Cardinal causes uproar with “Muslim Demographics” video at Vatican

via Cardinal causes uproar with “Muslim scare” video at Vatican – Yahoo! News.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – A Roman Catholic cardinal has caused an uproar at the Vatican by screening a spurious YouTube video that makes alarmist predictions about the growth of Islam in Europe.

The seven-minute clip, called “Muslim Demographics,” was the talk of an international gathering of bishops on Monday, two days after Cardinal Peter Turkson screened it during a free discussion period.

Turkson, a Ghanaian who is based in the Vatican and is president of its Council for Justice and Peace, sparked consternation among his fellow bishops over the clip.

“As we were arriving this morning I was asked several times ‘Who planned it? Whose was it? Who is behind it?” Father Thomas Rosica said at a briefing for journalists, who are not allowed to attend the synod sessions, the first since the screening.

He said the clip had sparked “the most animated” discussion so far at the three-week conference, and one bishop said he would rebut Turkson by presenting a report with contrary data.

Here’s the video, directionally correct as there are Western cities succumbing to Islamic immigration and breeding, but the data figures presented don’t add up. Apparently the video was too scary for al-Reuters to link to or include in their article.

Speaking of “Muslim scare” statistics, terror-linked CAIR has for years repeated there are 8 million Muslims in the U.S., That’s just one million fewer than the figure stated in the video that was posted on Youtube years after anti-jihadists debunked CAIR’s propaganda (see The 8-Million Muslim Lie). The unindicted co-conspirator CAIR has also recently reported the following “Muslim scare” stats:

Lest Reuters or the cardinals in the Vatican or anyone else be in denial, one need look only as far as Belgium where:

As Belgium-based Armenian Samvel Avanesyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter, one of the central districts of Brussels Sint-Jans-Molenbeek had only Muslim candidates.

The photos of the election campaign posters he took showed the true situation. “Either Jalal, or Husein, or Muhammad will win the elections. That’s the true image of Europe’s future,” he said.

Let the cowtowing begin in Vatican City.

17 thoughts on “Cardinal causes uproar with “Muslim Demographics” video at Vatican

  1. Do not tell me the Catholic church has its head in the sand regarding Islam/Islamists or are oblivious to world wide murders/mayhem they are committing!!!. Does the Catholic church actually believe Islam is a ‘religion’ because of what the profligate Mohammad said about Abraham? I am aghast.

  2. It would be nice to know which statistics are accurate and which are not, along with the correct figures. Then we can be educated enough to make this a dialogue in society. Quote the wrong numbers just once, and the argument is over.

  3. Churches continue to lose to Islam as they are turned into Mosque, violence against all Religions implemented by the Quran is the reason Muslims are set on blood thirst. Huge Mosque are built as well with oil rich countries on U.S soil, which like an Embassy becomes Islamic soil never to be reversed.

  4. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has a post on their web site about relations with non-Christian religions. In sum, the church seeks dialogue. As far as it goers this is fine. The Problem enters when I factor in the only response to questions about mohammad’s god allah – VIOLENCE. How to engage in useful dialogue if there is always the threat of murder over our heads?

    • Six weeks +/- ago, a Mid-eastern Imam declared that Islamists would NOT stop fighting until their flag flew over the White House & the Vatican…….and the Bishops want to talke? Sheer insanity. The old ‘turn the other cheek’ routine……………sometimes it’s just not going to work…………imagine that!

  5. America and the West are at war with Islam because Islam declared war on us 1400 years ago. America needs to revive its Smith Act. We need to hunt down the traitors where ever they are hiding. Those with Green Cards need to be expelled forthwith. Those naturalized need to have their citizenship revoked and their butts back in their 7th Century enclaves. Those US born citizens who are guilty of advocating the overthrow of the Constitution for Sharia need to be tried under Article III of the Constitution for treason. These facts are reality. That is, after all, why the Federal Government spent the last five years reconstituting the FEMA camps. There is no peace with Islam. There is no future with Islam. Thank god for 9/11 otherwise we in the West would still be sleeping while the cancer devoured us alive. But, we are awake. And, we will take the fight to the enemy…very soon.

    • The folly in America is that since 9/11 more US citizens are aware of Islam and will do nothing but the nation has had a segment of Obama-liberal-Islam followers spring up in the form of judges, attornies, liberals, nay-sayers, muslim groups and existing organizations such as the ACLU has reached new heights of boldness.
      Catholic Universities and colleges have allowed Islamists & gays to enter (and form student unions to seduce recruits); WHAT IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THINKING?

  6. The truth is not liked by the followers of Islam. Islam’s goal since the 7th Century has been to take over the entire world. They want to be able to do only what they want for everybody. Sharia Law For All, Freedom For None.

  7. Here in America we are out numbered by Muslims, by that I mean within a community of Muslims they will strike when the odds are in their favor, meaning, every Muslim will come at you….Americans need to become familiar with Muslim thuggering, they are gangs with signs and phones and they come like ants upon a prey fast.

    Now the best and only option is to Ban Mosque, ban no go zones, ban Islamic police departments, ban Muslim Immigration, this must be done to preserve America, but this is something Americas won’t consider because they do not know or believe this is true.

    America’s need to see first hand what its like to live among Muslims, so I suggest you find a form middle eastern non Muslim and in private ask them what its like, under fear they may or many not tell you..

    So, here is a link to read first hand from people who know…

    • If educated men do not observe the world they live in, the chances of them going to a website (which was excellent,by the way) are slim to none. Everyday there is news of annihilations and travesties Islamists have perperated – I’m sure those in the Vatican read or are their lives so sheltered – in a room full of educated, Godly men, the only one who was not blind was showing the You Tube clip. I am literally sick to my stomach to learn this.

  8. “As we were arriving this morning I was asked several times ‘Who planned it? Whose was it? Who is behind it?” Father Thomas Rosica said at a briefing for journalists, who are not allowed to attend the synod sessions, the first since the screening.

  9. we in Africa have always known that the WEST with their so called LIBERALISM will be slaves to ISLAM one day. Europe quest for the Arab oil will ruin them. How can you explain the fact that when A Moslem insults my religion, and belief, Itake it that he/she has the right to talk, but when I respond, there is whole lot of Barbaric riots in the whole of Islamic world and suprisingly European Countries will rather than stop the madness called riot will seek to pacify them.

    • You’re quite right Fidelis, it’s a case of Westerners letting them do it; caving in to them. We could, and should stand up to them–and squash them; unfortunately cowardice is stopping us……………

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