Canada: Afghan Muslim slit throat, killed wife for being too liberal (video)

via SDAMatt2a


This happened four years ago but officials in Canada and the media do their best to keep it quiet.

21 thoughts on “Canada: Afghan Muslim slit throat, killed wife for being too liberal (video)

  1. It’s not surprising that CBC – that bastion of far-left liberal propaganda would omit any key words like “honour killing”, “muslim” or “sharia” from their so very guarded reporting. This is what Canadian tax payers shell out $1.1 billion a year for. Their silencing of the truth shouts complicity in this and other such murder. In fact is this not around the same time that another muslim woman was beheaded in Buffalo by her TV producer husband ? Anyone see a pattern here ?

  2. I see that politically correct crap is working REAL well for Canada. Everybody gets what they deserve for letting ANY moozlum into your country.

    • Hey mac….where do you hail from? I’d bet you have lots of those muslim types in your country also…what is your Government doing concerning their immigration? I know what my Prime Minister is doing…quietly. If ya’ wanna hear about it…just ask me!

  3. People need to wake up to the real Islam and all that happens when the 7th Century lifestyle comes to town. Sharia Law For All, Freedom For None. For the followers of Islam, if you can not act like civilized people, stay in or go to Islamic countries where your actions are accepted. Do not expect Western countries to embrace your 7th Century lifestyle in the 21st Century. The west and the rest of the world has changed much in 1400 years and treats women different than they were treated centuries ago. People today know that you need sunlight for vitamin D and that women in some Islamic countries are being denied that and that it can lead to schizophrenia.

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  5. Time to declair a HOLY WAR against islam! We could call it a Crusade. All muslims must convert to a Christian religion or be exterminated. Islam is a contrived religion that was formed to create a caliphate to take over all of the world. But with billions of muslims being fed this false cultisim daily their minds are warped. Unfortunately their cult is winning and we have a muslim caliph in charge of America.

  6. Hurry up and tell me again these people are good??????? At WHAT BESIDES KILLING HAVING AFAIRS WITH CHILDREN HURRY TELL ME AGIAN THESE PEOPLE ARE GOOD??????
    Is Allah coming soon to collect them?WE PRAY for that day.

  7. You should see the volume of these coming through Immigration using family class. Eventually, they will take all the MP and MPP spots. Then see where you are.

  8. That’s islam. And still, all western governments are WELCOMING these sub-humans to our countries, putting them straight on to welfare, and in the case of Canada paying them over TWICE what I get for Canada Pension and Old Age Security.

    • Peter….

      From what I have been hearing…immigration of muslims is not being allowed from most of the ME now….they must speak French fluently also. Most of the ones coming into Canada are from Tunis and they are being given to Quebec to look after!

      It has been going on for a few decades now where immigrants from anywhere have been looked after quiet well….they get welfare and new furnishings for their new homes. Large screen Tv’s, stereo systems, Nintendo, computers…everything.

      At least the Harper Gov’t is working on making things not quite so nice for them. They got their Platinum card health care reduced to what the average Canadian is entitled to. No more full coverage for dental and prescriptions, or eye exams and eyeglasses.

      Give Harper a chance to slowly make changes so there isn’t a full out war with Liberals and NDP minded individuals. At least Harper knows and understands about Islam which is more than other leaders of other countries do. Harper isn’t going to roll over to get his tummy rubbed by any islamist.

  9. Their silencing of the truth shouts complicity in this and other such murder. In fact is this not around the same time that another muslim woman was beheaded in Buffalo by her TV producer husband ? Anyone see a pattern here ?

  10. One has to realize the the CBC is a totally Liberal media outlet…along with CTV and Global. The CBC gets 1.1 Billion tax-payers monies annually because they are the “National” channel…even though most of their programs are crap and they don’t even get into the top 30 shows watched unless it’s Hockey Night in Canada!
    The CBC will never tell the truth in a story…they wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit them in the behind!
    Sun News Network gave the truth on the Shafia honor killings ( 3 daughters and the first wife)…..the only Canadian news channel to do so! All the rest gave propaganda and BS!

    • Quite right Redneck, and I agree ‘Big Steve’ is doing a good job, though I was disappointed about omar khadr. (Bastard doesn’t deserve capitals)

      To be fair, PM Harper is certainly the best leader in the world right now, for who else is there? Obama is a two faced treacherous liar, (and muslim) Cameron is a failure, as are the leaders of France, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Belgium…….well, you get my drift; who else is there?

  11. I was disappointed also that the Canadian terrorist was allowed back into Canada! I don’t think our Gov’t had much of a choice in the matter frankly. I believe that Toews was trying to find a way to deny repatriation to him. Obama and minions gave a choice of either taking the mudslime back or they were going to release him with others. His appearance and name would have been changed which would have made him an even bigger threat! At least now I’m sure they will have CSIS following his every move.

    I can’t think of any other leader of the free world….other than Netanyahu…that is standing strong against Islam. Pretty sad isn’t it?

    • Sorry, I forgot Bibi. May Israel forgive me! Good point about his appearance possibly being changed had he not been repatriated, just the same if they do NOT charge him with treason, I, and many others will be mortally offended.

      As I’ve commented before, it’s as though two words have disappeared from English: “treason” (Khadr) and “impeachment”. (Obama)

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