‘Sexy Middle Eastern Arab Girl Burka Halloween Costume’ No Longer On Sears Website


Sell out or sold out? via Confessions of a Closet Republican

So, Sears was selling this  “Sexy Middle Eastern Arab Girl Burka Halloween Costume” on their website, but now it’s no longer available.  Wanna bet it was pulled because there were complaints from a certain segment of society, then again, maybe it was just popular and sold out.

Screen shot from Sears.com.

click to enlarge

If anyone has time, give Sears.com a call and let us know what you find out.

Buy.com has it under the name Sexy Womens Harem Arabian Princess Sexy In The Desert Halloween Costume Dress XL – but only in XL.

Update: The jihad rolls on in 2016, four years after this was originally posted. The same outfit sent Muslims into a raging fit in the UK and Amazon quickly removed the ‘sexy Saudi burka’.  They want their four wives, including child wives, but you can’t have any fun. That is Islam.


Not surprisingly, porn addiction is very prevalent in the Muslim community.

So much so that in Dearborn, Michigan’s strip clubs serve ‘halal’ food for Muslims.

14 thoughts on “‘Sexy Middle Eastern Arab Girl Burka Halloween Costume’ No Longer On Sears Website

  1. Maybe if women in the Middle East did dress like that, the guys wouldn’t want to go around destroying things and killing people all the time.

  2. I am so overly tired of these people – and equally tired of US companies, our government, military and anyone who caves to their objections……they object to everything in every country they infiltrate. If it isn’t objectionable, it’s offensive – well, they are offensive – they are murderers, liars, perverts and every negative, evil word in my lexicon. They kill our ambassador and we give into their hurty-feelers over a Halloween costurme- pretty inequitable isn’t it?
    The United States is going to rue the day our gov’t allowed these connivers into our country and feel they ‘owe them something’ – not people who kill our soldiers, – actually, they will kill anybody who stands between them and the Koran/Allan/Mohammad-the -pervert.
    Just keep fooling yourselves there are ‘moderate’ Muslims – when the time comes, they wiil ALL rise up against you – why do you think they are in a country they hate.

    • I’m with ya smogdew, but even a savage society like Islam has moderates: They are the girls not quite mature (strong) enough to handle a full sized suicide bomb. Spray ’em with pigs blood so the next compliment we target will know there is no martyrdom, no 72 virgins. Then turn ’em to a sheet of glass. :)

    • smogdew, you are absolutely correct!…i have said it so many times that even i’m getting sick of hearing myself…but 1 more time. all muslims do not fly hijacked planes into buildings, bomb embassies, blow up train stations, tunnels, shopping centers, hotels, ships in port [USS cole], nor behead journalists, honor-kill disobedient daughters, nor throw acid on nor stone to death wayward wives, BUT, they are all programmed to take over the entire world & their “holy” book gives them the right to accomplish that goal in any way possible. they are allowed to lie, cheat, murder or commit any crime to that end! there are NO moderate muslims! if they seem to be peaceful, law-abiding, friendly then, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  3. There is no ‘moderate’ islam and if the moslem doesn’t appear to be radical – how does one know if they are a bad moslem or a moslem who is lying to us? We do not know that so we need to start assuming the worse. AND what kind of a person would honor a creepy sicko like moe moe the pedo? Or allah the genocidal maniac?… the deceiver… the creep?

  4. We all need to get a grip, and force the issue of banning all mosque from western society, each mosque represents various tribes dedicated to serve Islam and destroy each host country from within. Its no secret this is true from their book. So, get a grip and demand one thing from Muslims, they have demanded from us, now its time to close down temples of terror from civilized nations…

  5. all this muslim crap since obama occupied theWhiteHouse. never heard anything about it before then. He has moved millions of them here with our tax money. google it.

  6. Oh, alackaday! I did so want one of those outfits! Good comment bobby90247, I’ve been saying that ever since Americans stupidly voted the imposter into the Presidency. It annoyed me that Nixon was forced to resign for lying–he was a politician, and they ALL do it.

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