86 Muslims arrested in US consulate attack in India

via South Asia Mail.

Chennai: Eighty-six people were arrested on Friday after a group of several hundred Muslim protesters threw stones and smashed windows at the US consulate in the Indian city of Chennai, police said.

“They smashed the window panes, surveillance camera and tried to scale over the compound wall, but we dispersed them while exercising restraint,” a senior police officer said on condition of anonymity. “We made 86 arrests.”

The violence flared during a protest organised by the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, an Islamist movement, against an anti-Islam film which has triggered similar protests in large parts of the Muslim world.

The protesters also burnt an effigy of US President Barack Obama and an American flag, police said.

One group hurled stones, while others lifted iron barricades placed in front of the main gate to smash windows, police said.

“We have tightened the security and the situation is well under control,” JK Tripathy, the police commissioner in the southern city, told local reporters.

One of the organisers said that what had been planned as a peaceful protest was hijacked by militants.

“We wanted to organise a peaceful demonstration to express our dismay over the film, but the youngsters, who could not hold their nerves, ran and attacked the consulate office,” Gunangudi Hanifa told AFP.

A spokesman for the consulate, who did not give his name, said that no staff had been hurt in the attack.

“No one was injured and all the staff members are safe,” he said.

Nothing but crickets over at 1400 Pennsy Ave.

12 thoughts on “86 Muslims arrested in US consulate attack in India

  1. How can the followers of Islam ” The Religion of Peace ” actually expect people to believe them that it is peaceful if they want to spray paint a sign, destroy a building, or kill over a derogatory comment, book, movie, cartoon, video game, speech, facebook photo, anything they don’t like, etc. ?

      • I HAVE read the koran. More than once. I am informed that this type behavior is expected on moslems. In fact, it is the only moslem response since reason is not part of the islamic psyche.

  2. to paraphrase the ‘faux-1st lady’ when she said, ‘all of this for a damned flag’….i say: ‘all of this violence, hate & murder for a damned video’? of course, we all know that the video had nothing to do w/ this extended violence all over the world!

  3. OBUMMMA LIKES THESE KIND OF ATTACKS. This way he can keep pushing for SHERIA LAW for the world working hand in hand with the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. He is part and parcel of a lot of the MUSLIM JIHAD going on in the MIDDLE EAST today. People, QUESTION the inscription on the RING he is wearing and has worn for 30 years to WIT, ” THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH. ” in ARABIC LETTERS. LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. Thank you, India, for doing the right thing in making arrests. This baloney of a ‘peaceful protest hijacked’ is nothing more than camel pee! Wait a minute, there’s a clinic in Egypt using camel pee as a restorative because mohammad said his god allah told him to.

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