U.S. soldier blinded by Canadian jihadist infuriated by Obama releasing from Gitmo

via Omar Khadr’s transfer to Canada infuriates blinded U.S. soldier Layne Morris | News | National Post.

TORONTO — The transfer of Omar Khadr to Canada from Guantanamo Bay has infuriated a former American soldier partly blinded in the firefight in which the badly wounded Canadian teenager was captured.

The move has also prompted hundreds of Canadians to open their wallets on behalf of the family of the U.S. soldier Khadr pleaded guilty to killing during the July 2002 battle in Afghanistan.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, former sergeant Layne Morris denounced Khadr, 26, as a “horrific security risk,” and blasted the American government.

“My frustration is with the Obama administration and their continued refusal to accept the will of the American people: that these most dangerous of the most dangerous detainees be kept in Guantanamo Bay,” Morris said from West Valley, Utah, where he is deputy city manager.

“I don’t think (Khadr) is done with radical Islam. I don’t think he’s done with the jihad.”

“This is a young man that despite 10 years in Guantanamo and every attempt and opportunity to educate himself and prepare himself for life in a western society has done nothing,” said Morris, who found out from a Canadian reporter the transfer had taken place.

“He went in with an eight-grade education, he’s come out with an eighth-grade education. Other than memorize the Qu’ran and be regarded as the ’rock star’ of Guantanamo by the other inmates, all he’s done is prepare himself for further jihad.”


16 thoughts on “U.S. soldier blinded by Canadian jihadist infuriated by Obama releasing from Gitmo

  1. Dont worry Folks as GITMO IS ABOUT TO BE MOVED TO THE NEW PRISON IN CHICAGO. Better for there JIHAD HIDDEN BUDDIES to break them out of jail. You can thank BIG BIRD IN THE WHITE HOUSE and LITTLE BIRD HOLDER FOR THIS MOVE. Our move come Nov. 6th is to remove these TRAITORS from office. LOCK AND LOAD!!!

    • They do on Sun News Network in Canada….go to http://sunnewsnetwork.ca and you can watch all the shows on Video….they cover Canadian and American stories and issues without the liberal PC , BS of other media outlets!
      Ezra Levant had this US Soldier, Layne Morris on his show, The Source, just the other day.

  2. You don’t get it! The FBI is now a muslim brotherhood controlled agency, and the brotherhood is setting our foreign policy. They are crippling all our soldiers with Obamas’ placing them in our government.
    For Gods’ sake, get everyone out to vote! Coverage in the media? They don’t know most Americans are now getting info from the Internet! The media supports whatever is in the white house, even if it was Adolph Hitler, or in this case a clone of him.

  3. Obama and Holder, two Black racists and on the Muslim payroll, amazing these two radicals, they hate the white/Anglo-Saxon race with a passion. And to think , affirmative action, foolish ignorant white liberal sympathizers have given them everything on a silver platter to get where they are today. Any other race would have had to sacrifice and endure hardships, sleepless nights studying, and countless hours socializing to get to that level.
    And these two were handed everything free, now, that is what I call the mouth that bites the hand that has fed them.
    These ignorant white liberal sympathizers (ass kissers) should live with these people, after one hour, they would see things in a true and different light.
    Obami and Hold’em Holder are in violation of state and federal laws, they should be sent to Gitmo.
    But placed in different cells, we do not wish to encourage “gay marriage”.

    • Well said. Well said.

      Not even the late great Robert Strange McNamara could have written it better !

      We would enjoy to read your truthful unbias words on the Vatican and Zionism.

      And facist failures.

  4. Obama Built That. Look up Sedition and Treason. Former sergeant Layne Morris needs to be all over the news and Mitt Romney’s campaign telling everybody how much harm The Obama administration has put us in by releasing Khadr.

  5. Don’t get me wrong…as a Canadian, I love both Canada and the U.S.
    They are without a doubt the 2 best countries in the world in which to live……
    HOWEVER, when it comes to our fucking legal system up here in Canada, it is truly the laughing stock of the world and the biggest joke going.
    We treat ALL criminals like they’re Little Lord Fauntleroy.

    Now, get this…
    that kahdr fuck is eligible for PAROLE in January, 2013!!!!!!!

    And sure as I’m a fat old fuck, they’ll give it to the bastard!!


    The Liberal party of Canada has Justin Trudeau as a candidate for their leadership…!!! He a clown in clown’s clothing!

    And the New Democrats up here think everybody loves everybody else!!! A party of completely vapid idiots!!!


    • Amboy, we’re on the same wavelength–two old sods in Canada who are finding it hard to believe what we’re seeing daily.

      I agree completely with your assessment of Trudeau, Mulcair @ co. Idiots. However, they seem to be just as bad in Merry England; google up MELANIE PHILLIPS, to be reliably informed about the scene there.

      We have ‘Big Steve’ doing a pretty good job here, but I’m very disappointed about Khadr’s return, and Harper can only regain my trust if they now charge him with treason. Cheers, Pete

      • Peter….

        Look at it this way….Obama was going to release hundreds from Gitmo…give them new names and new identities! I would bet that Obama told Harper that we better take Khadr now or they would release him anyways with a new face and identity. Which means…he could sneak back into Canada on the premise of visiting family and they wouldn’t even know!
        Toews didn’t seem happy about having Khadr back in Canada….probably cuz it wasn’t a decision he made it was Obama and minions sticking the screws to our Gov’t!
        If Khadr gets parole in Jan. 2013….you can best be sure that the Harper Gov’t will have in place eyes and ears tailing him everywhere! They already know that the other terrorist that sued our gov’t for millions …Arar?…the one the Americans sent back to the ME and he supposedly was tortured. He has already met with Khadr…bet they weren’t talking about having tea in Jan.2013….
        Even if Khadr isn’t charged with Treason…I still think Harper is the best one at this time to lead our country and will still support his efforts. I cringe to think what our country would look like under the leadership of Justin ” the shiny pony” Trudeau or Mulcair “the one brain cell wonder”!

    • Sorry amboyduke ,I agree with all you say except……. We in England are the laughing stock of the world when it comes to the legal system,ours is run by muslim scum ,who let muslims rape our white children and attack white men but only send whites to prison ,,,right now there are thousands of muslim peadophile gangs in England preying ON white children ,but nothing is being done,Google it ,,,,,all fucking muslims are peadophile cunts,,, vote obamamuslim out

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