Video: Muslim deceptions – Honor killings and innocence

via Vlad Tepes

(we finally figured out how to embed videos!!) broke or banned… Not working, watch at the link below:

7 thoughts on “Video: Muslim deceptions – Honor killings and innocence

  1. Islam ” The Religion of Peace “, said often but actions do not always match the words. Welcome to the 7th Century again, repeated for the last 1400 years.

  2. LETS BE CLEAR: It is time to declair Jihad on islam. Let us call it a Crusade. All muslims shall convert to Christianity or other religion containing the golden rule or be subject to extermination. All muslims are guilty. there are only two houses. The house of civilization or the house of war against the uncivilized.

  3. CRUSADE is the right word for these thugs of ISLAM UNDERSTAND
    as it was in the 1023 and 1620 when these SLIME BAGS were driven back to PERSIA, now known as IRAN, Time to do it again. ISLAM is the work of the devil and needs to be DESTROYED PERIOD if the world is to return to a peacefull world again with respect to RELIGOUS
    FREEDOM. Political peace is a horse of another color. LOCK AND LOAD.

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