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  1. they are trying that crap in America; when will America wake up; maybe when obamahole is defeated!!!

  2. viewing a video such as that makes me wonder if the hollanders even realize that they are being inundated, over-run, de-nationalized & destroyed. they are, at this point, beyond hope. the muslims have suceeded in aquireing a “no-go zone” in the great city of amsterdam in which even the police are afraid to enter. holland is not the only country in europe that is doomed…there is france, italy, sweden, norway, germany, spain, portugal, denmark…& on & on & on. if something is not done here in the united states of america, we will become the united emerates of the west!

    • Never! There are 100 million firearms in the hands of 80 million Patriotic Christians, Jews and Others who will never allow mooslime take over of our precious Republic! Europeans have no guns! What idiots, they gve them all up! It is the gun that keeps America Free!

      • if you sit back & wait to some point where you think your firearm is going to be a) needed and b) is the solution, it will likely be too late

        with few exceptions in the last 30 years, they haven’t fired many shots on US soil and none have been fired back…but they are winning by a landslide aided by the now compromised & deluded US govt

        hence the term “civilizational jihad” – they are light years ahead of the avg American

  3. If you recall, the King & Queen of Sweeden “took in” a wayward mooslime teenager who proceded to steal the Crown Jewells, some 1000 years old, to sell for pot. And they forgave him! What stupid people the Swedes must be as a population.

    • You’ve got it, slobo! Terminally stupid. (Along with most of the other indigenous people of “Eurabia”.

  4. Priss to Roy, Blade Runner …

    “Then we’re stupid and we’ll die”

    We must wake up now, not this afternoon, not tomorrow, not next week, NOW.

  5. The greatest weapons we can have are clear mindedness, resoluteness and cooperation. Getting rid of any remaining delusions about Islam is first. We must develop that perfect clear mindedness that Musashi and Sun Tzu wrote about. With that, resoluteness follows naturally, but it must be a resoluteness where we don’t blink, don’t equivocate, don’t stutter, don’t back down, don’t apologize, don’t explain ourselves, don’t rationalize, don’t quibble, ever, regardless of the situation. Islam has shown its face. We’ve seen it. Really, there’s nothing more to talk about except how to defeat it. But, we still have a significant portion of the population to educate and bring along. So, we must cooperate and try to educate. If the Great Pretender gets reelected, our job will be even more difficult, but we must proceed. Also, learn to protect yourselves in armed and unarmed combat.

  6. […] Part 3, Undercover in Europe’s Islamic no-go zones, Part 3 […]

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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