Muslim jailed after dangling sister-in-law off high-rise over bikini

Islamic war on women down under, via

Man jailed after he held his sister-in-law over a railing at a high-rise Sydney car-park

A MAN who held his sister-in-law over a railing at a high-rise Sydney car-park after she took his wife to the beach has been jailed for at least two-and-a-half years.

In the District Court in Sydney on Friday, Judge Peter Zahra sentenced Ismail Belghar, 37, to a maximum four-and-a-half years’ imprisonment for assaulting Canan Kokden and detaining her without consent in December 2009.

The court heard Ms Kokden was “convinced she was going to die” after Belghar slapped her, picked her up and held her over the car park railing from the chest upwards at Sydney’s Broadway shopping centre, saying “I’m going to kill you, I’m going to femememing kill you”.

Belghar let Ms Kokden go after her brother came to her aid, the court heard.

Belghar, who pleaded guilty to the offences, detained Ms Kokden after she took his wife to a beach where they possibly wore bikinis – something he disapproved of.

Belghar said he was fearful that Ms Kokden was leading his wife “astray” and undermining his relationship with her, saying she was “like a different person” when she was with her sister.

The court heard Belghar, a Moroccan immigrant, was suffering from depression, anxiety, had a social phobia and had lived with the offence “hanging over his head” for nearly three years.

Judge Zahra said Belghar placed his victim in “substantial fear” as she went about her daily life.

“The victim believed she was going to fall to her death and the offender intended to put her in that frame of mind,” Judge Zahra said.

“The words he was `going to kill’ her would have placed the victim in extreme terror.”

Belghar will be eligible for parole in April 2015.

Keep in mind this sharia adherent almost submitted Australian courts to sharia for all Muslims as we told you earlier this year, Muslim hangs sister-in-law over ledge, wins right to judge-only trial:

A MUSLIM man is believed to be the first in Australia to have been granted a judge-only trial on the ground a jury may have been biased because of his religious beliefs.

But the Crown appealed, arguing if Judge Solomon was correct every Muslim would be entitled to a judge-only trial.

Last week the Court of Criminal Appeal overturned the ruling and ordered Belghar be tried by a jury.

The Moroccan immigrant originally had been charged with the attempted murder of his wife’s younger sister, Canan Kokden, 25.

9 thoughts on “Muslim jailed after dangling sister-in-law off high-rise over bikini

  1. Islamic men creep me out when it comes to dressing/sex – their women go around looking like rolled up rugs, but, in every country they emigrate to suddenly has a massive increase in grooming, rape and the sex trade of young white girls – these men are absolute pigs. Of course their religion (in their countries only) permits them sex with ‘wives’ as young as 9 – how sick is that? It’s in the Koran which was writtem by Mohammad whose reputation as a pervert, profligate, drunk etc. is well know….And if it’s in the Koran you know it’s ‘OK – how stupid can entire nations of people be? – and now they want to Islamicize the West……ain’t gonna happen. By the way, NOBODY wants you in their countries – you’re too low class.

  2. Thats the US president you are speaking about as well. He will side with islam if the winds blow against them. He is 100% islam.
    They are a disease you can die from.

  3. Dont these Muslims make you sick they always have an excuse for their behaviour that the west will accept to plead there case that always work they get lessers sentences and better treated in prison. All you westen govenments syop appeasing them. Aussie will be so sorry it has now taken an appeasers stance the only hope is mass demonstrations to get them deported and stop any more of muslim faith coming in. If people keep on dong nothing only moan about it they will continue un apposed will attempeted takeover which even in Aussie they are already bragging about.

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