Clinton Pledges $58M More to Somalia, $1.3B Since 2011

U.S. taxpayers continue to pay for the failures of Bill and Hillary Clinton. via US Pledges More Aid To Horn of Africa.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the United States will give $58 million in aid to countries in the Horn of Africa.

In a statement Monday, Clinton said the humanitarian situation in the region is fragile, with more than 9 million people in need of assistance because of conflict, flooding, drought and economic problems.

She said that although the famine in Somalia has ended, more than 2 million people in that country still need humanitarian aid.

Years of conflict in Somalia coupled with prolonged drought has left 1 million Somalis living in the region as refugees. More than half of those refugees live in neighboring Kenya.

U.N. agencies have asked for more than $1 billion this year to meet Somalia’s humanitarian needs.

The U.S. State Department says the United States has given $1.3 billion in emergency assistance since 2011 to affected people in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

While the U.S. government racks up trillions in debt for future generations and a growing percentage shift into poverty, some African dictators are getting rich.

Will any of the U.S. taxpayer aid flow to the Obama Family’s Shariah Project in Kenya?


10 thoughts on “Clinton Pledges $58M More to Somalia, $1.3B Since 2011

    • No, there thousands up here in Canada. The Federal Government wary of mentioning where and how many are living here, Questions need to be raised in the House as to what kinds of support they are receiving. One was using the Canadian state for support, travelling annually to Somalia and retruning, only to add yet another child to the many she already had. Was discovered, her husband was one of the rebel leaders and she had been subsidizing him with Canadian monies. MInd, some Somali refugees are actually working, but menial jobs at best. Feel sorry for them, but most have fled the violence in the Horn of Africa. Stability must return and then, they could return.

    • The $64,000 question, why indeed! And you know the answer; because the leftists/Democrats ‘Duuuhrrr?’ are so stupid they actually think if you give them lots of money, hey, they’ll be nice to you!

      Your poor Ambassador (Stevens) found out differently.

  1. Would be nice if HILLARY and her PIMP HUSBAND moved to these MUSLIM COUNTRIES THEY LOVE SO MUCH. We would be able to save a lot of GIVE AWAYS TO OUR ENEMY’S. LOCK AND LOAD.

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