After 40 years of jihad, Philippines to give Muslims autonomous region (video)

Terrorize them until you get what you want. Then start terrorizing some more.

h/t @causingfitna


14 thoughts on “After 40 years of jihad, Philippines to give Muslims autonomous region (video)

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  2. The maximum peace can be 10 years. They were told to burn everything and attack the US and western consulates.. They did not because they were so close to taking a huge section of the country.

    After this is settled, they can begin to move against the rest of these islands. The creep can never stop. This president does not know islam, or is too weak to fight. Both can be fatal.

  3. That is sad. They won. Got to admit it is scary. We read in history books about people being wiped out thinking it would never happen to us. Every day we get closer and closer to our demise.

    Come quick Jesus!

  4. I can’t figure out why elected officials (and the meda, academia and our religious leaders) are so stupid and ignorant of history that they can name a time that giving land to moslems has given anyone peace. They refuse to read islam’s texts to figure out what radicalizes moslems then turn around and help moslems wage their jihads against us.

  5. This is a temporary truce as they shall soon find out. Give islam an inch & it will demand a mile. NEVER capitulate to islam for any reason, it will simply lead to more demands.

  6. Worse possible thing they could do… or even contemplate! All they need to do is look at the historical behavior of similar mohamadian antics world wide and they would realize what “capitulation” leads to… More demands, more violence, more deaths, more, more, more & before long these Philippieno’s [sp?] will be run out of their own country… A Christian Nation once, but regrettably not much longer at this rate… when you give them an inch, they demand a Mile… then they run you into the sea, or turn you into slaves at their whim whether you live or die… What happened to the Fierce Fighters of WWII… that were our Allies…?

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