Obama’s Benghazi Investigator Slams America and ‘Islamophobes’

Obama had Islamic terrorists guarding the consulate, lied to the world and blamed a virtually unseen movie trailer, and then hires an Islamic apologist to “investigate”. It’s no wonder that the mother of one SEAL and the father of another killed in Benghazi believe that Obama murdered their sons.

Image Source: NIAC

via Benghazi Investigator Slams America and ‘Islamophobes’.

America is a seething hotbed of “Islamophobia,” filled with ignorant racist rubes who irrationally fear the benign Muslim religion, according to the Obama administration’s lead investigator into the Benghazi atrocities.

So said former Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering in more polished, diplomatic language during an Oct. 23 panel discussion at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. The talk was on “what role the faith community can play in fighting Islamophobia,” a make-believe mental illness that Islamists would love to have listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Radical Islam’s stateside defenders frequently accuse anti-terrorism hawks of “McCarthyism,” hurling the epithet “Islamophobe” the same way American leftists use the word “racist” to shut down debate.

Pickering’s pontifications came two and a half weeks after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton named him to head a State Department “Accountability Review Board” tasked with examining the circumstances surrounding the deaths on Sept. 11, 2012, the 11th anniversary of 9/11, of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, information management officer Sean Smith, and security personnel Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods at the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

At last week’s panel discussion, Pickering piously but incorrectly invoked the Holocaust to argue that American Muslims were somehow in danger.

“I’m not great at quotations,” he said, foreshadowing a misattribution to come.

“Perhaps it was [German theologian and dissident] Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said of the Nazis, when they came for the Jews, I didn’t speak up. I was not a Jew. When they came for the Catholics, I didn’t speak up, I was not a Catholic. When they came for us, no one spoke up. There was no one left to do so,” Pickering said, paraphrasing famous, poignant verses actually spoken by Third Reich-era German pastor Martin Niemoller.

Pickering said that Americans’ lack of familiarity with Islam –and not Islamic terrorist attacks on Americans— fuels hostility toward Muslims.

“Data shows that those Americans who do not know Muslims, who do not know much about Islam, are the ones who harbor the greatest feelings of prejudice,” he said.

There is a “strong, continuing, and perhaps, in an unfortunate way in some areas, growing, prejudice against Muslims and Islam,” he said.

However, he added that veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have so far avoided embracing this anti-Islamic bigotry. “Many of the soldiers are still serving and I think that also is helpful because they understand that as loyal Americans that kind of prejudice is not to be expressed.”

Pickering urged what might amount to a zero-tolerance policy against so-called Islamophobes in American society. “There are strong efforts as well that we must make to deal with opinion leaders who harbor these prejudices, who espouse them and spread them,” he said.

Although the former envoy did not elaborate on what those “strong efforts” might consist of, his statement is worrisome. The Obama administration is openly hostile to the First Amendment.

After the Benghazi debacle, President Obama went before the United Nations General Assembly and apologized for America’s free speech protections. Pushing the false cover story that the attacks on U.S. missions this past Sept. 11 were prompted by an anti-Islam video virtually no one saw, the president said that “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Weeks before that, Department of Justice official Thomas Perez pointedly refused during a congressional hearing to rule out supporting Saudi-style anti-blasphemy laws.

Pickering wasn’t the only panelist last week to describe ordinary Americans as a threat to Muslim inhabitants of the United States.

In a particularly revealing soliloquy, Arab American Institute president James J. Zogby, whose younger brother is renowned pollster John Zogby, passionately inveighed against his fellow Americans, and particularly Tea Party supporters, labeling them dangerous racist Islamophobes:

“I think that there’s a direct correlation between the president of the United States and Islamophobia. As we do our polling, we find that it is not the universal phenomenon. This hatred toward Muslims is largely concentrated with middle class, middle age, white people, and then it overlaps almost identically with the Tea Party. It is not a Republican thing. It’s a generational thing.

And it is a phenomenon born of a simple set of conditions, collapse of home mortgages, foreclosures increasing, pensions in collapse when the stock market went down, unemployment doubling, the decline of the American dream. In our polling we always used, when we’d say, are your children going to be better off than you, that’s the American dream question, we’d get two thirds saying yes. We now get two thirds saying no.

And in the midst of all of that this group of white middle aged, middle class men looked around and saw a young African-American, educated at Harvard with a middle name Hussein, and didn’t like the president of the United States of America. It fueled this phenomenon and it opened the door for the wedge issue to operate and it’s operating simply among that demographic. It’s not a universal phenomenon. It’s not found among African-Americans or Asians or Latinos. It’s not found among young white kids. It’s not found among college educated professional women. It’s found in that one narrow demographic. That’s where the bad numbers come from.

He continued: “And I think that, if, we had, I have a lot of gripes with George Bush, but if he were president, he would be doing what he did, which is put his foot down and say stop. I think we would not be seeing the phenomenon growing as we see it growing. But the problem is is that if Barack Obama says stop they say, you’re just the damn problem to begin with, you’re not one of us anyway,” Zogby said, affecting an accent that might be characterized as “redneck” or “country.”

There is “an overlay between the racism and the Islamophobia” that is “being used as a wedge issue” against President Obama, he said. Zogby also described controversial Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), a Muslim and an extreme left-winger, as “a gift to America and Congress, an extraordinary person who could not be better than he is.”

Pickering also praised his fellow panelists American Association for Muslim Advancement executive director Daisy Khan, and her husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, chairman of the Cordoba Initiative, as “wonderful people” whose “hopes and aspirations … we all, I believe, widely share.”

Khan and Rauf are prime movers behind the proposal to build a victory mosque near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. Khan becomes apoplectic when discussing those who question the wisdom of building a Muslim holy site so close to the place where nearly 3,000 Americans were killed in an Islamist attack on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Asked in 2010 if America was “Islamophobic,” Khan replied that “It’s not even Islamophobia, it’s beyond Islamophobia — it’s hate of Muslims.”

Critics say Pickering is unfit to head any probe of what happened in Benghazi because he harbors sympathy for Islamism and is suspiciously cozy with Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. The former envoy has ties to the pro-Iran Islamist front group known as the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). NIAC recently lost an important defamation case in federal court in which it unsuccessfully argued the group was not a tool of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

NIAC is one of several “Jihadist entities hostile to American interests,” according to an influential report by Clare M. Lopez of the Center for Security Policy. NIAC is involved in “a de facto partnership” with its notorious Islamist ally “the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other organizations serving as mouthpieces for the mullahs’ party line.” CAIR is an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood and was named by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 and 2008 Holy Land Foundation trials.

Meanwhile, while the majority of state-run media outlets cover for Obama and are complicit in the Benghazi/Obama coverup, the truth is hard to suppress, Security officials on the ground in Libya challenge CIA account.

Update: Obama’s Benghazi investigator tied to Libya bombing

The Obama administration’s lead investigator into the Benghazi attack, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, previously held clandestine meetings with Hamas aimed at opening U.S. dialogue with the terrorist group, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

Sources within Hamas previously disclosed to WND the June 2009 meeting. The gathering allegedly took place in Geneva with two Hamas leaders, Bassem Naim and Mahmoud al-Zahar. Naim is Hamas’ health minister, while al-Zahar is one of the main Hamas leaders in Gaza.

Pickering is further tied to the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa through his role as a member of the small board of the International Crisis Group, or ICG, one of the main proponents of the international “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine.

The doctrine is the very military protocol used to justify the NATO bombing campaign that brought down Moammar Ghadafi’s regime in Libya.

43 thoughts on “Obama’s Benghazi Investigator Slams America and ‘Islamophobes’

  1. I hate to tell this idiot but it is NOT a benign Muslim religion. It is a Sick, Filthy political ideology and a dangerous one and one that needs to be stopped. I would rather be called a bigot, racists or an islamphobe than let this sick ideology be called a peaceful religion. It is far from that, stop lying about this. Prove that it is peaceful. They are trying to install sharia law and islam as the ruling ideology. Peace to all non-muslims who know the truth.

  2. At first reading I was stunned. How could such a highly educated, sophisticated man of wide experience say such things? Then I remembered. obana/clinton PAY HIS SALARY. These to must think the average American is as stupid as they are arrogant.

    • Education and “sophistication” have nothing to do with intelligence, common sense, ethical or moral behavior….this guy is just another snake in the obama snakepit he calls his administration….

  3. It’s time that ordinary citizens interested in supporting the tenets of the Constitution of America, expose these traitors for who they really are and stop the prejudice against Freedom in favor of Islamic sharia. Blasphemy! No Freedom. No peace.

  4. Islamophobe? How about their everyone but us and Mohammed phobia, to the point of murder in the name of Allah. These guys are fools. Pickering a former Ambassador got brain washed hanging out with the Muslims and needs some American rehabilitation as is chronic with liberals.

  5. This guy has it entirely bass ackwards- how dare he mention Holocaust when it is ISLAM calling for another one on the JEWS- Muslims yelling for bigger ovens and MUSLIMS who invented the yellow star for JEWs and volunteered for the SS, dead JEWS being a shared goal of Muslims and Hitler ??
    It’s not a phobia if it is real- McCartthy eh? hello KGB records proved he was right all along- there really were a LOT of commie infiltrators and buffoons like this denied it as they do now for the Muslim 5th column in USA. These Neville Chamberpots always sing the same old song-

    the problem is not one of ignorance about Islam sadly it is b/c we DO KNOW and see what it really is, and he does not have a damn clue.

    So once again – got no facts? – just cry racist- ISLAM is not a race buffoon- we despise the white ISLAMICS of Chechnya that murdered innocent children out for a play too- and bombed Moscow trains.
    Once again crying apologies to those who define you as HOUSE OF WAR.
    WE did not make MUSLIMS hate us- they are doing a wonderful job of it all by themsleves- sowing terror as their book and ALLAH demand of them.
    They hated, robbed and slaved USA and WHITE PEOPLE beforewe were even a nation for being unbelievers of their sick perverse prophet Mohammed.

    They will n ot start loving us for money or appeasing – they expect being and scraping fo all non Muslims as their right.

    ODUMBO and all his useful idiots need to go- they are dangerous to our nation, our families and the world- it is not his color it’s his STUPIDITY and love of ISLAM plus his ineffectual and non existent solutions for prosperity. His continual BLAME anyone else victimhood and his constant whine that WE are the problem when he should look in a damn mirror and KNOW he is a destroyer of USA freedoms a man who stands for the intolerant and LOVES them for their HATE of us. A man who seeks REVENGE on white Americans as he stated very clearly. A man who takes advantage of any and all disgruntled minority groups using the oldest tricks in the commie handbook, by LYING to them and suing their MISERY to boost himself up.

    I never dreamed to see a USA so debased and defiled by such pathetic persons

  6. How dare this [S.O.B.]]invoked the holocaust of the jews to say that we Americans are like the Nazis! Let me give him a lil history on the holocauust,when it came to the Nazis killing the jwes guest what they has a lil help killing them from the Muslims and from the ussr! And talking about a mental disorder who the hell do you think my have a lil of this lol=[Pickering] And one moe thing he said about our veterans coming back from the war have avoided and embracing this ANTI-ISLAMIC bigotry,BULL SHIT =on this too then why is the Obama administration been calling our veterans coming home TERRORIST then why is this?

  7. and when four of our men came home in body bags from benghazi and the medai and the Obama administration out-in-out lied to the ppl of this nation about what really happen to the us consulate this makes me damn mad! did you ppl know that before the sept 11 attacks we had prior attacks? one was on aug,18.thats when the[R.S.O.]expressed concins and the ability to defend the consulate three weeks before sept 11 !!And they told obama about 10# AL-qaida training camps near the us consulate ! and the navy seals ask Obama for back-up and Obama DENIED that back-up.

  8. Pickering is a complete idiot and Jihadist tool. We see with our own eyes the worldwide acts of terrorism, we see with our own eyes the mothers killing their own children, we see the mullahs screaming for the murder of Christians. Peddle your lies somewhere else you lying PIG.

  9. Ambassador, as an individual who claims to be well acquainted with Islam–unlike the white American racists–please tell us what the Koran says is the proper punishment for Muslims who leave the faith? And for those who refuse to embrace Islam?

  10. Pickering said that Americans’ lack of familiarity with Islam –and not Islamic terrorist attacks on Americans— fuels hostility toward Muslims.

    well down is up and vice versa–actually, the MORE familiar one is with islam, the LESS one trusts it! that was exactly my problem and that’s precisely why Im here almost every day!

  11. What you Americans dont probably realise is what effects you also effects a lot of the free west. Obumboy needs to go and to take his pet traitors with him. They are the scum of humanity.

    Is there such a word as freedomphobic? Well there is now!

  12. is this guy REALLY an investigator? ..i mean, how did he learn about islam? did some muslim tell him islam means peace …end of schooling on the subject? ive found its those who speak loudest against islam as a peaceful religion who have ACTUALLY read anything further than just book titles….. hes the ignorant rube, but then hes working for obama….nuff said ….

  13. Are you freaking kidding me? Clinton chose this man to investigate Benghazi? Well, we all know how this one will turn out. Bullish.t to that!
    Patriots, ,now we know what it is to live in Russia. When the govt runs MSM and investigates itself, there can be no no other outcome than tyranny. Welcome to hell.

  14. Pickering is a tool of the fool! And what’s worse, probably knows it!
    Thinking people won’t buy it! In that respect he is correct!

  15. I used to think Islam was just another religion and that all religions had some good in them somewhere. Then I read a translation of the Koran. That was back in college, 20 years ago. Since then I have read a different translation of the Koran and parts of the Sunnah.
    Ignorance is not what makes me aware of the perils of allowing Islamists to invade our country and the West – education is what makes me aware of the danger. The more I read, watch, and observe, the more convinced I am that Islam is a catastrophe. Call me whatever stupid liberal title you want – Islamophobe, xenophobe, redneck, I don’t care. Islam is a horrible evil.

  16. one truth…obama,peneta,clinton…left Americans to die!!! and then tried to cover it up!! EVEN IF OBAMA WINS TUESDAY..THIS IS NOT OVER….. NO ONE DIED WITH THE “WATERGATE” COVERUP…THIS MUSLIM NEEDS TO ACCOUNT FOR HIS CRIMES!!!

  17. This is so hard to believe!!!! History really does repeat itself!! When Hitler ‘forced’ his way to power..not everyone was a Nazi in Germany..in fact very very few were..and look what happened there…America!!!! You must speak up and stand up before its too late!!! Just making comments in this blog will do nothing..I am a Canadian and I fear for all your lives…They say by 2010 Belgium will be another islamic state…feels like America isnt far behind…

  18. Are politicians, gov’t officials and their ilk reading from a different book than those who abhor Islam and all it stands for? There seems to be a great divide’ – the knowldegeable (us) and the ignorant (them). The world did not need to go beyond Iraq to learn the horrors Islam – now we have the entire mid-east and its madmen killing innocents, sending their goons to every civilized country in the world – their reputations as pigs precede them and Obama and his liberal cronies can’t open their arms wide enough in welcoming them. We are as insane as they if we continue to allow this.
    Most people have no idea how far they have infiltrated into this country – and it’s not just the Federal Gov’t……like ants, they are everywhere.

  19. The petition demanding that Islam be outlawed has sent 1112 emails to Congress. In the unhappy event that Obamination steals the election, there will be a new petition demanding his impeachment. Bank on it!

  20. Let’s act. We’ve learned way more than we ever wanted to about Islam. Let’s org an I ze and p ro test.
    Are you ready, willing and able?

  21. This is a bit off topic and I don’t usually comment on someone’s personal appearance, but doesn’t that motherfucker look like a smiling version of that guy in “The Shining” who appears to Jack Nicholson and tells him his wife and boy need “correcting”?

    That grin on his face is WAY over the top…!!!

    • May I add my analytical $0.02 worth…?

      “In last week’s panel discussion, Pickering piously but incorrectly invoked the Holocaust to argue that American Muslims were somehow in danger.”
      Just imagine that in the 1920’s and 30’s, if world wide Jewery was doing the same crazy shit these muslim’s are doing today, most of the world would have probably supported some form of “solution”, be it “final” or otherwise.
      Making a comparison of the reaction of sane, informed people to the contemporary actions of muslims and saying it reflects a potential “holocaust” is just absurd.
      Jews did no such things in the 20’s and 30’s.
      This man is a fool.
      ” “I’m not great at quotations,” he said, foreshadowing a misattribution to come.”
      Let me analyse the following comment:
      But substitute the word “muslms” for “they”….

      First: Pickering is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT here….
      “Perhaps it was [German theologian and dissident] Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said of the Nazis, when they (MUSLIMS) came for the Jews, I didn’t speak up. I was not a Jew.”
      Muslims are going for the Jew all over the middle east…Iran hates ’em, the new Egypt hates ’em and wants to run ’em into the sea, Syrians hate ’em, as do all Arab countries in the middle east.
      The Jews are being harrassed in ever country in Europe by these muslim vermin, and good old Pickering is right…he’s not speaking up.
      That-a-boy, you motherfucker.
      Here he’s right again…absolutely…
      “When they (MUSLIMS) came for the Catholics, (Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sihks, atheists and all the rest of normal humanity that is on islam’s radar…) I didn’t speak up, I was not a Catholic.
      Oh Thomas, you are so correct…right on, brother.
      These people are under attack by muslims all over the world.
      “When they came for us, no one spoke up. There was no one left to do so,” Pickering said, paraphrasing famous, poignant verses actually spoken by Third Reich-era German pastor Martin Niemoller.”
      It’s a damned shame “they” didn’t go for the likes of Pickering first…but “they” know a “useful idiot” when they see one…and the Whitehouse is full of ’em.
      Pickering said that Americans’ lack of familiarity with Islam –and not Islamic terrorist attacks on Americans— fuels hostility toward Muslims.
      This line is one of the most vile crocks of shit I have ever read on the subject of islam.
      The fact is, people ARE getting “familiar with islam” and that is fueling this hostility, and rightly so.
      “Data shows that those Americans who do not know Muslims, who do not know much about Islam, are the ones who harbor the greatest feelings of prejudice,” he said.
      Another completely ignorant, delusional remark uttered by an avbsolute FOOL!!!

      There is a “strong, continuing, and perhaps, in an unfortunate way in some areas, growing, prejudice against Muslims and Islam,” he said.
      You bet there is…and it’s growing more and more, and it is ANYTHING but “unfortunate”!!!
      Pickering is a complete and utter FOOL!!!
      I am Canadian.
      God help your country with ass-holes like this in positions of influence.
      Your 1’st ammendment is under seige right now and I pray to God, (or somebody), you don’t have to invoke the 2’d ammendment to protect the 1’st, but I fear it might have to happen if things don’t turn around after this election.
      Romney is no hell, but he’s better than what you have right now…

  22. Thomas R. Pickering is a nut totally uneducated as to what Islam and the koran really is. Just another typical Democrat

  23. Islam is Barbaric and Satanic. Fear of Islam? That is Islams tool,fear.
    Obama is a Muslim and a Traitor to the USA. Afraid of Islam? Fear is normal when one is threatened. Islam IS a THREAT. Islam a “Benign Muslim Religion” ? Horsehocke!! Calling Islam benign is tantamount to calling Systemic Metastactic Cancer benign,in the face of OVERWHELMING evidence to the Contrary.

  24. Prejudice means Pre Judgement before facts are known about what has been pre judged. “We the People” have the facts about Islam. It is ANATHEMA to freedom. Once Islam becomes a majority in the USA, America becomes Islamic. It IS a CANCER that IS Spreading. Obama is it’s ringleader!

  25. “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    A US president capable of this quote is capable of anything including hiring a buffoon like Pickering and utterly ruining our country. If he gets reelected, I’m going on welfare.

  26. And tomorrow Americans will go to the polls and probably re-elect a very thinly disguised muslim who is driving America to ruin; who openly sides with the enemy–yes, islam IS the enemy.

    And who is to blame for this unmitigated disaster? More than anyone or anything else, the main stream media–for covering up the Benghazi murders. This begs the question, WHY? Why would the MSM be so cowardly, and traitorous? It’s up to you, Americans; but living next door, I’m worried–and bloody furious!

  27. Good one, Peter, however…

    I think Romney’s going to beat his muslim ass…and beat him BIG!

    If I thought keeping my fingers crossed, lighting candles and pulling the heads off chickens would help…I’d be doing just that…!!! LOL

  28. More than I can possibly say–may you be right, my friend! I find it hard to believe the obama gang are doing what they’re doing–and getting away with it, and I refer to the Benghazi murders. That alone should have seen the whole gang escorted to rat infested dungeons, in chains. The bastard should have been impeached 2 yrs ago.

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