Russian reporter visits ‘no go zone’ in Paris (video)

h/t @CausingFitna via YouTube.

15 thoughts on “Russian reporter visits ‘no go zone’ in Paris (video)

  1. Only when the West, lead by America eliminates the need for Arab oil will we be able to restore Europe to the native population it always had thus restoring its cultural value and heritage for the rest of the world to enjoy. We have the same problems in America & the only way I see the desired change coming about is if we oust our Muslim/Marxist president and elect Romney.

  2. Islam ” The Religion of Peace “, said often but the actions of its followers show a different course of action. Islam’s goal since the 7th Century has been to take over the entire world. Sharia Law For All, Freedom For None. Coming soon to a town near you.

  3. The more the Muslims take over, the more we will begin to look like all the other Muslim countries. Why do gov’ts. not stand up for their citizens and culture and bow to the inbred scum Muslims?

    • Muse they will not stand up until the people demo in the thousands to say they want them out while they keep taking it they will hr by hr day by day etc takeover the whole of France they need to demand that they be deported never mind the EU in time the govenment will be over thrown and a MUslim Islamist brotherhood in stalled not long now I feel. Geert Wilders warned the west but they but for a few do nothing only say yes I know it is awful and carry on. So all the ones that do want to demo get violence and not supported byu the police if they speak out so it needs to ne in the thousands or petition in the millioms to the MPs short of that nothing will even remotely galvanise the PMs into action in any country it is called people power.

      • I have seen that at times when the citizens do step up but they are quickly told to shut up. Why do countries still let them immigrate? They are bringing great countries down because they are takers and they do not contribute anything. I believe that Russia is the only strong country.

        • Easy answer or maybe not whay do they let them in you mean like LABOUR did well it was to keep the min wage down by flooding the country with immigrants that would intially work for peanuts knowing they could get free eduation then take all the best jobs in the future they flocked here so for the time being keeping our indigenious from asking for higher min pay because if they did a immigrant would take job for lower pay instead. WE MUST NEVER FOR GET THAT TRAITOR LABOUR DID THIS. These people are responsible for ther destruction of the UK and they will never have to answer to it they are still sitting there in parliament has brass necked has you like trying to blame the TORYS for what is presently going on acknowleging nothing they have doen and hassling the Torys all the time has if they have done it it makes you want to be sick. Just try watching it on TV.

          • I have always felt that the illegal citizens were being used by big corporations to save money. The corps. have to be fined heavily so it isn’t worth the fine to hire the illegals. With that being said now all you have to do is enforce the laws. Bribery will be done on all levels. Gov’t. is the culprit in all this.

          • muse not the illegals as such just all the immigrants let in so they could make sure that the indigenious had to work for min wage and not ask for a rise or the immigrants would take their place and work for less so they dare not demand min pay rise and be forced to carry on working even though the min wage was not enough to live off. Now because of the immigrants taking the jobs they there are I think there is a lot claiming family tax credits to bring pay up to min wage when you work part time so I guess they have had to rectify it some how but the thing is the min wage has hardly gone up in yrs now I do not think. What a stupid mess the LABOUR party have made.

          • I understand what you are saying. It is time that countries stop allowing immigrants to enter especially under these hard times. The citizens who pay taxes also pay for their benefits. I am afraid that many are seeing that the people that know how to work the system and don’t have to work are going to join that crowd. Their mindset must be why am I working my butt off for my family and Joe next door is on the dole and has just as much as I do and doesn’t have to work. When that happens you will see wars is the streets of all countries.

  4. this is heartbreaking to watch…all of the famous parisian landmarks that have been ravaged & destroyed! the french have allowed this to happen. how long will it take for us to see, experience & witness this very thing here in our own country?!?! the trend is moving in that direction here…will there be any brave souls to stem the tide of this savagery? if mitt is elected, will he, indeed, block the onslaught? if nothing is done to halt this invasion, then we, as well as europe, are doomed.

      • Good point, next, the Govt. must cut ALL benefits to them; then there will be rioting in the streets, and only then–a full out civil war, will Eurabian countries be able to force them out and take back their own lands. There will be massive violence, but better to do this NOW while we have superior numbers.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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