Activision cowers to Muslim demands, removes Call of Duty game

via The Escapist : News : Muslim Complaints Get Modern Warfare 2 Map Pulled. h/t

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3 players have found themselves temporarily one venue short, as Activision has pulled one of the game’s maps following complaints from Muslim gamers.

The map in question, Favela, depicts a shanty town in Rio de Janiro. One of the bathrooms in the map contains two paintings, the frames of which are decorated with an ornate quote attributed to the prophet, Muhammad: “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.”

As was pointed out in this video released back in October, the sight of holy teachings written on or in a bathroom can be offensive to some followers of Islam. It’s a minor error, and one easily attributed to ignorance rather than malice, but Activision has elected to remove the map from rotation until it can be edited via a title update. The publisher has since apologized for the slight.

As an Activision rep told Kotaku:

“We apologize to anyone who found this image offensive. Please be assured we were unaware of this issue and that there was no intent to offend. We are working as quickly as possible to remove this image and any other similar ones we may find from our various game libraries.”

We are urgently working to release a Title Update to remove the texture from Modern Warfare 3. We are also working to remove the texture from Modern Warfare 2 through a separate Title Update. Until the TU is ready, we have removed the Favela multiplayer map from online rotation.

Activision and our development studios are respectful of diverse cultures and religious beliefs, and sensitive to concerns raised by its loyal game players. We thank our fans for bringing this to our attention.”

The video that originally pointed out the issue has had its comments section closed, I couldn’t possibly speculate as to why.

This isn’t the first time Muslims have taken issue with unintentional slights in videogames. Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet was famously delayed when it became apparent one of the musical tracks from the game contained lines from the Koran.

Listen to the smug, punk ass Muslims of the gaming world issue their veiled threat. Note the video starts with a caption that reads “there’s a difference between muslims and terrorists!” before they go on to issue their threats:

9 thoughts on “Activision cowers to Muslim demands, removes Call of Duty game

  1. It’s time to end the insanity and stop giving in to the demands of religious barbarians who’s expectations have no legitimacy in our society.

  2. If people want to call islam a ‘religion’ then they need to wake up and then call this a religious war. Especially when their own sharia says that all the umma are to wage jihad in some form of warfare (pen/word, funding, and/or violence) and it is defined as to ‘war against the non-moslems.

    Until they do they are being inconsistent in their demands of their definitions and showing us they don’t have a clue as to what islam is.

  3. This is truly a RELIGOUS WAR such as the CRUSADES WERE back in 1023 and 1620 against the MUSLIM HOARD in Europe and Asia. The CRUSADES drove them back to PERSIA at that time which is now IRAN. Time to put these KILLERS BACK in there box of IRAN where they came from. LOCK AND LOAD FOR THE NEW CRUSADE!!!

  4. If you don’t like the content of a video game, the answer is very simple.. DON’T PLAY IT!! I’ve played video games that have things that are offensive to me. But, I don’t whine or threaten violence to have said offensive material removed. It’s called freedom of speach, something we’re losing more of every day because of these Muslim crybabies. Activision needs to stand up for their rights and not bend to the threats of a bunch of idiots.

  5. I so do not care that Muslims were offended. Last I looked we are in AMERICA! Mohammy and his stupid followers can go back to the sand!

  6. Oh brother, if you are INSULTED by playing a video game, then stop playing the video game. That will show them! Otherwise, quit crying.

  7. asks for an apology then makes threats if it is not to his liking– and then says PEACE– another insane member of the death cult making demands as if he is in charge of HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES.
    Don;t like it? don’t play it, don’t buy it
    and while you’re at it please boycott all USA and Israel inventions and technology- vaccines, medicines, intel chips and cell phones

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