Obama’s First Terrorism Cover-up: Little Rock, Ark. Recruiting Center Attack

We covered this even many times (Feds ignoring Arkansas jihad case and local prosecutors are treating jihadi as just another street thug), check the archives.

via Obama’s First Terrorism Cover-up: Benghazi in Little Rock.

In 2009, Carlos Bledsoe, a Bible Belt Christian converted to Islam and murdered Andy Long, a U.S. Army soldier, in Little Rock. The U.S. Government refused – and still refuses – to call it terror.

This American nightmare is now the subject of a stunning documentary, which shows that the first successful Al Qaeda attack on American soil since 9/11 was purposely not treated as a terrorist act by the Obama Administration.

The documentary, “Losing Our Sons,” will be the focus of a special webcast program on October 18th at 8PM EDT and can be viewed at the end of this article.

The film tells the story of how Carlos, a young African American college student raised in a middle class Baptist church-going home in Memphis, converted to Islam while studying in Nashville and was sent by local Islamic extremists to Yemen. There, he was trained by Al Qaeda operatives and returned home a year later to perform his personal jihad. After trying to kill two Jewish rabbis in Memphis and Nashville, Carlos shot and killed Andy Long outside a U.S. Army recruitment center in Little Rock. Carlos, who took the name Abdulhakim Muhammad was caught, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. He told the Associated Press the murder was “Islamically justified.”

Though Carlos was trained by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, crossed state lines to carry out multiple crimes, and confessed to killing Andy as part of his personal jihad, the Justice Department refused to bring any Federal charges against him. The murder was prosecuted in Arkansas state court as a simple drive-by shooting. The Defense Department has refused to give Andy Long a Purple Heart, which would signal that he died by the hands of an enemy combatant in a hostile act on a uniformed military man. The victims of the Fort Hood shooting are likewise denied recognition with a Purple Heart.

“Losing Our Sons” traces the stories of Andy and Carlos’s fathers, Daris Long and Melvin Bledsoe, as they try to tell the American people the truth of what happened to their sons. Audiences fume at scenes of Obama Administration officials denying in their testimony to Congress that Islamic extremism is at war with the United States. Melvin’s testimony about losing his son to a radical ideology is dismissed by certain Congressmen as “an anecdote.”

The special UStream webcast includes a live studio audience discussion with the two fathers, who talk about the murder, the U.S. Government’s response, and how they came together in their determination to warn the American people about the threat of radical Islam. Fox News’s Mike Huckabee interviewed the fathers on his show and emotionally recommended the film to his audience.

Americans are now watching the Arab spring turn into a winter with the Muslim Brotherhood in the ascendance across the Middle East. It is important to see how Islamic radicalism is making strides right here on American soil. Moreover, it is important to see how the Administration’s willingness to deny the reality of a resurgent Al Qaeda’s terrorism against America, now in the public eye because of Obama’s lies about the terrorist assault on our embassy in Libya, has actually been official policy for over three years.

By Charles Jacobs and Ilya Feoktistov, President and Research Director of Americans for Peace and Tolerance

Watch the complete documentary here https://www.losingoursons.com/ or at the link above. We’ll embed if/when possible (iframes don’t embed in WP.com)

Also note that a second U.S. soldier, Private Quiton Ezeagwula, was wounded in this terrorist attack.

Video added:


16 thoughts on “Obama’s First Terrorism Cover-up: Little Rock, Ark. Recruiting Center Attack

    • I think there is so much evil in this filthy Fraud’s life that it will go on and on the murders, gay lovers, embezzling, causing violence, running with terrorists thugs, loosing his law license and Moo Cow POS loosing her law license. All these records he has sealed will be revealed whether he likes it or not. There are just too many bodies buried out there.

      And you are right no one died at Watergate, and at this point between the evil Clinton Scum and Obama Scum, Watergate was mere child’s play.

      I think Obama has exceeded the body count the Clinton’s have caused in their regime of terror and destruction of America.

      I know he had Breitbart, Lt. Quayles Harris the Passport Agent, his 3 gay lovers, & many others assassinated. Also had Judge Roll in Arizona assassinated after the Judge ruled against Obama on the “goldline” rule in which Obama tried to change the rule so that govt
      can take your pensions, checking, savings, stocks without your knowledge or permission. Judge Roll stopped him and 3 days after
      the ruling he is shot in Tuscon along with Gabby Giffords and media
      stayed on Giffords. Not a word about Judge Roll, not one word from Obama’s media but it was all over European news media. No ballistics
      by FBI was allowed nor NCIS at the scene after the Tuscon shootings.
      The media stayed on Gabby Giffords 24/7, not a word about Judge Roll. Media in US is Gutter Rat Scum Liars and Propagandists.

      We have no media in U.S.

  1. Islam ” The Religion of Peace “, said often but the actions of its followers show a very different story. Shari Law For All, Freedom For None. Sedition and Treason may apply. Human rights are not applied well in Islam since the 7th Century. Historical facts.
    Mr. Nixon was forced to resign because of ” Watergate “. Nobody died during that politically motivated break in. Mr. Obama’s policies have caused officers of The United states to get killed in Little Rock, Workplace violence Terror attack at Fort Hood, ” Fast And Furious ” ,and now ” Benghazigate “. The Senate and Congress need to investigate these and vet Mr. Obama for eligibility since they did not do it in 2008.

  2. there is plenty we do not know about as the msm will not tell the truth about anything even if it slapped them in the face. the demo/socialists want free money for all freeloaders while the rest of us support them. Romney can get the country on the right track but the crap in congress has to stop and the muslims have to be stopped in their tracks from proliferating more of their crap on the non-muslims. obama has protected the muslims on every front. If the Libya event doesnt wake people up, nothing will.

  3. there are many issues that need to be resolved after the comimg election. not the least of which is the muslim-take-over-of-america. will mitt be up to the job?…or will he waffle & hide behind PC? if nothing is done to eliminate this scourge, then we are doomed. to continue this nation’s founding principles, & get back on track by following our constitution, means we must rid ourselves of this element…NOW!

  4. The reason that the Socialists in the Democratic Party have made it a policy to try and cover up, if possible, every terrorist act that involves their party is because they want to hide from their voter base and their intended targets, the Christians and Jews and the state of Israel that they are conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s pseudo terrorist organizations against Christians, Jews and the state of Israel.

  5. Americans are now watching the Arab spring turn into a river of blood against Christians with the Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood in the ascendance across the Middle East. It is important to see how Islamic radicalism is making strides and been placed into key positions in DOS and Homeland security, in fact muslim brotherhood is setting our foreign policy, with billions from Hilary funding their arms race.

    Right here on American soil we are losing cities, like Dearborn MI. It is illegal to raise an Israeli flag there and you will be stopped.

    Moreover, it is important to see how the Administration’s willingness to support and fund a resurgent Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR terrorism against America, now in the public eye because of Obama’s lies about the terrorist assault on our embassy in Libya, has actually been official policy for over three years.

  6. Save Our Sons is a powerful film I watched last night, woke up thinking about it. I feel so for the Bledsos, and as Mr. Long said, their pain is and will be worse than that of the Longs. If Carlos could find Christ again, this family could be at peace someday. But with islam in the prisons, I suppose there’s little chance of that. Still we hope and pray for them. Mr. Bledso is unforgettable, and is a force for good in the world. Bless the persons involved with this film. The dot connection with the imam’s voices, both printed and verbal, side by side with the photos and video of community members, Jewish leaders, etc. standing by the Islamic communities—while the vile hatred is also spewed out of the other side of the imams’ mouths—the close ups of the community leaders in Tennessee, where are they that they cannot connect with the truth? The collusion of government officials pictured, the universities, the media—I thought I saw a webpage for society of professional journalists in there—One minus is the inclusion of ‘Zhudi’ in his never neverland but at least we get to see him on his rug for once.
    Also, BCF has a good forty minute vid on an Israeli’s infiltration of muslim communities in Europe, France and Malmo, Sweden.

    • Consider this attack occurred five months before on June 1, 2009 and Fort Hood occurred on November 5, 2009.

      Check our archives and you’re likely to find other cover ups prior to that though.

      • Don’t I feel bad!! Yes! You are right!!!!!
        This is the 3rd….THE THIRD COVER-UP!

        They KNEW that the damn Muslim at Ft. Hood was planning something and THEY DIDN’T DO A DAMN THING! They were worried about PC!!!

        Hey! Fellows! How’s that PC workin’ out for ya?!!!

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