Terror-linked CAIR demands Broward (FL) schools close for Muslim holidays

Why is the Broward County School Board even entertaining an idea from an organization a federal judge rules is Hamas, whom the FBI has banned, and whom the government named an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Islamic terror financing conviction in U.S. history? Why? via WSVN-TV – Muslim council asks for school holidays in Broward.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) — A religious rift over a proposal to close school for Muslim holidays at a South Florida school district could make tempers flare at a Broward County School Board meeting scheduled for Thursday night.

Officials are set to discuss a proposal from the Council of American-Islamic Relations to add two days off from school to recognize holidays for Muslim students at a meeting at around 6:30 p.m.

Ghazala Salaam of the Council On American-Islamic Relations said, “We just want to be inclusive, use the same methodology you would use to create a secular day off, for Christian and Jewish holidays for the Muslim students.”

The council is asking for two days off. “The first one being at the end of Ramadan, after the 30 days of fasting, and the second one at the end of the pilgrimage, which is Hajj,” said Salaam.

Joyce Kaufman Radio Talk Show Host at WFTL said she would rather have schools ignore holidays for all religions. “I think it’s insane,” she said. “I think secular public schools shouldn’t be in the business of either endorsing or forcing children to accept other religions … When I send my kids to school I didn’t send them as Jewish or Christian or Buddhist or Muslim children. They’re Americans.”

 While Florida radio station jocks try to downplay the religious aspect of the latest Hamas-front group demand, flash back to 2008 in Ft. Lauderdale where near riots broke out as Muslims took to the streets telling Jews to “go back to the ovens” and harassing non-Muslims.

If you are in Florida use the first two or three inks on the left nav bar under Key Reports to educate your local officials and school board members on this terror-linked organization. 

(they met Thursday evening, we’ll post an update soon – if anyone attended leave comments)

17 thoughts on “Terror-linked CAIR demands Broward (FL) schools close for Muslim holidays


    just me, an ol’ USAF Vietnam vet, still VERY disgusted with how the
    war was handled by Kennedy, McNamara, and Johnson . . .and the
    joint chiefs!!!

  2. First of all, stop calling this “Islam” a religion and start referring to it for what it truly is…”A CULT!”

    What is wrong with America? Can’t “WE, the People…” recognize a “CULT” for what it is anymore???

  3. “We just want to be inclusive…and include Muslim holidays.”

    You Muslims aren’t inclusive…convert or pay tax or die.
    Your President Obama lied…We are a JudeoChristian nation hence no Islam holidays.
    No like it…go home to your Muslim Hood.

  4. CAIR and their supporters can go to Hell. They will demand nothing, but we demand their silence and loyalty to the Constitution. We are a Judeo-Christian nation and they will abide by our laws and customs. Muslims persecute Christians, Jews, Hindus, and other faiths in their lands. We should kick them back to the deserts of Saudi Arabia and they can stick their Sharia.

  5. islam is an expression of insanity and should not be endorsed in our schools. If school officals are being bribed to favor islam they should immediately be fired with predujice.

    • Bribed, meaning the school officials get money for granting Islamic holidays? Well, you’re right in a way. Paid holidays are pretty expensive. Nobody works but everybody gets paid. Unless you cut one of the other paid holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc) then school boards are taking money from the taxpayers to fund another holiday for faculty and staff who are not Muslim. Crazy, wasteful, disgraceful.

  6. Our streets are being filled with the hate Muslims spew against all non Muslims and all other faiths. It’s time to stop talking and do something.Their demands are racist and driven by sharia.They can segregate themselves right back from where they came. They don’t want to be American. They just come to America because its advanced and they are not smart enough to make it happen where they come from so they want to establish themselves here and then try and claim it. F that.They don’t want to integrate. If they keep abusing the freedoms America allows they will soon see the ugly side of their own racist agenda. People will put up with that crap only or so long.

    • Lucia, people have already put up with it far too long, and more cowardly ‘dhimmis’ are appeasing them every day. Absolutely revolting that appeasing dhimmis cannot (or will not) see where their actions are leading.

  7. anogther example of dhimmi; not a single true American should cave in to the demands of islam; it is nothing more than a pedophilic figment of moohammeds imagination. nothing good will ever come of islam long as they cut girls; kill Christians and Jews; behead women for adultery; stone women for adultery; the msm needs to call a spade a spade but they are afraid since the main muslim in the white house would not like it.

    if people REALLY looked at what islam really is and what it is not; there would be a worldwide uproar; it is ridiculous that more of the core of their beliefs and barbaric ways is not made the news; then maybe folks and government would wake up.

    the muslim brotherhood has managed to lie and infiltrate every level of government; check out their ‘project’ to take over; it is quite clear and they are on their way, little at a time; they dont care if it takes hundreds of years; they want out country. get saudia arabia out of dc along with their mosques and schools.

    it is just crappy they way nonmuslims have to kowtow to their demands and they do nothing but idiotic stuff, period.

  8. I’d like to thank Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama for using the poor victims in Islamoville to clearly bring to our attention of Mofraudulism’s “special contribution(?s) to the world. See! Class warfare does work, especially when it comes to exposing the truth!

  9. Even Satan quotes scripture, but at least he doesn’t hide behind a vague user ID. In fact, your reply, while truthful for we who believe in the inerrant Word of God, completely misses the slam on Islam being victimized by Obama who claims to be their “messiah”. .It is one of the most subtle forms of denigration, if not hatred.

  10. My last post was to “Sohier” who quoted 2 Timothy 3:16,17 as a response to my post of Nov. 5th. Apparently Sohier’s post hasn’t been cleared yet, or dropped.

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