Video: Undercover in Europe’s Islamic no-go zones

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17 thoughts on “Video: Undercover in Europe’s Islamic no-go zones

  1. I will not go to Paris anymore! I also gave up my second home in NYC a year ago due to the Muslims! Until u live among them u don’t get it! When I would take a cab I got so exhausted by their preaching to me! Every time it never failed if I was in any length of ride. They absolutely will NOT get near u if u have any sort of Christian jewelry on ! So of course I made sure to wear. I’ve had Muslim men tell me my skirt or shirt was too revealing . I wear very very conservative biz suits. They always take every opportunity to preach that ur life is wicked

    • Those predominant moslems countries also have one of the worst public transport system and those moslems and non-moslems in moslems predominant county for example tend to make it very inconveninet and a big hassle to travel by taxis or by bus(mostly filthy). It is such a big hassle, not to mention the uneasiness. and the discomfort travelling in their predominant asian and middle eastern predominantly islamic countries.

      • that is very weird, Muslim men shouldn’t be talking to unrelated females without reason, and they should be lowering their gaze. I go near plenty of people wearing crosses, or other religious jewellery, why would it bother me? I have never heard of this being an issue for anyone before!

  2. First things first, Mosque in the U.S must be banned for Constitutional issues, Islam does not recognize the U.S Constitution acceptable to Islam, therefore Mosque are built on U.S soil, money is exchanged with political leaders to sell out America…So, lets take it to grassroots America and ban Mosque……….Before we have 30 Million Muslims here, we are at 15 million and growing……………..

      • Really? “those with whom you made an agreement, then they have not failed you in anything and have not backed up any one against you; so fulfil their agreement to the end of their term. Surely Allah loves those who keep their duty.”

        so surely this Quran verse demonstrates Muslim’s have to keep agreements, and by being a citizen you agree to laws, swear an oath etc.

        Breaking an oath is a serious offence in Islam!

  3. The killing of 13 people at Fort Hood was a terrorist act and those hurt or killed deserve The Purple Heart. My having a father who was awarded the Purple Heart and me serving 20 years in the Armed Forces tells me that is the way it is supposed to be. Our current administration covering up and for anything committed by Terrorists following Islam is appalling. ” Little Rock “, “Fort Hood ” , and “Benghazi ” were all terrorist acts. Benghazi also should be considered an act of war against The United States. People in The Armed Forces take an oath to The Constitution Of The United States. People following Islam hold Sharia Law and The Koran highest so incidents like this show where the true loyalties are. Look up Sedition and Treason as they can apply. You can not treat cancer by calling it candy and licking it. Sorry folks, that’s a little thing called REALITY. If it acts like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Not “If it trying to kill you and take over the world it’s a girl scout selling cookies” . Think about what they are selling compared to what they are doing. Look around the world.

    • how many Muslims are trying to kill you and commit terrorist acts, and how many are living peacefully in your country?

      that is like saying one black man went on a shooting spree so it quacks like a duck all black men are homicidal maniacs or something stupid like that.

  4. It is even worst in asia, where you can’t trust anyone whether they professed to be moslems or not. Their islam intruding into every corner and into almost every aspect of our nonbelievers life. It is really disgusting. those moslems and asians had been demanding for pity, while their asian and islamic community had been terrorising and intimidating the world and what not while those horrible moslems and asians are milking the West for more.

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