History of Belgium (pic)

A great visual via Jihad Watch.

And a stark reminder of reality via Islam versus Europe, Almost Empty Classes in Belgian Schools Because of Muslim Bloodfest: (video at link)

The video is in French but even if you don’t understand it, the images tell a story. Because of the Muslim bloodfest [holiday], many Belgian schools are virtually depopulated.

In the pictures you see, even with the Muslim pupils gone, how few of the children are of European origin. It shows how far the European Genocide has progressed.

Some of the non-Muslim pupils who do turn up are just being sent home because there’s no point holding the class with so few people attending.

There’s talk of re-orienting the school calendar around Muslim religious festivals instead of Christian ones, as is currently the case.

9 thoughts on “History of Belgium (pic)

  1. And, coincidentally, Brussells is the Home of NATO and the United Nations and HQ for the IMF. Now we know for sure the NWO is a Muslim/////Communist outfit that Obama Takes orders from, as in Overthrowing the Legitimate governments of Egypt, Tunisia and most recently, Libya.

  2. sorry to disagree “mac!” but NO country deserves to be taken over by this idiotic “cult” called Islam! NO country deserves to have it’s population subjected to backward thinking! ever!

    • But bobby90247, the Gutless and Lazy French allowed this to happen. They were too busy being lazy and sorry and allowed a Socialist State to be formed, and in their Laziness and Sorriness, and the Liberal Attitudes that go along with Slovenness, they allowed the Muslims to take over their country. You Reap What You Sow.

      • yeah? well…it looks like “WE, the People…” are next in line!!! So we “deserve” this also??? NO! The “media” and all the “other” powers at hand have created this atmosphere for us to tolerant and look the other way as “Islam” takes a foothold and will eventually take over! There ARE those of us who can see what is happening to our nation but we are a minute few…and everyone we speak too about it,..has already been swayed in the other direction and give us no heed!!!

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