Video: Obama’s Syrian Allies

Obama is funding and arming the Syrian rebels. The future.

Syrian teaches baby to say shoot down Assad’s aircraft.

The present. They did shoot down and behead.

And the other neocons, should they win, will be keep funding these terrorists

Update: The hits keep coming:

16 thoughts on “Video: Obama’s Syrian Allies

    • Where does it indicate these videos are put out by Dr. Paul’s people? That would indeed by troubling. The statement, “And the other neocons, should they win, will be keep funding these terrorists.” (?) Paul Ryan, in his debate with Joe Biden indicated he and Romney want to help “freedom fighters” in Syria. I hope if Romney is elected, he will come to his senses. There are no freedom fighters in Syria battling the Assad dictator. Unless Paul Ryan considers sharia a form of freedom. Devout Muslims do.

    • I really don’t think Ron Paul does hate Jews or any other race. Ron recognizes that the Jews are a Superior bunch of people more than capable of taking care of themselves. Ron Paul loves the constitution that’s it. And don’t think for a moment that if Israel ran into real trouble that Ron Paul would not want to assist them. He would stand with Israel and he has never stated otherwise. If he has SHOW ME!

      • Dr. Paul has sympathies for Hamas and Hezbollah. He either abstains or votes against Congressional resolutions which extend moral support toward Israel in the face of unrelenting terrorism. Did you see his January 3, 2009 video where – after expelling every Jew from Gaza, thousands of Hamas rockets on Israel’s cities, etc. – Dr. Paul condemns not Hamas and the Palestinians who elected Hamas but he condemned Israel? Dr. Paul is OK with a nuclear genocidal Iran. Isn’t he?

  1. If Asad loses anything, Iran and Russia will replenish for him. Moreover, Russia has military basis in Syria similar to the case in Georgia.

    The shittes (Bashar people) annihilate the Sunnies (Mulim Brotherhood, the reble) are killing each other. This means that Israel is safe and one American soldier will be safe as well. In addition, Sunny regimes will be safe as long as the war is on. It is good to keep it on. Don’t stop for any side or against any side. It is also will not stop because Shittes hates Sunnies more than Khoumini did and the other way more than Bin Laden did.

    • Assad is an Alawite-(Ba’ath Party) a small minority in Syria- he does align politically with the Shiite in Iran but he is ruling over a majority of Sunni people-( much like the Hashemite Saudi who rules the Palestinians in Jordan)

      about his father from wiki::
      Hafez al-Assad’s coming to power to “an untouchable becoming maharajah in India or a Jew becoming tsar in Russia—an unprecedented development shocking to the Sunni majority population which had monopolized power for so many centuries.

      this is part of the trouble in Syria- it was created from tribal areas who all do not get along and may never- Islam is very divided into warring sects- Muslims do not get along with others and not each other

  2. The real Evil Spirit that rules this world is an inoperable brain tumor. IF you try to operate and excise this tumor you will k9ill the Erth ,which is the patient.This world will always be possessed by the EVIL SPIRIT until the TRUE CREATOR does the impossible thing;remove the tumor that man cannot remove .MANKIND IS CORRUPT.NATURE IS CORRUPT.WHO IS LIKE NATURE AND WHO CAN FIGHT AGAINST IT?

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