Preserve Liberty Corner (NJ), Stop the Mosque

Bernards mosque debate a 'complex situation,' Islamic Society head says |

via Bernards mosque debate a ‘complex situation,’ Islamic Society head says |

BERNARDS — Passions are running high around a proposal to build a mosque in what residents call a historic section of the town. But the president of the group trying to build the house of worship says he’d rather just stick to the legal issues.

Ali Chaudry, president of the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, said he does not want to speculate about why so many residents seem opposed to the mosque — about 120 reportedly attended a recent meeting, and the Star-Ledger recently reported some residents are posting signs urging people to “Preserve Liberty Corner.”

The proposal, though, doesn’t require any zoning variances — there’s no prohibition on a house of worship in the area where the society wants to build. Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church is located down the street from the proposed mosque.

“We’re doing everything according to the law,” Chaudry said Thursday. “At this point, we’re in the process right now, and we want to make sure (the planning board) remains our main forum. We’re working with a complex situation.”

The Islamic Society is seeking final site plan approval to raze a home on the 4.3-acre property at 124 Church St., in the Liberty Corner section of town, and build a 4,250-square-foot house of worship in its place.

A residents group — dubbed the Bernards Township Citizens for Responsible Development — opposes the project because its members fear the mosque will increase traffic congestion in a residential area, according to its website.

A similar situation occurred in Bridgewater last year, when a mosque construction proposal was successfully fought by township residents who cited concerns of increased traffic, and the issue has been stuck in federal court ever since. Bridgewater Administrator James Naples has told The Star-Ledger he believed there could be a trial by the end of the year.

And on its website, the citizens’ group lists various specific concerns over the mosque — most surrounding area traffic, lighting and parking issues in the residential neighborhood, as the plan calls for a 50-space parking area behind the mosque.
Among the concerns listed the website:
• Public safety and traffic congestion at the accident-prone intersection of Somerville Road/ Church Street and the surrounding busy intersections.
• The proximity of the development to the Liberty Corner Firehouse.
• The proposed hours of use, which include activities at least 5 to 7 days a week.
• Future growth.
The citizens’ group did not respond to repeated requests for comment.
Township planning board Secretary Frances Florio said while the board tries to pass judgement based on township ordinances, if someone comes up with an objection, and can demonstrate to the board that the objection is based on whether the application conforms to ordinances, the board will listen.
“However, if there is no particular ordinance or legal basis for taking a particular action, positive or negative, the board is very careful,” Florio said. “The fact that simply there are people who are objecting to the application, that may or may not be something the board should take into consideration.”
The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge is scheduled to present more specifics on its plan to build a mosque in Basking Ridge before the township planning board on Oct. 25.

Here are a few more concerns:

To wit, reached out for comment to the Why Islam? dawah group whose founder wrote on his website that “showing happiness and joy on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Good Friday is like shaking hands with Satan” and “Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr and replace them with the pillars of Islam.”

So yes, now is the time to Preserve Liberty Corner!!!

You can show support on Facebook:

Please do those directly involved in this situation a huge favor and don’t leave rude, obnoxious comments like many leave here that will only give fuel to groups like CAIR and be used against the citizens of the area who are trying to preserve their quiet and still pristine neighborhood.

8 thoughts on “Preserve Liberty Corner (NJ), Stop the Mosque

  1. Islamists believe they can do & say anything in this country and it falls on deaf ears. Their modus operandi is to move into a community and start making demands. For some obscure or ignorant, reason, politicians fall for their lies (political correctness, ignorance?) and – voila! They get their way. Dig in your heels and forbid this mosque.
    All over the country while Muslims are building up their culture, ours is being sublimated – be it sharia law or building a mosqe, or their prayers in school (while Judeo Christian prayers & God are not allowed), …look up Dearborn, MI or Detroit, MI or any city where there is a plethora of these sand fleas. Next thing they do is get into your local gov’t….and when that happens, you are truly doomed. Obama has more than enough Muslims in the Fed. Gov’t. These people have a law suit against New York City and Chief of Police Ray Kelly because the police refuse to stop anti-terrorist training and are ‘insulting them’ by having Islamist groups in NYC under surveillance. Imagine that! Yet an Islamist tried to blow up the NY Fed. Reserve Bank. They, uinder any circumstances, are not to be trusted.
    They have gone to police depts through out the country requesting of them, what they asked in NY (didn’t work), they have gone to the Military and asked any bias against Islam be removed from from our military’s training manuals – and it happened – and these are the people we are fighting in (Iraq), Iran, Afghanistan etc. Pure evil.
    Look at the first response on this page – a brazen muslim threatening us – he follows a perverted, profligate who was kicked out of Mecca twice, & Medina; Muhammad’s brain was so rotted by alcohol and he wrote the Koran – finally, his wife murdered him…and they LOVE him and his evil book…..totally fabricated.
    Islam is pure, unadulterated evil – these people should be kicked out of NJ and every other state –

  2. If you let them build this, it is to be a mosque till the end of time. That means they will attack any other use of it like they do Israel.

  3. Thank you for posting this article. I live nearby and am involved in the opposition. Please note that this is a residential zone, but a loophole (allowing houses of worship as a ‘permitted’ rather than ‘conditional’ use – all surrounding towns use the more restrictive ‘conditional use’ language in their ordinances) exists and the ISBR (Muslim group) is using this to their advantage. They plan to knock down a house that sits between 2 other private homes and build their mosque. Why? Why choose this site?Oh – one last point you missed: It is across the street from the Liberty Corner Firehouse’s 9/11 Memorial – Seventeen township residents were murdered by Islamists that day. Yet – we taxpaying citizens are not allowed to even mention that at Planning Board meetings. God help the USA.

    • Thank you.

      Clearly we missed it because the media did not report it – if you have more info or links to info we will post it, or if you want to provide your side of the story free from media bias we will post that as well.

      • Thanks! First of all, I want to be clear that I am NOT a member of BTCRD, which you reference in your post. They are a great bunch of residents who have hired a land use attorney and are focusing strictly on land use issues. Frankly, all the Planning Board will hear is land use issues – they will shut down any discussion that is not relevant to the ordinance.

        When I speak at the meetings, I focus on land use, too. And I am absolutely concerned about the impact this mosque, as an institutional use, will have on the quiet neighborhood. The site is inappropriate for anything other than a home – that is where the planning board of 19992 made a huge mistake in allowing such development as a “permitted use.” The ISBR has a very low standard to meet.

        No other house of worship has attempted to build in a residential neighborhood in the past 20 years – only the Muslims. They choose an inappropriate site, then cry “Islamophobia” when the neighbors protest. The president of the ISBR has been involved in town politics for decades and is well aware of how things work. They have clearly been planning this for some time.

        Last night, the third Planning Board presentation was held – they presented their traffic expert, who testified that an extra 100 cars on a 2 lane road, across the street from a fire house and school will have NO impact. Many residents, myself included, questioned him to the point where he exploded in anger. He is being recalled at our next meeting to provide more information the board requested. The next meeting is November 28th.

        Thank you for directing patriots to our FB page. PLEASE – be careful with what you post. We appreciate the support, but as, CS pointed out – they will use anti-Islam comments against us in a future lawsuit. I’m not removing comments (unless they a particularly inflammatory) because I am a supporter of the US Constitution. Thank you and God Help the USA!

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