Devout Muslim, second arrested in Federal Reserve bomb plot


The alleged al Qaeda wannabe accused of trying to wipe out the Federal Reserve had an accomplice in San Diego who was busted on kiddie porn charges, sources told The Post.

Howard Willie Carter II was arraigned yesterday after agents found a hard drive containing a sickening trove of pictures in a Dumpster outside his apartment complex, sources and court papers revealed.

Carter, 36, was identified by a law enforcement source as “Yaqueen,” the accomplice of Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, 21, who was charged Wednesday with trying to use a weapon of mass destruction and providing material support to al Qaeda.

The complaint against Nafis says Yaqueen wanted to help in the attack.

Carter has not been slapped with terror charges but is “an associate of Nafis,” a law enforcement source said.

The pair met and communicated solely on the Internet, sources said.

Documents say about 30 homemade videos were found on Carter’s computer, including one filmed on an iPhone in which he waves a sword while looking in a mirror.

Approximately 1,000 child porn photos were also found, the papers say.

In other videos, he speaks to the camera with his face and head covered, though it is not clear what he is saying.

Nafis, a bus boy who studied computer technology at ASA College in Manhattan, was busted by federal agents after he allegedly tried to set off explosives in a van by calling a cellphone detonator from the nearby Millenium Hilton hotel.

He was seen on his knees praying on the hotel’s fourth floor before he allegedly tried to detonate the bomb.

“There was this young looking kid at the end of the hallway praying to Allah,” a witness told The Post.

“It was really strange. He was on his knees and was very intense,” she said.

“Management came up to us and asked whether he was with us. They looked concerned about it. Then last night, I saw the same kid on the news. I was shocked.”

Nafis’ arrest came after a months long FBI investigation in which he was recorded explaining his plans to “destroy America” with an attack on the economy, court papers say.

After months of planning, he and an agent posing as a accomplice loaded the van with fake explosives at a warehouse owned by the FBI and parked it outside the Federal Reserve, authorities said.

He checked into the hotel, where authorities say he repeatedly tried to the detonate the fake bomb.

Local man possibly linked to plot to bomb Federal Reserve goes to court

For more than a month, Curtis Morehead was Carter’s roommate at the City Heights apartment. He told 10News FBI agents raided his apartment on Wednesday morning and showed him pictures of Carter.

“They said they were looking into … an organized terror front to America,” said Morehead.

Sources said Carter is the man authorities believe was going by the name “Yaqueen” — a man named in an FBI affidavit as a possible co-conspirator in the foiled Federal Reserve attack.

The affidavit stated two other individuals wanted to participate in the attack, Including Yaqueen.

Agents said the alleged mastermind, Nafis, recruited through Facebook and referred to Yaqeen with these words: “We are ready for action. We just want to meet our lord as soon as we can. I just want something big … for the Muslims … that will make us one step closer to run the whole world.”

Morehead said his roommate was a devout Muslim, regularly went to a nearby mosque and once made an interesting remark.

“He said, ‘We will take out anyone who messes with us.’ That kind of struck me as, you’re one of those, OK,” said Morehead.

Morehead said Carter was jobless, had little money and claimed to be from Baltimore.

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  1. Islam ” The Religion of Peace “, said often but the actions of its followers show a different story. Can not even stand up to any criticism. Sharia Law For All, Freedom For None.

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