Another Muslim hate-crime debunked, charges dropped

via Hate-crime charges dropped in cab dispute – StamfordAdvocate.

STAMFORD — A judge on Monday threw out charges against the Morgan Stanley executive accused of assault and committing a hate crime during a fare dispute with a cab driver who drove him from New York City to his Darien home late last year.

On the day the case was to be tried, Judge Kenneth Povodator dismissed the charges against William Jennings, 47, in response to a request by Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney Steven Weiss. Jennings had been placed on administrative leave from his job as co-head of fixed income and capital markets for Morgan Stanley in Manhattan.

Jennings was charged in late February with second-degree intimidation based on race or bigotry, second-degree assault and theft of services relating to the Dec. 22 dispute with the New York City taxi driver. He was released after posting a $9,500 court bond; he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Before asking that the criminal case be dropped, Weiss said he recently found out the cabbie, Mohamed Anmar, withheld evidence from police and had ample opportunities to tell police and prosecutors he had a small knife in his possession.

There’s a crime.

Weiss said police were unable to find the penknife Jennings allegedly used to cut Anmar’s finger, but added Anmar has had it since the incident. Weiss said the case would be better resolved in civil court and there was no public interest in going further with it.

Jennings, 47, said the outcome of the case spoke for itself. He gave thanks to friends and family for their support, but would not comment on whether he has returned to work.

Gene Riccio, Jennings’ attorney, filed a motion in May asking that the charges be dropped for several reasons, including inconsistent statements by the cabbie.

Riccio said police reports revealed the driver did not mention the alleged hate crime during his hour-long interview with police immediately after the incident.

“The most glaring example is the lack of any complaint relating to bias or bigotry on the night of the incident. And according to (the cab driver) there were two different locations where this alleged stabbing supposedly took place,” Riccio said after filing the motion to dismiss in May.

Riccio also noted the cab driver originally reported the stabbing took place near Jennings’ driveway. A week later the cab driver said the stabbing occurred at least a mile away from Jennings’ home.

Mohamed Anmar

6 thoughts on “Another Muslim hate-crime debunked, charges dropped

  1. Looks like the Muslims have taken over Morgan Stanley too!

    Yep, I guess it’s too late… we’ve been bought out… for a song…

    I’ll bet the Supreme Court has been bought out too!
    … wouldn’t be a damn bit surprised…

    What some people will do for a buck!


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