Video: September Eleven 1683

Trailer for the new Polish movie about the Second Siege of Vienna, The Battle of Vienna via, appropriately, Gates of Vienna.

9 thoughts on “Video: September Eleven 1683

  1. Cool

    Also reading about Charles Martel. The hope and changey thing I like.

    “Charles reformed his troops expecting another attack, but to his surprise it never came as the Umayyads continued their retreat all the way to Iberia. Charles’ victory at the Battle of Tours saved Western Europe from the Muslim invasions and was a turning point in European history.”

    I also like


    Yom Kippur War

    and so on……………

    Thanks CS

    And will link on 1389’s blog

  2. Mormon Mountain Meadows Massacre 9/11/1857

    Google it.

    Remember, the LDS dot org site has a position statement of shared values and truths with Mohammed.

    • So you are saying that it is a good idea to defeat a Mormon candidate based upon something that happened 165 years ago or some obscure web page that no one touts as a centerpiece of Mormon beliefs? And you want us to do this to elect someone who has proactively and maliciously done hundreds of ACTUAL pro-Moslem/anti-U.S. actions? This is analogous to a few Jews in WWII who helped the Nazis herd their co-religionists into the gas chambers and ovens. You sir, are a “fookin’ genius”. And guess who supports Obama? An actual WWII Jew who did in fact help Nazis find more Jews to send away to the extermination camps. You know him as George Soros. Feel free to explain why you want Soros and Obama to win! This ought to be extremely amusing. And extremely sick.

  3. Ajax, Ontario, just east of Toronto, named after HMS Ajax Battle cruiser was first established in 1941 when a Defence Industries Limited (D.I.L.) shell plant was constructed and a townsite grew around the plant. By 1945 the plant had filled 40 million shells; employed over 9,000 people at peak production. Three generations later; separate men and women entrances. Of course the sign can be read either way for front and rear. Keep up the great work CS


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