Former Dearborn Muslim guilty of (honor) killing stepdaughter

Another Islamic honor killing and another case of honor killing denial.

via The Daily Tribune – Former Dearborn man guilty of murdering stepdaughter in Warren.

A jury deliberated only 35 minutes Friday before convicting a 47-year-old former Dearborn man of murdering his 20-year-old stepdaughter last year in Warren.

Rahim Alfetlawi faces life in prison without parole after the jury found him guilty of first-degree murder and two other offenses in the April 30, 2011, shooting death of Jessica Mokdad in Mokdad’s grandmother’s home on Tallman Street.

The verdict followed a more than weeklong trial in front of Judge David Viviano in Macomb County Circuit Court in Mount Clemens.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 15.

Mokdad’s mother, Wendy Wasinski, said the verdict brings relief for her and justice for Jessica.

“It (the trial) was very hard for me to watch but I had to do it because I needed closure,” she said. “I’m ready to move on with my life.”

Alfetlawi showed no emotion upon hearing the verdict. As he was escorted from the courtroom, he turned and smiled wide at Wasinski, a move she called “creepy.”

“I don’t know if he was smiling because he was saying, ‘I still did it,’ ” she said, or, “It was another way to taunt me.”

As Mokdad matured and tried to gain independence, Alfetlawi became obsessive and controlling over her. His behavior progressed to homicide when he learned that Mokdad told her mother the day before her death that Alfetlawi had raped her about two years before.

“That’s what put him over the edge,” assistant Macomb prosecutor William Cataldo said.

Wasinki, who was born in Hamtramck and lived in Warren, married Alfetlawi in 1998 shortly after she converted to Islam, when Mokdad was 7.

The family lived in Dearborn and moved to Coon Rapids, Minn., in 2005.

Cataldo said the deliberations were the shortest he has seen in a murder case in years.

The jury easily disregarded Alfetlawi’s claim he accidentally shot her in a struggle over the gun, three jurors said. “There’s no way it happened the way he said it did,” one juror said.

Jurors said Mokdad’s body position and bullet trajectory contradicted Alfetlawi’s claim that Mokdad discovered the gun during an embrace and tried to take it from him.

Mokdad was found on her back with her feet facing forward partially underneath a bed. Cataldo said Mokdad had just placed a box on the bed, and Alfetlawi shot her from 3 feet away.

Jurors noted that the bullet went straight, not on an angle if Alfetlawi’s version was true.

“We figured it was premeditated from the time he left (Minnesota),” a juror said. “I think he was on a mission.”

Mokdad got married at 17, and the couple lived off-and-on with Wasinski and Alfetlawi in Minnesota as well as with relatives in Michigan. The marriage began falling apart in the months before her death.

On March 26, 2011, Alfetlawi abducted and forced Mokdad to return to Minnesota. She remained there for about eight days, during which constant monitoring continued.

Her mother helped her flee a second time April 4, 2011, by driving her to a train station while Alfetlawi slept.

When Alfetlawi learned Mokdad revealed the rape, he decided to kill her and anyone with her, Cataldo said. He drove the 12 hours from Minnesota, first stopping at the Grand Blanc home of Mokdad’s father and, finding no one, located Mokdad and her grandmother, Diane Fauer, in metro-Detroit.

He helped Mokdad and Fauer gather belongings of her recently deceased great-grandmother and transport them in separate vehicles. Mokdad and Alfetlawi arrived first at the grandmother’s home.

Mokdad died instantly.

Alfetlawi immediately turned himself in to police. Mokdad’s body was found by Fauer.

The mother just wants to move on.

Macomb Daily staff photo by David Dalton Wendy Wasinski, the the mother of the late Jessica Mokdad, testifies Wednesday during the trial

As the media covers up the reality, here’s what is no longer being reported, Michigan: Honor Killing, Step-Daughter Murdered for not following Islam:

WARREN, Mich. (WJBK) – Jessica Mokedad’s friends and family told us that for the first time in her life, she was finally happy. She had friends and freedom, but her stepfather is accused of taking that all away.

He forced her to wear a traditional head scarf instead of allowing her to make that decision on her own, and when she stopped wearing a scarf, friends say he became furious.

“She just wants to express herself the way she wants and not what he wants,” said friend Kayla Chuba.

That’s why her friends helped her escape.

“She packed up all her stuff. She told me she put it in a bush. She acted like she was taking out the garbage so he wouldn’t see all her stuff packed,” Chuba said.

Jessica left Minnesota and moved to Michigan, but despite the hundreds of miles between them, friends say he tracked her every move.

Like previous Islamic honor killers in the U.S., Rahim Alfetlawi is a U.S. citizen from Iraq.

12 thoughts on “Former Dearborn Muslim guilty of (honor) killing stepdaughter

  1. No JAIL FOR THIS JERK. Give him SHERIA SENTENCE, for one muslim killing another MUSLIM, DEATH SAYS THE QURAN by beheading!!! Time to quit playing with these CAMEL THUGS..LOCK AND LOAD.

    • Except the sharia manual Reliance of the Traveler says Muslims who kill their offspring (honor killing) aren’t subject to punishment

  2. Too bad Pelican Bay isn’t in Michigan. When Muslims/Islamists come to the US you would think they would like to live ‘the American Way’ – not so, they bring their culture – something from which they have not deviated in over 1350 years – they are here and all over Western Europe for one reason – islamization of the West.
    So many people dislike them intensely but nobody seems to see the absolute necessity of getting them out of this country – they ruin everything they touch – they demand, it’s their way only – forget what you have grown to love, cherish – it won’t be around for your childen or grandchildren – and you can thank Obama for this.

  3. Hang him like they do it in Ayran (Iran)…stand him on the roof of a bus…sling a boiled rope tightly around his neck…and simply drive away! Works for me!

  4. Another good reason to ban Mosque in America, which one did he attend and what are the names of the Imams that condone the messenger of Allah honor killing. America really needs to decide on banning Mosque, eliminating school teachings of Islam and get on with our way of life, we need to rid all aspects of Islam from our society. Tribal killings must be isolated within Islamic countries where they are free to hate one another and not allowed to continue stealth jihad civilization anywhere in civilized countries, simple as that, forget what the administration spreads as religious pluralism or interfaith sharing, it does not belong here because America does not need nor want it….

  5. Never would have been convicted in Dearborn, btw. She would have needed 4 witnesses, male, in court just for the rape. Otherwise she would have a beating for tempting a man. Honor killings are permissible under the Demon-cratic party platform now as well.

    Dearborn is under sharia law, and it would take Vladimir Putin to clean it up now. Too far gone to save.

    • Not too far gone, if the US would bring Putin over for a brief visit! That way, the problem might be somewhat alleviated. Same might then be suggested to other similar situations, were Putin’s work to be continued. Amazing how many such truculent Moslems might either adapt or return to country of origin. Same for their offspring.

  6. In conversation with a collegue, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t care what a person believed. However, when those beliefs are expressed in violence, they have placed themselves beyond the pale. I think those followers of mohammad’s god allah convicted of a felony offense should be detained post sentence until they can be placed on a plane to a shari’s compliant country, no ifs ands or buts.

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  8. Why do they live an Islamic country to come to a Christian Country.. are they not happy in their own country…? if not, why do they leave..?

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  10. On 22 September 2013, one day before the start of the school year in Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Majlis or parliament passed a law permitting a stepfather to marry his adopted child.

    In defence of the law, one Member of Parliament said: “According to Islam, every child who is accepted as an adopted child is not considered a real child. Islamic jurisprudence and Sharia law allow the guardian of the child to marry and have sex with his step-child.”

    Children First Now and Fitnah – Movement for Women’s Liberation unequivocally condemn this inhuman law. On 11 October, International Day of the Girl Child, we call on the public and rights organisations to condemn this legalised paedophilia and child rape. This law, like many other laws in the Islamic regime of Iran, violates the dignity and rights of children. And it must be stopped.

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