Tennessee free weekly targeted for exposing Islam and sharia

An update on this previous post: Kroger, KFC and others submit to sharia, yank newspaper that discusses Islam.

via Who Hates Free Speech? – TCUnation. h/t @counterjihadRp

Once again ‘The Rutherford Reader’ is under assault by Leftists, islamofascist sympathizers and the Associated Press over its defense of our First Amendment from Sharia Law corruption and infiltration of our legal system. The Associated Press sinks to desperate tactics by going back to 2010 and quoting an unintelligent Melissa Eads (Kroger corporate office) as saying ‘The Reader’ was removed from their stores due to a pattern of “hate rhetoric”; she actually said “hate-speech”, which she was at a loss to define when asked. And now, Sara Mitchell and others are attempting to have ‘The Reader’ removed from other locations.

Using the term “hate rhetoric” illustrates that whoever wrote the AP article did not have a good grasp of the English language, could not understand sentences structured around facts and had never read the Western classics of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle; by the same token, Sara Mitchell’s and her accomplice’s actions make it obvious that they do not want to live in a society ruled by freedom of thought, opinion or speech.

I was one of the first to speak out against the vandalism and burning of the Columbia, TN mosque in 2008, however, just as neo-nazi white supremacists would trample on the Civil Rights of peoples of color and reduce them to second class citizens if they could, or just as the New Black Panthers state “we need to kill a whole lot of white babies” and have no qualms disenfranchising whites, so too would Muslims foist the same on all Americans, by eradicating free speech and religious freedom as it has typically existed from our nation’s founding, until the past four decades and especially since 2008; Islam and Sharia represent something much worse than nazifascism as they now stand, which is the reason I write often about Islam’s perverse nature, its incompatibility with democracy and the U.S. Constitution and the need to halt all Islamic immigration to the U.S. immediately due to Muslims often stated goal of subordinating and subjugating the entire U.S. under Sharia law dominance. I simply oppose any attempt to legitimize illiberal, unConstitutional and anti-Freedom ideologies within these United States!

Islam and Sharia law are more cruel and more steeped in fascist tenets than America’s white supremacist movements or Hitler’s 1940s brand of fascism, within a simple added religious context; so many of the Greatest Generation died fighting this very sort of totalitarian ideology all across Europe…Aren’t Islamic atrocities just as horrible as those perpetrated by the Nazis?…CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have already insisted on applying Sharia concepts within our state governments and public education system, and Muslim sympathizers like Mitchell, unless they are Leftists too, do not understand that fully applied Sharia law incorporates much more than prayer, food or hygiene rules; Sharia law always becomes an instrument of murder and totalitarianism!

Worship however you desire. Worship trees, goats, earthworms… or Allah…or Jesus Christ… or Buddha… but do not try to force me to worship as you or to submit in any manner to your religious doctrine. Not Christianity… not Hinduism… not Buddhism… Only Islam tries to force itself on others wherever it appears! While I am aware of some peaceful Muslims who truly worship only according to the Abrahamic passages they have stolen from Judaism and Christianity, give me a hundred thousand Buddhists or Sikhs at America’s shores over one Muslim any day!

Has America fallen to the point where only a few lucky elitist arbiters from the political Left get to decide what is “free speech” and what is not?

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17 thoughts on “Tennessee free weekly targeted for exposing Islam and sharia

  1. Americans in every state and city are feeling sick to their stomach every time they even hear the words Islam, Mohammad or Muslim. How much longer can it be before they are so sick and tired of the daily sick feelings that that take actions to purge this sickness once and for all?

  2. How many Muslims worship only according to Abrahamic passages as stated above?

    Do they attend a different mosque than the average Muslim?

    I look at middle school aged Muslims and think they must be discussing jihad at dinner time.

    Is that accurate?

  3. This is what the Germans who knew what was taking place in Germany went through as the Nazis socially engineered the average German into hating the Jews. In America it is the Socialists in the Democratic Party who are responsible for socially engineering secular Americans to hate Christians and Jews and the State of Israel and to conspire with them with the Muslims against Christians and Jews in American society. The Socialists don’t like it when someone in the USA thwarts their plan to build their voter base among Muslim terrorists and their supporters. It is the Socialists that are the problem in the world that has to be eradicated first in order to solve the Muslim terrorists and their supporters problem in the USA. These activities are part of the fulfillment of Rev 18:2, which foretold that Babylon the great, which Jesus revealed to me is the USA would become a dwelling for every hateful bird, which includes the Socialists in the Democratic Party and the Muslim terrorists and their supporters.

    • JD,
      You have to include in your statement about the hateful bird the Christians who sell out to Romney (I am for neither candidate).
      I went to an election forum yesterday and was asked “Who do you pick, Obama who would kill 100 babies or Romney who will only kill 20?” by an Assembly man and former youth pastor.

      • what? you are just going to let whatever happen happens, so you don’t get to complain about it- sit on the fence till your ass hurts – INACTION, doing nothing is a decision, you are still responsible for the results of that inaction

  4. Continue standing up, Leftists! Stand up for misogyny, for executing gays, for incest and for rape. Hold firm in your support for the stoning of adulteresses. Never cease to defend capital punishment for apostasy. And can there ever really be ENOUGH female genital mutilation? Do not concede those points, Liberals! You have right on your side.


  6. There is a simple solution to Sharia. A Constitutional Amendment prohibiting the use of Foreign Laws in American Courts. Outlaw Sharia and the militant Muslims will leave. Without Sharia Law the political system that is Islam can’t breathe. It dies on the vine.

    • That is a very good idea. They should not be able to use honor killing in this country in any way, shape or form, and then try to say it is ok because we do it in our country. Once they are here they need to abide by the laws of the land here.

  7. Our Messianic President is quoted, ” The future has no place for those who insult the Profit”….

    here’s a different quote: “To Learn Who Rules Over You, Simply Find Out Who You Are Not Allowed to Criticize” Voltaire

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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