left the stage in protest.  In addition, I immediately wrote the Parade Committee the next day on Monday indicating my outrage. (Avella’s letter to the parade organizers is attached below)

And the final two questions we posed were also answered by one statement.

  • There was also a speaker there, an imam from Brooklyn, who demanded a UN law that would criminalize “defaming” Islam or the prophet Muhammed. Where do you stand on this proposal or any proposal that seems to conflict with our First Amendment?
  • If you support the imam’s idea on the speech limitations, what do you think about the painting known as “Piss Christ” – an “art” exhibit recently mounted at a local gallery?
Mr. Avella’s answer:
I was shocked to hear the Imam’s negative comments about freedom of speech and individual rights.

 Read it all.

Previous videos of NYC’s anti-American Muslim Day Parade here and here.

20 thoughts on “Dem Senator: NYC Muslim Day Parade Speeches were ‘Attack on Our Country’

  1. We need to start organizing everywhere they try this and bring cymbals and fog horns etc Use them the entire time they are trying
    to speak.

    • good idea! How long are we going to let this go? If Obama is re-elected this will get much worse. This Administration and State Dept. has shown that the genocide of Christians means nothing to them. I’m sick to death of our cowardly politicians and the liberals who have bringing ruin to America since the sixties. Should riots break out here let’s round them up and use them as the first line of defense. I’m sure they can stop the violence by saying in their squeaky self-righteous voices, “But we are your friends! Here, have a footbath.”
      Any Muslim who commits a violent crime and is convicted in this country who is not yet a citizen should serve their time and be deported.
      Our Republic has been mortally wounded by Representatives who don’t represent us.
      Democracy has degenerated into every man for himself and that’s when the dictator steps in. History bears that out.
      There is only one reason a government wants to disarm it’s citizens and this one is desparate to do so.
      Support the Second Amendment. Elect only those who who support it.
      It’s our rightful defense against a rogue government.

  2. The Muslims are not happy!
    They’re not happy in Gaza
    They’re not happy in Egypt
    They’re not happy in Libya
    They’re not happy in Morocco
    They’re not happy in Iran
    They’re not happy in Yemen
    They’re not happy in Afghanistan
    They’re not happy in Pakistan
    They’re not happy in Syria
    They’re not happy in Lebanon.

    So, where are they happy?

    They’re happy in Canada
    They’re happy in Australia
    They’re happy in England
    They’re happy in France
    They’re happy in Spain
    They’re happy in Italy
    They’re happy in Germany
    They’re happy in Sweden
    They’re happy in the USA
    They’re happy in Norway
    They’re happy in every country that is not Muslim.

    And who do they blame?
    Not Islam.
    Not their leadership.
    Not themselves.

    Excuse me, but how stupid can you get?

    According to Einstein, this is the definition of Insanity:
    “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”.

  3. JIHAD has already started in NEW YORK CITY with greater demands from these SLIME BAGS to change our way of life to there way of GUTTER LIFE of the 7th CENTURY!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. Any Muslim this country should be deported. They will topple this country in time, and there is NO country where they have not done this, in their history. Americans do not know their enemy. They are using our low birth rates, birthing 18 jihadists each, and eating our welfare to invade us. The politically correct are having a field day helping them.

  5. Islam ” The Religion of Peace “, is what they say. Actions speak louder than words and speaking Sedition is what they do. Sharia Law for All, Freedom For None. Kudos to NY State Senator Tony Avella for leaving when they started with the hate speech.

  6. Uncivilized men have infiltrated our nation posing as civilized. That’s why many naive or money hungry politicians can be seen “supporting their cause. I wish that all of us would snap out of our false sense of security and see the Muslim world for what it truly is…a major threat and deadly enemy of America and other civilized countries.

    • The movie Taken starred Liam Nielsen (sp?) The Man and I could brlaey watch it. As a Christian I know I am not to think this way, however there could be a time when I could kill someone with my bare hands and that time will be if anyone ever hurts one of my girls or a friend’s child that I think of as my own. This is a movie that The Man and I too think will one day be viewed with our daughter(s) at an age and maturity appropriate time. Can you imagine showing this info to 5th graders? For what purpose? *sigh* I am very open in my personal life about the info I am going to share with you, I just don’t blog in-your-face about it on LBFH b/c it is sensitive to most and to get any message across I understand I need to handle this subject differently ~ I am a survivor, by no means victim, of sexual and rape abuse. That in itselft is enough tragedy (I was very young) and one that I still struggle with today, but what these women and children go through in this trade’ is a sample of hell that they experience daily, for years, ’til they are abused to death or by sheer will somehow die. Very few are rescued. I believe the movie Taken scratched the surface of this horror. Look at this **statistic ** :People from every walk of life can fall victim to trafficking, including thousands of US citizens. However, certain groups are disproportionately exploited in trafficking and slavery:• Women• **CHILDREN 50% of today’s slaves are under the age of 18. Girls are typically trafficked into forced prostitution between 10 and 14.**• Poor People• Minorities• Low Caste People• Rural PeopleOn a very personal note, please know in your heart I do not ever intend for my words to make any mama working outside of the home to feel badly. I agree with everything you wrote above and how we all have found ourselves in this mess, along with our country turning away from God and our Bibles in every possible manner. We all are in a situation of some sort where we need to seek Him and His Will. I know of mamas staying home that are raising their children in the world and of the world’s ways, and it is heartbreaking, especially when they profess to be Christian. No matter our life situation, never is it an excuse to neglect our parenting responsibilities. You are such an example of a loving, involved parent, Monica. I see parents in your situation, mine, and many others doing it well with the tools (means) they have and while following Him. It is tough, and some days I feel as if I am banging my head against a brick wall, but we are to do it right and to do that we must be aware of what is happening in our children’s world today. It is very different from the-days-gone-bye. Thank you for reading, posting, and sharing support here. Ok, off my soap-box today. I bought Tom’s earlier this morning, I’m excited to see how it works. Thank you! And school-room is out for May (summer, but we do a little in June, July, Aug to keep it fresh in their heads). Today we took care of horses, I went shopping as we are having a cookout at the barn this evening, then a 4H meeting, then some riding. Weather is supposed to be nice here. YAY!!((hugs)) and in Him~Sandi

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