Feds assist terror-linked CAIR to force mosque on Minn. town

If there were a line in Vegas it would not favor the Americans as the DOJ and the Hamas front group they refused to prosecute despite overwhelming evidence have teamed up to force mosques on American neighborhoods at an increasing rate. via Feds launch formal investigation into St. Anthony mosque rejection | StarTribune.com.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minneapolis announced Monday it is launching a formal investigation into the rejection of a proposed Islamic center in St. Anthony.

Jeanne Cooney, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, says the agency began a “preliminary” review of the case in June after the St. Anthony City Council voted down the proposed the Abu Huraira Islamic Center. Now the federal agency has “formalized the investigation” and is moving forward on it.

“I would consider this an administrative development,” Cooney said. “We continue to look into it.”

The Minnesota Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations asked federal authorities to investigate after the Islamic center was rejected by the city council, which ruled that a religious and cultural center was incompatible with the site’s light-industrial zoning.

That came after a meeting where some St. Anthony residents expressed opposition to the project and where some made disparaging remarks about the Muslim faith.

The Minnesota chapter of CAIR lauded the move by the U.S. Department of Justice to formally investigate whether the city violated the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA).

“We applaud the commitment by the U.S. Department of Justice to uphold federal laws and take a strong stance against recent anti-mosque bigotry in Minnesota and nationwide,” said CAIR-MN Executive Director Lori Saroya, in a released statement.

St. Anthony city leaders have maintained the decision was grounded solely in land-use issues. Cooney said the U.S. Attorney’s Office would like to reach an out of court agreement with all parties involved in the case.

CAIR-MN reports the St. Anthony Islamic center is the fourth mosque opposition incident in Minnesota in the past year. The other three mosque projects – Plymouth, Willmar and Bloomington – were eventually approved despite community opposition.

The Muslim group proposing the Islamic center recently purchased for $1.9 million the former Medtronic Inc. headquarters in St. Anthony, where it had planned to establish the Islamic center in the basement area of the building.


”Any time a new [Muslim] community moves in, there is that transition period…”

Before they take over, with the help of terror-linked CAIR and the DOJ.

17 thoughts on “Feds assist terror-linked CAIR to force mosque on Minn. town

  1. First this won’t be settled until after the election. This is a sticky situation for Obama. If Obama loses the election, it will be settled right after the election. This is a corrupt administration and I don’t doubt that they will finish off America!

  2. sorry about the above…minor detail with the computer.
    The fact is, there are existing laws and regs, for zoning. the Mousque does not fullfill the requirements. This is just another time where whinney leberals get there foot in the door and wreak havoc. Just like Obummer care, green energy and same sex marriage. Let the HOMEOWNERS of ST. Anthony decide. that is the way the origional gov did things

    back to CHICAGO!!! Then we might have a justice Depertment who

  4. We are bringing in the agents of our country’s destruction-just like they did at Troy. Today Troy is a mound of rubble,broken rocks,and pieces of pottery.

  5. Something tells me the U.S. attorney is trying to make kissy kissy with the Minn. Muslim community after the terror finance and jihadist trainee trials. Trying to appear “balanced.” Probably has received death threats too, and thinks this will mollify the mob. Won’t work.

    • They’ve done this in several states and basically terrorize the states into fearing long costly trials. Nothing balanced about usurping states and if anyone is receiving death threats its the locals trying to preserve their neighborhood. Soon to be lost.

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