Muslims kill 30 in latest attack on Nigerian Christians

via Thirty killed in central Nigeria village attack.

Jos (Nigeria): Nomadic Muslim herdsmen attacked a Christian village in central Nigeria over long-running land disputes, killing at least 30 people in their latest assault, police said on Thursday.

The attack in Benue state comes as a bomb exploded today in northeast Nigeria, apparently killing a police officer and sparking reprisal attacks by the military in the region, residents said.

In Benue state, the attack Sunday targeted a rural village of Christian Tiv people called Yogbo in the state, police spokesman Daniel Ezeala said. After the attack, those living there fled, community leader Daniel Tsenghul said.

The Tiv are one the largest of the minority ethnic groups in Nigeria, a nation of more than 160 million people and more than 250 different ethnicities.

The Tiv and the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen have previously fought over land in Benue. In December, authorities said fighting between the two groups displaced some 5,000 people.

The jihad attacks are endless: Explosions Rock Bauchi Church As Four Die in Bus Attack

Vanguard learnt that one of the explosions destroyed the pulpit of the COCIN Church in Zango and a building near the church while the second explosion destroyed a fence in Gudum Sayawa. There were no casualties in both explosions.

Vanguard learnt that the bomb planted in the pulpit of the COCIN church in Zango exploded at about 9pm Tuesday, almost at the same time with the one that exploded in Gudum Hausawa.

Meanwhile, some people suspected to be Fulani herdsmen have attacked a bus killing four people, yesterday, in Gwatukuru village near Dass Local Government Area in Bauchi State.

Nine people were seriously injured after the bus with number plate AA 82 TFB belonging to the Seyawa Council of Elders and Traditional Rulers was set ablaze.

Expect fresh attacks today in Nigeria.

2 thoughts on “Muslims kill 30 in latest attack on Nigerian Christians

  1. This will be the west soon everywhere in every city town and village. But the majority are still only saying they need to intergare more with us, can’t they read do they not know that this will never happen I am speechless at their ignorance and gulibility.

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