While Obama engages, wealthiest Gulf nations meet to denounce Muslim Brotherhood

via Muslim Brotherhood role in GCC to be debated at summit | GulfNews.com.

The threat of the Muslim Brotherhood will be discussed by the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) leaders at their meeting in Bahrain in December, Kuwaiti media claimed.

The request to include the Gulf role of the Islamist organisation in the summit agenda was made by a GCC country, Kuwait Arabic newspaper Al Shahed reported on Tuesday.

“The country said that the summit should discuss the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf countries and that the issue should be given priority because of its serious implications,” government sources told the Kuwaiti newspaper.

According to the daily, the GCC has been urged “to adopt unified decisions against the attitudes and behaviour of the Muslim Brotherhood and against its blatant interference in the domestic affairs of the member counties.”

“The Islamist organisation is accused of seeking to topple the political regimes in the GCC by inciting the street against the governments and seeking to extend the so-called Arab Spring to the Gulf countries with the support of foreign countries set to benefit from the development,” the sources that the paper did not identify, said.

Security reports to be submitted to the summit indicate that several non-Gulf members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been involved in events that have hit GCC countries. The latest involvement was a rally held in Kuwait earlier this month, the sources said.

Kuwaiti news site Citytalks said that the discussion of the Muslim Brotherhood’s role in the GCC would not be mentioned in the final communique to be issued in Manama, the host capital of the next summit.

Earlier this month, UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan denounced the Muslim Brotherhood as “an organisation which encroaches upon sovereignty and integrity of nations”.

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s thinking does not recognise borders or sovereignty of nations,” Shaikh Abdullah said. “So, it is not unusual that the international Brotherhood organisation works to make inroads upon sovereignty and laws of countries,” Shaikh Abdullah said as he commented on the UAE’s talks with other countries to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood’s acts in the country.

The GCC:

The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)—Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman—represents one of the wealthiest country groupings in the world.

Keep in mind, even the Dubai police chief warned of Muslim Brotherhood threat while Obama congratulated the Muslim Brotherhood and looked forward to working with jihadist group.


4 thoughts on “While Obama engages, wealthiest Gulf nations meet to denounce Muslim Brotherhood

  1. These nations need to Stamp Out The Muslim Brotherhood and all the Other Terrorist Groups in their countries. Until these terrorist lunatic groups are stamded out Permanently, that part of the world will remain in chaos, and these terror cells will continue to wreak havoc in other parts of the world as well. Wiping these savages out is the only way to get rid of them.

  2. Hi Jerom–I agree. And while we’re at it, let’s vote the Muslim Loving Jack-ass in-Chief OUT on Tuesday! He is instrumental in the Muslim Brotherhood’s ascension to power, not only in the Middle East but right here in the good ole USA. Obammie is the single most dangerous person in America right now. ROCK THE VOTE ON TUESDAY AGAINST OUR VERY OWN MUSLIM.

  3. The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the four conspicuous kingdoms described in Dan 8:8 that began proliferating towards the four winds of heaven after the Persian Gulf War, when Osama bin Laden revolted agains King Fahd of Saudi Arabia (horn that broke). The other three include al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah.
    Dan 8:8 Then the male goat magnified himself exceedingly. But as soon as he was mighty, the large horn was broken; and in its place there came up four conspicuous horns toward the four winds of heaven.
    According to Dan 8:22-25 the Antichrist will arise out of one of the four conspicuous kingdoms when they complete the number of transgressions, which are their terrorist acts, God has granted them to commit. When I compare the deceptive character of the Antichrist described in the Bible I am almost certain that the Antichrist will arise out of the Muslim Brotherhood and make a peace treaty with many nations, which is described in Dan 9.
    Dan 8:22 “The broken horn and the four horns that arose in its place represent four kingdoms which will arise from his nation, although not with his power. 23 “In the latter period of their rule,
    When the transgressors have run their course,
    A king will arise,
    Insolent and skilled in intrigue.
    24 “His power will be mighty, but not by his own power,
    And he will destroy to an extraordinary degree
    And prosper and perform his will;
    He will destroy mighty men and the holy people.
    25 “And through his shrewdness
    He will cause deceit to succeed by his influence;
    And he will magnify himself in his heart,
    And he will destroy many while they are at ease.
    He will even oppose the Prince of princes,
    But he will be broken without human agency.

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