Islamists do not want co-existence; they want surrender

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When the truth finally came out that three loyal Americans and the American Ambassador had been murdered in Benghazi, Libya, on 9/11/12 as the result of a calculated terror attack and not, as the White House had been insisting for two weeks, a YouTube video made privately by an American and released months earlier, the President abruptly changed his discredited story, and surreally tried to slip the world into believing he had called that attack an act of terror all along.

It must be difficult for any American administration to deal with aggressors in the Muslim world; so far it has been treating them as if they were immature, spoiled children who must be given their way.

What America fails to, or does not want to, understand is that Islamic scriptures forbid Muslims to take non-Muslims as friends, or even as partners worthy of cooperation, compromise or equal rights: “O you who believe! do not take the Jews or Christians for friends…or helpers.” [Qur’an 5:51; 3:28; 3:118; 9:23; 53:29; 3:85; 3:10; 7:44, and 1:5-7; and half a dozen entries from the Hadith] Although for Western consumption there have been attempts to tart up how these verses are interpreted, throughout the Arab and Muslim world, they are clearly understood by most Muslims to mean what they say: “Smite the neck” means “smite the neck,” as can see nearly every week, from innocent civilians blown up on the streets, to the recent attempted murders of a teenage girl for the crime of wanting an education; for even allegedly mishandling a Qur’an, or for enduring gang rape].

One would think that America, after 9/11/01, would have learned, that, as “the true focus behind jihad…. is to defend, not destroy”, the Muslim world is constantly looking for excuses and cracks of weakness to confirm the need to feel wronged, to justify attacks on American and Western interests.

Muslims have learned from their history that terror works. They have also learned that for terror to achieve its goal of surrender, the Islamic tender touch must accompany the terror: both the Islamic father who holds the stick and the Islamic mother who hugs while the father is beating.

The US should also by now have understood that just because Islamic anger and terror are constantly on the search for these excuses, one must never fall for them. Islamist chatter in the Arab media and on Arab websites is constantly itching for confrontation and looking for justification for terror. It was possibly this mindset that prompted the U.S. embassy in Cairo to release the following statement condemning the video even before any attacks on the Cairo embassy:

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

Four hours after the release of this statement, crowds stormed the embassy, destroyed the U.S. flag and replaced it with an Islamic flag. By issuing such a statement, the US embassy in Cairo, not only took the bait, it provided the bait by creating the excuse the Islamists needed. The anger in Egypt about the two-month-old video, which had to come out exactly on the eve of 9/11, should have been proof enough that it was merely a pretext.

As someone born and raised in the Muslim world, I know that Islamic anger and terror against the West lurks and lies in wait for any excuse to explode at the culture that is the object of their jihad. Jihad, once the pride of the Islamic world, is now an international crime that Muslims have learned to camouflage as self-defense. Not one mosque Friday sermon in the Middle East is devoid of cursing of the non-Muslim (kafir) enemies of Islam. As jihad is a violation of the rights of others, both individuals and nations, Muslims have become all too eager to assert their victimization by others, meanwhile looking for an opportunity for weakness in their prey, a flinch or an apology, which they consider a signal to do their holy violence.

When anyone dares to say jihad means violence, or when violence is committed in the name of Islam, the so-called moderate Muslims are outraged but manage to look the other way. The more some Muslims terrorize, while others stand by in denial, the more they confuse, soften and weaken their victim. While one face of Islam is doing the terror, the other face tells the world, we love peace, so please don’t you dare judge us by our terrorists because if you do, we will riot, kill, and burn. Both faces of Islam work together; one cannot survive without the other.

We now have an American president who refuses to make the American people number one for his empathy, and would rather cater to the outside world and to the cat and mouse game they are playing with American sensibilities. Many in American mainstream media and government have turned not against the perpetrators, but against the victims of Islam, whether they are Americans, Egyptian Copts, or apostates of Islam. To many in the government and in the media who think they know better, these objects of Muslim breach of trust are simply “Islamophobes” or “racists.” Members of the government and the media have denied the American people the right to identify their enemy and eradicate it. They have turned a blind eye to American victims of terror and their families and disregarded America’s need for a healing process based on justice. By saying that Americans and Europeans are to blame, Western governments and the media have, like the President, been refusing to treat Americans as adults.

America, with its superpower knowledge and status, has fallen for the old tricks of Islamic culture; many believe they must have done something wrong to deserve terror, if not over a movie, over a cartoon or a video or, as with kindergarten children in Africa, over a stuffed teddy bear. ‘How dare we deal with these dictators?’, they may think; or, ‘How dare we liberate these people from their tyranny?’ Human rights groups would say those were acts of aggression or acts of interfering with their internal affairs — and all excellent excuses for jihad.

Many Americans, unable to stand up and call the terror attack by its name, have reacted to 9/11 by blaming each other but never the perpetrator of the terror. That old Arab trick has always worked on many cultures, such as the Coptic Christians when Egypt used to be a pluralistic Christian nation and a superpower.

Consciously or unconsciously, the American people elected as their first president after 9/11/01, Barack Hussein Obama, a man proud of his Islamic heritage, who seems to have believed that during his administration, because of his unique heritage and understanding of Islam, he was best fit for bringing about a reconciliation between the West and Islam.

But when the Muslims did not reach out and take Obama’s “outstretched hand,” and attempted terror attacks were repeated under Obama’s watch, no matter how hard he tried, both Obama’s credibility and Islamic excuses were threatened, Obama’s legacy of being the only president in recent history who managed to have no major terror attack during his presidency, was destroyed. He now has nothing to show for having changed American/Muslim world relationship, except for emboldening Islamism by a refusal to say even one word to deter it. He now cannot say that everything he did was worth it for the sake of peace and that those who criticized his appeasement, his bow to the Saudi kind and his Cairo speech, were right.

Obama appears to have been aiming at a legacy of peace with Islam, but that legacy came crashing down with the terror attack on 9/11/12. The Muslim world was most likely disappointed with Obama who they thought was not appeasing enough. But then again, the Islamists always want more — more than what Obama or any other president can give them; they do not want co-existence, they want surrender.

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13 thoughts on “Islamists do not want co-existence; they want surrender

  1. It might take another 9/11 like event to get people realize dangers of radical islam again. An event that is too small would be coverup by CAIR and other terrorist supporter groups.

    • CAIR doesn’t cover things up – they force the FBI, police departments, politicians and the military and schools and corporations to cover it up for them, to shut up, to submit. The media then lauds CAIR and politicians who do speak out are ostracized (see Michelle Bachmann, Geert Wilders, others).

      It’s part of their plan.

      CAIR does lie though.

  2. There was one – it just happened in Libya. Our own covered up. Tell me how much the MSM has even cared about it? The problem is that the Americans still don’t realize that the moslems attacked soverign American land, killed USA citizens, and our President is really ok with it all because when a couple of officers wanted to do something – the President fired them. This means the attack was ok by obama.

    And the public are so very ignorant that this is what moslems do – small attacks here and there. Maybe a big one every so often. Infiltrate the government and other institutsions and let the useful idiots help them wage jihad while they sit back and act like the victims. Make sure lies are told about islam and confuse, deny, ignore, etc the real islam.

    We have a moslem in office, and our own think he is a Marxist. He is so close to Marxism because the two ideologies are so similar, but they are different in that the Marxists will be islam’s enemy too. The Marxists are just too dumb, and arrogant, to think that but they do not know history either.

  3. That the problem it happen in foreign soil. If it had happen on US soil then most americans would care more about it and the outrage would force the media to report it more.

    • any embassy that is located in a foreign country is considered to be upon the soil of its home country. it is the same here in the states…any established embassy is on its own soil & is protected from invasion. not so in the libyan debacle. our country was invaded in that assault. it was an act of war! the faux POTUS referred to the attack as “a bump in the road”. this happened just in time for some people to see the light & make a choice to rid ourselves of the muslim-in-chief!

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  5. “Barack Hussein Obama, a man proud of his Islamic heritage, who seems to have believed that during his administration, because of his unique heritage and understanding of Islam, he was best fit for bringing about a reconciliation between the West and Islam.”

    This is a fatal error the author makes. The purpose hasn’t at all been to bring a reconciliation with the West and Islam, but for Islam to REPLACE the West. Not only that but to also replace already existing “moderate” Islamic governments with Saudi-type Wahabbi regimes, AND to expand until it’s a global caliphate.

    I’d like to see an article by this same author but coming from this point of view, and see what his ideas are then.

  6. Obviously, we muslims are peaceful kind and good. After all, our Koran calls for the death of apostates like your president who left the one true religion. When you are born a muslim, raised as a muslim and schooled as a muslim you are a muslim forever and must be killed if you convert to another religion as tens of thousands have found out. But we kindly give hussain a pass on this so he can bring islam and sharia to America.

  7. Taking a page from Mr. Huntington, I believe moslems see the world as two dimensional. The right (moslems) and the wrong(the rest). From this comes the rationalization, moslems do not apply reason, that ‘the rest are inferior hence abuse including murder and torture of ‘the rest’ are not in the same category as moslems. The instant rage, I believe, comes from their misplaced concept of their superiority; how dare a non-moslem question a moslem, let alone the ‘holy’ koran. This is just what must be done daily and everywhere. Question moslems about their beliefs. Ask them why the base their idea of Jesus on the discredited gospel of barnabas.

  8. Today my teen’s AP World History teacher told the class Bengazi happened due to a film. My teen said “What about the gov’t sending a gay man to a Muslim county?” The teacher said they won’t be discussing gay rights.
    Last week the teacher dressed in Muslim women’s clothing telling the class women dress like that to hide their beauty.

    Geeez Louise!

    • Here’s a fine example where parents can challenge teachers and schools and walk the walk. It’s easy to comment online but until folks are ready to protect their children where will we be?

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